Biography[edit | edit source]

Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi has been described as a venture capitalist, arms dealer, playboy, [1] the richest man in the world, [2] and "connected to every shocking event that has occurred since 1960, usually by no more than one or two degrees." [3]

Family[edit | edit source]

Essam Khashoggi[edit | edit source]

Adnan's brother Essam Khashoggi was chairman of the Triad America corporation as of 1982.

Mohamed Khashoggi[edit | edit source]

As of 2001, Adnan's son Mohamed Khashoggi was registered to vote in Utah listing his address as Khashoggi's home in Murray, Utah. However, the housekeeper at that time told Greg Burton that "there's nothing here for any of the Khashoggis." [1]

Petrina Khashoggi[edit | edit source]

Adnan's daughter Petrina Khashoggi is a minor celebrity who has worked as a writer, a model, and an art dealer.

Business activities[edit | edit source]

Various US Companies[edit | edit source]

NNDB lists Khashoggi as the Saudi regional sales agent for Chrysler, Lockheed, Northrup, and Raytheon. [4]

Oryx Corporation[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi founded Oryx Corporation in 1975 with Sheik Kamal Adham, then the director of Saudi Mukhabarat. [5]

Oryx of Africa[edit | edit source]

A British mining company in Africa named Oryx was accused by the BBC of having links to Al Qaeda and trading blood diamonds. [6]

In 2008, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Oryx Natural Resources company of Omani businessman Thamer Bin Saeed Ahmed Al-Shanfari for its support for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. [7]

It is not known if either company is connected to the Oryx corporation of Khashoggi and Adham.

Oryx of Florida[edit | edit source]

9/11 pilot trainer Wally Hilliard founded the company Oryx, LLC. He claimed to have a "small" relationship with "them" in which there were "other people involved", but did not say who "they" were. [6]

Triad America[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi formed the holding company Triad America Corporation, which served as the umbrella company for Khashoggi's operations inside the United States [2] and was managed by his brother Essam Khashoggi. [1] [8] The Khashoggis funded the development of the Triad Center in Salt Lake City, which was built in 1982. Template:Cn By 1985, Triad would be controlled by Canadian businessmen Walter E. Miller and Donald Fraser. At the time, creditors claimed that Khashoggi owed them $160 million. [2] In 1986, the National Development Company of the Philippines accused Triad Asia of stealing $3.5 million of NDC assets. [9] Triad America filed for bankruptcy in 1987, citing assets of $9.5 million against liabilities of $197.5 million. [8]

Triad went out of business in 1994, paying $152 million to creditors. [10] The Triad Center was since sold to Zions Securities, a subsidiary of the Deseret Management Corporation of the Church of Latter Day Saints, better known as the Mormon church. Template:Cn

As of 2001, Khashoggi listed a small home in Murray, Utah as his mailing address. [1]

Genesis Intermedia[edit | edit source]

From Daniel Hopsicker: "From their base in Tampa Florida, Khashoggi and [Remy] El Batrawi controlled a network of companies, all using the word "Genesis" in their name. " [11]

Genesis Communications Network[edit | edit source]

There are two companies called Genesis Communications Network.

As of 2004, one GCN hosted Alex Jones and Dave Van Kliest. According to Christian Media, this network [11]

... stole their original

equipment from another patriot network named Republic Radio. Fraudulently claiming they had purchased the network, the management of Genesis literally backed up a U-Haul, and loaded up the broadcasting equipment while the rightful

owner was out of town!

According to Hopsicker, [11]

The weird thing about the second Genesis Communications

Network--in Florida--is that it doesn't appear that any of their listed websites were real websites. They look like ghost websites... Most have no links to them... at all. Some look like

commerce sites, but they don't appear to sell nothin to nobody.

Hopsicker implies a connection between this second GCN and Flordia CIO Roy Thomas Cales Jr., appointed by Jeb Bush.

Arabia[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi "is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and resides in a ten-acre, six-villa compound in its capital city, Riyadh." He spends much of his time traveling on business. [9]

New York[edit | edit source]

In 1974, Khashoggi purchased an apartment in Olympic Tower in New York City. As described by Joseph McLaughlin: [9]

To call it an apartment is perhaps to denigrate it. Valued at approximately $20-25 million, containing more than 23,000 square feet on at least two floors, the Olympic Tower apartment contains a swimming pool, a sauna, an office and four separate furnished "apartments" to accommodate guests and Khashoggi's brother. The complex requires the attention of two full-time and three part-time staff persons.

Official title to the apartment was owned by Khashoggi's holding company Akorp NV, also known as AK Holdings. The apartment was "prominently featured in the June 1984 issue of House and Garden."[9] As of 1986, the housekeeping staff included Aurora DaSilva. [9]

The apartment would sell for $12 million. [12]

France[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi owned the Chateau Louis XIII in Cannes before selling it to the singer Madonna Ciccone. [12]

Spain[edit | edit source]

As of the late 1980s, Khashoggi owned a home in Marabella, Spain. [9]

Kenya[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi once owned the Ol Pejeta Ranch House in Kenya's Sweetwaters Game Sanctuary. Its previous owner had been Henri Roussel, the father-in-law of Christina Onassis. As of 2010, the compound is run by Serena Hotels. [13] [14]

Khashoggi also owned the nearby Mount Kenia Safari Club. [12]

Scandals, allegations, and odd connections[edit | edit source]

Bin Laden family[edit | edit source]

Adnan Khashoggi's first job was "as a middleman delivering American Kenworth trucks to the bin Laden family, earning a $25,000 commission, according to Houston journalist Pete Brewton's book, The Mafia, CIA & George Bush." [1]

Khalid bin Mahfouz[edit | edit source]

Mark Mitchell writes that Khashoggi "built his business empire with finance from Sheikh Mahfouz", one of the names on the Golden Chain list of top al-Qaeda financiers. [15]

Edwin Pauley and the Bay of Pigs[edit | edit source]

According to Bruce Campbell Adamson, Adnan Khashoggi was a frequent visitor to Coconut Island, the privately owned Hawaiian island of oilman and Democratic Party treasurer Edwin W. Pauley. Pauley did business with Zapata Oil, the company of George H. W. Bush, and ran Permargo Oil, a front used by the CIA for the Bay of Pigs invasion. [16]

Linda Minor claims that Pauley had been a Nazi spy during WWII. [16]

After Pauley's death, Coconut Island was sold to Katsuhiro Kawaguchi of the Yakuza. [16]

Richard Nixon[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi had been a secret donor to Nixon's 1968 campaign and attended his funeral in 1994. [17]

Mike North, who claims to have been an engineer on Khashoggi's yacht in the early 1980s, reports that Richard Nixon and his wife were frequest guests of Khashoggi. [18]

Jackie Kennedy Onassis[edit | edit source]

Reports of questionable veracity alleged a romance between Khashoggi and JFK widow Jackie Onassis following the death of Aristotle Onassis and the 1980 divorce of Khashoggi from his wife Soraya. Khashoggi's divorce lawyer had been Joseph A. Ball, author of the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination. [17]

Jim Weeks[edit | edit source]

Keith Barnes reported that Jim Weeks was Khashoggi's coordinator in London, but "passed away before Christmas" in 2013. [18]

Lockheed Bribery Scandal[edit | edit source]

The US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed was caught bribing foreign officials during the early 1970s. Khashoggi was a Lockheed salesman during this time, earning $106 million in commissions for sales to Saudi Arabia. [19]

Gambling[edit | edit source]

In 1976, Khashoggi "ruined the famous Sands casino in Las Vegas because his checks bounced." [12] [20]

In 1998, Khashoggi had trouble paying a debt to the Ritz Casino in Monte Carlo. [12]

Bribery Of US Executives[edit | edit source]

In 1979, Khashoggi's ex-wife Soraya accused him of bribing American businessmen. [21]

October Surprise[edit | edit source]

Gunter Russbacher lists Adnan Khashoggi as present at the alleged October 1980 meeting in Paris between George Bush and Iranian government officials, and alleged further that Khashoggi had organized meetings in Buenos Aires and Geneva in March 1980 to lobby for arms sales to Iran. [12]

Sudanese "Special Projects"[edit | edit source]

In 1982, Adnan Khashoggi met with Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon to discuss "the plan for an enormous arms depot in Sudan for the benefit of 'special projects'." [12] In that year, Sudanese dictator Gaafar Nimeiry was in conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood over the degree to which Islamic law would be implemented. [22]

Barrick Gold[edit | edit source]

Anton Chaitkin claims that Khashoggi was the founder of Barrick Gold corporation, which Chaitkin also describes as "created by Bush's political partners--British elite narcotics financiers, and arms traffickers and money launderers." [23] Besides Bush and Khashoggi, Chaitkin lists key officers as:

  • Peter Munk, "a business failure who became a protege of the British royal family, and Khashoggi's partner"
  • Brian Mulroney, former Canadian prime minister and board member of Archer Daniels Midland
  • Kamal Adham, Saudi chief of intelligence
  • Howard Baker, former White House chief of staff
  • Paul Desmarais, "the richest man in Canada"
  • Vernon Jordan, Democratic Party official
  • Andronico Luksik, Chilean banker for HSBC
  • Karl Otto Pohl, president of Bundesbank and top IMF official
  • Jose Rohm, "manager of Argentina's private Banco Central de Negocios" (Central Business Bank)
  • Robert M. Smith, "the only real gold miner in the bunch"
  • Edward Ney, Republican political strategist
  • J. Trevor Eyton, "Canada's most powerful businessman"

As US President, George Bush sold Barrick federal land valued at $10 billion for $63 million. [23]

In 1996, Indonesia ordered Canadian mining firm Bre-X to give Barrick a 75% share in the Busang gold mine. [23]

Donald Trump and the Superyacht Nabila[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi commissioned the construction of the yacht Nabila in 1980 for a cost of $100 million. The yacht was featured in the James Bond movie Never Say Never Again and inspired the song Khashoggi's Ship on Queen's 1989 album The Miracle. In 1988, Khashoggi sold the yacht to Donald Trump "apparently via the Sultan of Brunei" for $29 million "after Iran-Contra put Khashoggi's finances in a brief tailspin." Trump named the boat Trump Princess and would sell it in 1991 to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who named it the Kingdom 5KR. [24] [17]

Al-Yamanah Arms Deal[edit | edit source]

Mark Thatcher, son of the British Prime Minister, became wealthy in 1984 after receiving a large commission from Khashoggi for the Al Yamanah sale of British arms to Saudi Arabia. [12]

Iran/Contra[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi arranged financing for $15 million of arms sales from Israel to Iran in 1985. He had been recruited into the deal by Roy M. Furmark, a "former associate" of CIA director Bill Casey, who introduced him to Iranian businessman Manucher Ghorbanifar. [2] According to Rhawn Joseph, $5 million was provided by Khashoggi and $10 million was provided by the Sultan of Brunei. [25] An additional $15 million in financing provided by Walter E. Miller and Donald Fraser disappeared from an account under the control of Oliver North of the National Security Council. [2] According to Greg Burton, "The weaponry cost much less, allegedly leaving a cut for Khashoggi and plenty more for North to covertly deliver to Contra rebels fighting in Nicaragua. [1] Slate reported that Khashoggi "lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million in the whole affair." [17]

1985 memo on Iran[edit | edit source]

In 1985, "Khashoggi wrote a memo to President Ronald Reagan's national security adviser urging the United States to support rightists in Iran." [1] Afterwards, Graham Fuller wrote a memo whose "reasoning appeared to closely resemble a paper provided to the National Security Council by Adnan M. Khashoggi." The Fuller memo was promoted by Robert Gates, then chairman of the National Intelligence Council, CIA chief of analysts, and deputy director of intelligence, and it was sent to the White House with the signature of CIA director William Casey. [26]

Spring Valley weapons dump cover-up[edit | edit source]

Spring Valley is an upper-class development in northwest Washington, DC, adjacent to the American University, that was built on top of a chemical weapons dump that dates back to the first world war. The location had previously been known as "Death Valley", with its official name being the American University Experiment Station. Residents of Spring Valley have included three former US Presidents and the ambassador of South Korea. [27]

The dump was re-discovered in 1986 when American University researched the area's history in preparation for construction of the Adnan Khashoggi Sports and Convocation Center. The Army denied the presence of the ammunition dump, which would become public knowledge in 1993. [28]

Wedtech[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi refused an offer by E. Bob Wallach to join the board of Wedtech, a Pentagon contractor connected to General Vito Castellano, a relative of Gambino mafia boss Paul Castellano. Scandals involving Wedtech forced the resignation of Attorney General Edwin Meese in 1988. Wallach would be convicted of defrauding the company. [17]

Synthetic Fuels Corporation (Synfuels)[edit | edit source]

On September 27, 1985, the US Energy Department approved a $78.9 million loan to Khashoggi's Agrifuels Refining Corporation of New Iberia, Louisiana, for the construction of an ethanol refinery. The Philadelphia Inquirer described the loan as "unusual" and noted that it came "13 days after the second shipment of American TOW missiles was delivered to Iran." [2] Agrifuels was at the time a subsidiary of the Edgington Oil Company of Long Beach, California. [2] The Louisiana plant "went bust in the late 1980s. When it did, the federal government was forced to pay out $70 million to Khashoggi's creditors." [17]

Iran-Iraq War[edit | edit source]

Esquire blames the Iran-Iraq war on Khashoggi's arms sales, alleging that these weapons allowed Iran to invade Iraq. [12]

Savings and Loan Crisis[edit | edit source]

Mark Mitchell writes that Khashoggi was "linked (along with Sheikh Mahfouz and others) to the savings and loan crisis that devastated the U.S. economy and ultimately cost American taxpayers upwards of $2 billion in bailouts." [15]

BCCI[edit | edit source]

"Khashoggi had a big account with BCCI's Monte Carlo branch." [17]

Mark Mitchell describes Khashoggi as "a key figure in the BCCI enterprise during the 1980s." [15]

Marcos dictatorship[edit | edit source]

By 1989, Khashoggi had retained Robert G. Morvillo as counsel for criminal charges in the case of US v. Marcos, 87 Crim. 598. [9] Khashoggi and Imelda Marcos were acquitted of fraud charges brought agaisnt them and Ferdinand Marcos "for concealing the purchase of four Manhattan buildings." [1]

Five Star Trust[edit | edit source]

According to Wayne Madsen, Khashoggi and George Bush controlled a company called Five Star Trust which served as a repository "for an estimated $3 billion in looted Philippine gold and gems" and would later host Saudi and Enron assets. [29]

According to Marion Horn Jr., via Ernest Walker-Bey, Five Star Trust was established in 1983 on the Isle of Man with a 318 billion yen ($3 billion) certificate of deposit from Mitsui Bank in Tokyo, paid for by Horn and assigned to the US Mortgage and Trust Company. [30] Wayne Madsen claims that Horn's Five Star is a fiction meant to distract investigators from the real Five Star. [31]

Five Star Refinery[edit | edit source]

Five Star Refiners is a gold smelting company in New York City with an office in Bamako, Mali. Its principals include Rue Lyantey, Immeuble Madiou Simpara, and Abou Sylla. Its main location is "about a block away" from where Madsen reported that Five Star Trust had sent the Philippine gold. [32] The refinery claimed "over 25 years" of experience as of 2004, placing its opening at 1989 or earlier.

Marc Rich[edit | edit source]

In 1990, Fortune magazine reported that Khashoggi was teaming up with fugitive tax dodger Marc Rich to import Western consumer goods into Russia. [33] Rich had also been charged with breaking trade sanctions on Iran. [34]

In 2001, retiring US President Bill Clinton controversially pardoned Rich on the recommendation of Michael Steinhardt, chairman of the Democrat Leadership Council (DLC) and Progressive Policy Institute. Patrick Byrne accuses Steinhardt of membership in the Genovese Mafia. [35]

Wofford-Thornburgh race[edit | edit source]

In the 1991 special election for the US Senate seat left open by the death of John Heinz, Republican candidate Dick Thornburgh accused Democratic candidate Harris Wofford of seeking campaign donations from Khashoggi. Wofford had previously refused to allow Khashoggi to create a Middle Eastern studies program at Bryn Mawr college. [17]

Colombian drug traffickers[edit | edit source]

US Defense Intelligence Agency report 91-5651948 lists Adnan Khashoggi as among "the more important Colombian narco-terrorists", describing him as "an international arms trafficker who allegedly has sold arms to the Colombian drug traffickers, especially to the Medellin cartel." [36]

Lockerbie bombing[edit | edit source]

From the Geopolitical Drug Dispatch #23 of September 1993: [37]

Monzer Al-Kassar, the Syrian drug trafficker

accused of complicity in the terrorist bombing of a Pan Am Boeing jet over Lockerbie (Scotland) and in the hijacking of the Achille Lauro ocean liner was recently released from a Spanish jail ... As soon as Al-Kassar was arrested in Madrid on 3 June 1992, a Swiss prosecutor in Geneva, Laurent Kasper Ansermet, launched his own investigation and turned up some disturbing evidence. According to Ansermet, Al-Kassar is linked to organized crime via various bank accounts - some $5 million of assets have now been frozen. Al-Kassar is apparently part of a shady network which is being very closely studied, even though no indictments have been issued as yet. The network list includes the name of Joseph Saba, a Lebanese boss currently incarcerated in France and cited in the 1985 "Paccots affair" involving the largest heroin factory ever uncovered in Switzerland. Saba was also linked to the "Lebanese Connection" and to the adventures of the Magharian brothers, which resulted in the 1989 downfall of Swiss Minister of Justice and Police Elizabeth Kopp. Also on the list is Adnan Khashoggi, the famous Saudi weapons merchant who was arrested and extradited from Switzerland in 1989 only to be acquitted by a New York court. Like Al-Kassar, Khashoggi owns a magnificent residence in Marbella, where a branch of Barclay's Bank is a frequent site of dubious dealings. This web of contacts also includes Albert Shammah, a Frenchman who has been based in Geneva since 1977 and who heads a firm named Mazalcor. Italian justice officials initially suspected Shammah of involvement in a lire-laundering scheme on behalf of Turkish drug traffickers, but the case was later dismissed. Finally, there is a Swiss connection in the form of the Cultrera-Meninno scandal, which only leads back to Marbella, a beach resort for the "jet set" now emerging as the hub for every mafia connection in Spain. Felice Cultrera and Gianni Meninno are under investigation in Geneva for fraud and money laundering. They are also under investigation in Marbella by Judge Blanca Esther Diez, who has uncovered a group of attorneys and judges protecting them. Cultrera and Meninno, who are currently at large, set up corporate fronts in Gibraltar and then made a fortune by selling property that did not belong to them. Using forged documents, and protected by the Santapaola family of the Italian mafia, they sold the Marbella casino to Italian financier Gioachino del Din, as well as hotels and other real estate on the Costa del Sol. When Spanish police seized Cultrera's address book, they found not only the names of Al-Kassar and Khashoggi, but also that of Philippe Junot, ex-husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco. Junot's former lawyer, the Argentinean Alberto Mondino, has now become one of Al-Kassar's attorneys. Also in the address book is the name of Marc Rich, a wealthy Hispanic-American businessman living in Switzerland and sought by the US Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion. Rich, too, has a villa in Marbella.

Koch Brothers[edit | edit source]

The Koch Brothers directed and controlled a company named Triad Management which funded the Republican Party during the 1990s. [38] As of 2002, a Triad Management LLC was a subsidiary of Triad Hospitals which owned dozens of shell companies named "Tri Shell". [39]

The similarity of the name to Khashoggi's Triad group of companies has led to speculation about the possibility of a relationship.

Death of Princess Diana[edit | edit source]

"Khashoggi was the uncle of Dodi Fayed, Di's rich boyfriend, in whose speeding limo both Dodi and Di perished." Vanity Fair reported that the Fayyeds "had fallen out with" Khashoggi, and describes Khashoggi as an "old enemy" of Dodi's father Mohamed Al Fayed. [40]

Men are for Mars, Women are from Venus[edit | edit source]

Template:Needswork Khashoggi and Ramy El Batrawi funded the marketing campaign for this book. [41]

Al-Qaeda and Chechnyan Mafia[edit | edit source]

Mark Mitchell writes that Khashoggi "was involved with both the IIRO and Benevolence International", both fronts for al-Qaeda, as late as 1999. [15]

Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev[edit | edit source]

Jos de Putter reported seeing Chechnyan mafia figure Khozh-Ahmed Noukhaev at "a fundraiser party to benefit the Chechnyan orphans" hosted by Khashoggi's wife Shapari Khashoggi aboard the Nabila in June 1997. Others present included celebrities Julio Eglesias and Elizabeth Taylor. [12]

Noukhaev would later be accused of killing his biographer Paul Klebnikov.

1999 France meeting[edit | edit source]

In July 1999, Khashoggi hosted a meeting between representatives of al-Qaeda in Chechnya, the Russian security services, the Boris Berezovksy business network, and the Halliburton-connected Far West LLC. Al-Qaeda would invade Dagestan from Chechnya in September of that year. [15]

9/11[edit | edit source]

Polskie Radio described Khashoggi as "the man suspected of financing the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001" and "a close friend of Osama bin Laden" in an article describing Poland's refusal to do business with arms dealer Abdul Rahman el-Assir and Kuwaiti Prince Mubarak al Jaber al Sabah. [42]

9/11 Truth Movement[edit | edit source]


Ruppert threatened to sue over the Khashoggi connection. Pinnacle Quest paid Ruppert $1k for speaking appearances. [43]

"Like Rudi Dekkers, both Saudi Professor Abdussattar Shaikh and Iranian 'facilitator' Sam Koutchesfahani were confidential informants for the FBI's San Diego office. "

"Abdussattar Shaikh is so well protected by the Bush Administration that they wouldn't even let the FBI serve a subpoena to compel his testimony before the Intelligence Committee investigation into the 9/11 attack, even though it was the only subpoena issued by the congressional inquiry."

"FBI headquarters refused the plea from a San Diego FBI agent to investigate the two hijackers-in-training. " [41]

Hopsicker describes (Gray's?) Pinnacle Quest as "a vehicle for international fraudsters endorsed by Michael C. Ruppert on his website." PQ is formerly Global Prosperity Group. Connection to Gray is not clear. [11]

Bangkok Bank of Commerce[edit | edit source]

From Alexander von Paleske: [44]

Rakesh Saxena is part of a spiderweb of private armies,

merchants of death, financial artists and politicians. Names that are popping up among others are Adnan Khashoggi, Tim Spicer, Rakesh Saxena, Tony Buckingham,Simon Mann, Nick du Toit, Raoul Berthaumieu (Berthamieu, alias Lee Sanders), Regis Possino, Sherman Mazur, Eeben Barlow , Lafras Luitingh, Victor Bout (Butt), Sanjivan Ruprah and the companies Executive Outcomes, Sandline and

General Commerce Bank.

Felice Cultera[edit | edit source]

From Peter Landesman: [45]

In late September [1999], [Michel] Van Rijn met with Yard detectives at the British embassy in Madrid. He had with him ... Felice Cultrera, an amateur art-and-antiquities collector; the owner of casinos in Paris, Belgrade, and Prague; someone who was allegedly linked to the Sicilian drugrunning Santapaola Mafia; and a money man for the weapons merchant Adnan Kashoggi. ... Cultrera told the detectives that he could introduce [Anton] Tkalec to Adnan Kashoggi at his casino in Paris, so that Tkalec could see he wasn't dealing with an idiot. He would invite Tkalec to his home in Marbella, to see his expensive


Enron[edit | edit source]

sh collateral, then walking away with the cash. The stock lost 83% of its value within eight days of the markets re-opening after 9/11. Others allegedly involved in the scheme included Wayne Breedon of Deutsche Bank, Richard Evangelista of Native Nations Securities, and TV stock analyst Courtney Smith. [46] [47]

Boiler rooms[edit | edit source]

Khashoggi's son Mohamed Khashoggi has used "boiler room" stock pumping organizations run by previously-caught fraudsters operating in foreign countries under false names. [48]

Leslie Grayling[edit | edit source]

Members Service Corp[edit | edit source]

Adnan Khashoggi was a consultant to Claude Kirk's company Members Service Corp, run by Leslie Greyling. [49]

Rum Cay operation[edit | edit source]

9/11 pilot trainers Wally Hilliard and Rudi Dekkers began flying from Rum Cay in the Bahamas, a route until then controlled by Billy Davis. At the same time, an airplane owned by Billy Davis had its fuel lines cut and somebody firebombed an airplane owned by Davis employee Bob Little Jr. Davis alleged that Hilliard and Dekkers were backed by Leslie S. Greyling, F. Lee Bailey, and Raymond MacDonald. [49]

According to "a business rival" of Hilliard and Khashoggi, "both vying for rights to build a casino" at Rum Cay, Greyling was "reportedly fronting for Khashoggi". [50] In 2007, plans were approved for the casino to be built by Montana Holdings Ltd., the company of Thor Ibsen and John Mittens,[51] at an estimated cost of $600-700 million, with the resort to be operated by Vail Resorts. [52] [53] As of 2014, the resort had yet to be built. [54]

Also in 2007, Bob Little sold John Mittens the Sumner Point marina for $25 million. This is the only marina in Rum Cay. [53]

2004 US election controversy[edit | edit source]

Triad Governmental Systems[edit | edit source]

A company named Triad Governmental Systems produced voting machines used in the disputed 2004 election in Ohio. [50] Counties where Triad systems were used reported that Democratic candidate John Kerry earned approximately 1% fewer votes than Democratic candidate Al Gore had earned in the previous election, while all other counties reported that Kerry earned 2% more votes than Gore had. [55]

The similarity of the name to Khashoggi's Triad group of companies has led to speculation about the possibility of a relationship. One observer has noted: [56]

the name "Triad" was used extensively by Khashoggi at exactly the same time (the early 80’s) and in exactly the same place (Palm Beach, Florida) as the "Triad Governmental Systems" involved in Ohio’s current election "difficulties."

Triad Governmental Systems was founded by John Rapp in 1983. [57]

Five Star money trail[edit | edit source]

According to Wayne Madsen, in October 2004 the Laurentian Bank in Montreal issued a $29.6 million money order to Five Star Investments, implied to be a component of Five Star Trust, alleged to be a Khashoggi company. [29]

The payer on the "check," Equity Financial Trust

of Toronto, is said by the Canadian Fraud Office to be involved with Nigerian scammers... The payee on the "check," Five Star Investments, Ltd., once registered on the Isle of Man, is a Lexington, Kentucky-based entity tied to Marion "J.R." Horn, convicted in 2002 by Judge Joseph M. Hood of the U.S. District Court for Eastern Kentucky for wire fraud...

Madsen claims that the check was issued by a disgruntled CIA agent to expose an illegal money trail, and that Five Star money was "used to fund the rigging of the 2004 election."

Donald Sterling[edit | edit source]

In 2006, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling honored Khashoggi associate Remy el-Batwari as "Humanitarian of the Year" for nonexistent charity work with the homeless. [58][59]

Lawsuits[edit | edit source]

NDC v. Triad[edit | edit source]

Template:Needswork [9]

References[edit | edit source]

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