Burns & Roe is an engineering firm headquartered in Oradell, New Jersey.

History Edit

Burns & Roe was founded in 1932 as a partnership between Allen Burns and Ralph C. Roe, [1] formerly of the Electric Management and Engineering Company. Template:Cn The company designed power plans such as the Ottawa Street Power Station in Lansing, Michigan, Template:Cn and the nuclear power plants at Oyster Creek, New Jersey and Clinch River, Tennessee. [2]

Burns & Roe performed engineering work for the Mercury and Gemini space programs. [2]

Ralph Roe's son Kenneth A. Roe became company president in 1963 and chairman in 1971. Kenneth Roe died in 1991 at the age of 75, [2] leaving K. Keith Roe in charge of the company.

Controversies Edit

Burns & Roe salesman George K. Pender was implicated in mafia activities involving Wackenhut during the 1980s.

References Edit

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