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* [ Alex Jones Channel]
* [ Alex Jones Channel]
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Alex Jones the American Patriot

Alex Jones, is an sophisticated open minded liberal American male tribalist originally from Dallas, Texas who runs an operation known as and Prison, these websites seek to expose the "Globalists" who are pursuing a goal of world government or New World Order aka NWO.

Whilst Jones has been ridiculed quite often for his many conspiracy theories, given the march of time, his theories often materialize as in Henry Kissinger's book released in Sept. 2014 called "World Order".

The intellectual honesty to tie his theories to the overall power structure that implements the NWO has often been called into debate by his peers in the research community, namely the Zionist conspirators.

Whilst, he has had some minor success at exposing the NWO, he has monetized the conspiracy research field better than all that came before him, something called Free Speech Systems in Austin, Texas. This system has a large budget and employs 20-50 people both full and part-time. Alex Jones is a good business man.

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Alex Jones as follows: "Dubbed "the most paranoid man in America" by Rolling Stone and the "king of conspiracy" by CNN, radio talk show host, “documentary”-maker and webmaster Alex Jones is notorious for epic rants about “New World Order” plots for world government, enforced eugenics, secret internment camps, militarized police and behind-the-scenes control by a global corporate cabal. In his estimation, the only way to avert this dystopian future is if true patriots resist before it is too late, and his hundreds of thousands of acolytes are taking heed, building bunkers, hoarding food and investing in precious metals – and, in some cases, resorting to violence".

The InfoWarrior Team and have many so called reporters and writers working for the operation.

This is a list of them with a little detail on each.

1. Paul J. Watson - A writer from England, one-half of the "Offshore Writing Cartel" from England that only writes articles about the USA and often the articles are titled with a question mark. He is known for his bright red lips. He has many nicknames, aka The Anglophile, The Riddler, The Wanka, The Hot Lipper, etc. He is a loyalist to the Queen of England.

PJ founded the Watson School of Journalism. Whilst not a brick and mortar school it is a modern internet school of thought wherein articles are written based purely on speculation where the viewer is encouraged to join in and further extend all the potential twists and turns of any given conspiracy theory. Very sophisticated and easily exploits the clouded intellects of the fanatical follower base of made up of mostly yanks.

2. Rob Dew - The self-described "man behind the curtain", Dew was the jew who replaced Aaron Dykes as Jones' top leftenant in 2012. It was a coup d'etat of sorts where Dew unseated and tossed out fellow jewish brother Dykes in an intrigue still not completely understood. Within the cult upper command structure, a jewish sidekick, be it Bermas, Dykes and then Dew has always been a constant.

According to Aaron Wilson, who wrote a piece opining on what happened with the removal of Dykes, a long time stalwart of the team, it seems that Dew was inspired to respond to charges made behind the scenes that FSS was not a demographically diverse. Dew came up with the "Reporter Contest" which for the first time in 17 years, attracted the first women, blacks and hispanics into the sycophantic fold and in front of the camera, as winners.

Aaron Wilson piece was on this was picked up by and was the #1 result for the Rob Dew search due the quality and insight of the article.

Dew aka "Funky" or "Rob Dew not GQ" is known for his style of dress which is akin to a thrift store meets 70's golfer cum beat-nik throwback.

3. Lee Ann Mcadoo - A reporter contest winner, one of 2 women to report for InfoWars on 2013-2014 Nightly News broadcast. Mcadoo is a local Austin graduate in the field of media. She was initially known for her thrusting hand gestures but she has since become associated with her liberal bias towards the alleged black plight at the hands of law enforcement. The Ferguson Riots showed Lee Ann to be in favor of the Mike Brown faction along with Joe Biggs and the other reporters. Later InfoWars flip flopped and began supporting the police side once that facts came out. Mcadoo did not change her bias though, despite the facts.

The Minnesota National Guard Incident

Alex Jones is quick to analyze, determine guilt and pronounce judgment when it comes to any potential government action, as a false flag, drill to cover or any number of theories based on white papers he claims to have read.

Such was the case during this popular call into his radio show in May 2012 in video clip on Youtube which caused quite a stir and was deleted by the fine folks at FSS since it violated their TOS, namely beating Alex Jones on his own territory is not acceptable.

Listen to the video to hear probably the most outrageous exchange between broadcaster and caller in alternative media history -

Evidently Jones was very upset about a problem at a kite festival he attended where the government put their hands down his pants looking for something, found nothing at all and chose to vent it out on the caller.

Failed Predictions

Also Alex Jones is known for failed predictions: "Here are a few other Jones predictions that failed to materialize: At least 15 European nations will collapse in the next 16 months (prediction made on Feb. 28, 2010); staged terror attacks will occur April 15 or 19 to coincide with the release of anti-Tea Party documentaries on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and HBO (March 3, 2010); and the U.S. dollar will be devalued by 50% within two years (May 23, 2010)".

Alex Jones is also known for having reporters getting arrested, as admitted on his own website: "Alex Jones calls the public information officer for Fort AP Hill, Bob McElroy, to find out the whereabouts of Infowars reporters David Knight and Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs who were both detained after investigating the army’s secret asymmetric warfare base".

The Fort AP Hill spokesman Bob McElroy rebutted Alex Jones account of things in an exclusive interview with Aaron Wilson. Joe Biggs who was also rebuked by Bob McElroy in the interview for his lack of following military protocol at the Ft. AP Hill event, was made known to the public by claiming a friendship to reporter Michael Hastings.!Reporters-Document-Secret-Facilities-at-Fort-AP-Hill/c249c/AE6A2695-CD98-416D-9B5E-ED204D3AA5EB

Alex Jones has been labeled "Deeply Racist" by MSNBC according to Alex Jones but no lawsuit against MSNBC as a result of this event detailed by Alex Jones in a Youtube video, was filed. "MSNBC engaged in one of the most egregious and defamatory hit pieces in its entire history earlier today when host Alex Wagner and guests all but blamed Alex Jones for the Boston bombings, claiming with no evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers were inspired to carry out the attack by the "deeply racist" Jones and his website." MSNBC did not publish a retraction of the "Alex Jones is Deeply Racist" comment.

Alex Jones takes calls from the public, which is the hallmark of his show and example of a famous call in from the public can be viewed here -, where Alex goes on one of his notorious rants.

Alex has attacked the TSA over its very reasonable strip searching protocols which are now even used at kite festivals. Here a caller talks about how the ACLU refuses to get involved with Alex's mission to discredit the TSA -

The Guns and Piers Morgan

It was on CNN's Piers Morgan show that Jones gained international infamy among many and hero status for his obsequious followers (Alex's Army) when he went into a tirade attacking Morgan over his anti-gun stance, what is now a classic video clip can be seen here -

Morgan was later let go at CNN after he traveled to Texas in a flip-flop where he filmed a report from a indoor gun range. Jones showed up there too and begged for another appearance on CNN, it was not allowed -

JFK 50th Anniversary

Alex Jones went marching around with his troupe of "InfoWarriors", in Dallas for the JFK 50th anniversary, Nov. 22, 2014.

Jones got into a scuffle with the Dallas Sheriff's Dept. where Jones said they slugged him in his guts.

Since Jones uses his gut as his main sensor it was a devastating claim that the DSD denied.

The alleged culprit was a fireplug looking guy according to Jones @2:55:00 into this video here -

No formal charges were logged and the DSD made only one official statement on the matter to Aaron Wilson several days later.

Enter Dr. Edward F. Group

On or about June 2014, Jones came to know Dr. Group via Mike Adams.

Dr. Group is a chiropractor who also develops and sells de-toxifying and other internal cleansing supplements.

He admits he had no experience with anti-aging supplements in this video here - but partnered with Jones who also had no experience in the field.

Jones did however have a brilliant source of inspiration and began to develop a full line of health supplements culminating in the DNA Force with Bio PQQ, one of the top researched supplements in the world today.

By the end of 2014, Jones and Group has brought wellness to many of the listeners to the show who ventured to try the Male Vitality, Iodine, DNA Force and other anti-aging components from the InfoWars store.

Whilst Jones is often ridiculed for his theories, science backs up the efficacy of many of his branded products. This has provided Jones with some much needed credibility and has garnered the trust of his tribe.

Videos of calls into Alex Jones

Alex Jones is well known for taking calls. Very occasionally a call that disagrees with him makes it through the sophisticated call screening system, this is a collection of such calls:

They now admit to bias at InfoWars, all on record, its come out -

Aaron Wilson called in one day to declare that Jones was wrong with great satisfaction and then -

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