Igor Borisovich Rabaev, also known as Boris Rabaev and Felix Rabaev, is named by Daniel Hopsicker as a heroin trafficker linked to 9/11 through Wally Hilliard.

Connection to 9/11 Edit

In 2000, Rabaev "was waiting at the receiving end for the arrival of a weekly drug flight coming in from Venezuela during the year 2000 on a Lear jet owned by terror flight school impresario Wallace J. Hilliard." On the plane was a Venezuelan named Edgar Valles-Diaz who "reportedly had close ties to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, with a serious involvement in geopolitical activity." [1]

Vitaliy Haiduk air crash Edit

On January 5, 2005, a plane carrying Ukrainian businessman Vitaliy Haiduk ran off the runway in Kyiv. Daniel Hopsicker claims that the plane was intentionally crashed by pilot Travis Braxton Paul in an attempt to frighten or kill Haiduk. Co-pilot Mark Shubin claims to have received a death threat afterward. [1]

The plot was only discovered days after the crash, when an argument was overheard, between crew members promised bribe money Rabaev had promised to ensure the crew’s silence.

According to the NTSB:

The airplane was registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Trustee, Salt Lake, Utah, and operated by Vladimir Kravets, Kiev, Ukraine, under the provisions of Ukraine Civil Aviation Regulations.

Haiduk would be appointed Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security Council in 2006.

References Edit

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