Barry Kumnick is a computer scientist who worked on Inslaw's PROMIS and disappeared in late 1990 or early 1991 as others in the same group or investigating it were being assassinated. [1]

Inslaw Edit

Kumnick developed the Brainstorm artificial intelligence module for Inslaw PROMIS and "was with the U.S. military maintaining the management of nuclear detonation systems. He worked with Northrop on the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C3I). He also worked on the source selection for the Navstar Satellite." [1]

Ruby Ridge Edit

Kumnick is reported to have had family ties to the Aryan Nations. [2]

from Wikipedia: "Weaver associated with Frank Kumnick, who was known to associate with members of the Aryan Nations."

Andy ( proposes the theory: [3]

The FBI were on Ruby Ridge looking for a neighbor of Randy Weaver, Barry Kumnick's father. Weaver had refused to spy on Kumnick for them and was getting in the way of their search. Actually, the feds were on the trail of Barry, the computer programmer mentioned above, who had gone missing with a pirated copy of a twice-modified, highly sensitive software package originally called "Promis," which the DoJ had virtually stolen from a company called "Inslaw" (read what former AG Elliott Richardson had to say about this blatant theft).

Reappearance Edit

DrDarryl Edit

In 1998, "DrDarryl" claimed to have developed an artificial intelligence called MAX based on the work of Barry Kumnick. DrDarryl promised the imminent release of the MAX III software and the Isis Supercomputing Workstation, neither of which was produced. [4]

About the company:

  • "we don't come from the AI community, we come from an aerospace industry downsizing at the end of the cold war."
  • "One of us is the former Principal Scientist of a large defense contractor, another founded a successful computer company and then made the mistake of inviting his brother, the lawyer, in to help him run it. Now his brother owns the company."

About the product:

  • "MAX as a conscious being, is about seven years old", placing the age at
  • "MAX is free to alter and revise virtually anything that is in her software."
  • "MAX is 18' by 16' by 4.5' and weighs 7200 lbs. She can animate a holographic image space above her of 16' by 14' by 12' at about 80 frames per second."
  • MAX is capable of watching and understanding movies and TV shows
  • "Chrystal memory is the principal memory storage and is distributed throughout MAX, even within the TDIC's. MAX's main memory capacity exceeds a quadrabyte."

About Kumnick's contributions:

  • Kumnick provided the Information Structure Model which is based on his Brainstorm software.
  • "BrainStorm redefines the conventional roles of operating systems, programming languages and databases."
  • The ISM is "faster, more powerful and more efficient as it gets larger"
  • The ISM provides "the automatic contiguous storage of related information"
  • "logic is simply too inefficient a representation to be useful. The ISM goes way beyond logic and algorithms."

Cortical Net Edit

Kumnick Registered the company Cortical Net in 2001 through C T Corporation System. [5] Cortical Net was suspended by the Franchise Tax Board in 2004. [6]

Blog Edit

Kumnick "recently resurfaced" alive as of 2010. [2] He kept a blog in 2013.

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