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  • Dexter Jacobson - August 14, 1990, "found dead prior to a scheduled meeting with the FBI in regards to rampant Chapter 11 judicial corruption" [1] and "irregularities in the bankruptcy court system" in San Francisco. [2]
  • Gary Ray Pinnell - "found dead on February 11, 1991, just before he, too, was to present Chapter 11 corruption to the FBI." [1] Also known as Gary Pimmell.

Possible Texas connection Edit

Harry V. Martin alleged that there were murders in Texas connected to the California bankruptcy court system, but provided no details. [3]

Charles Duck Edit

Bankruptcy Court trustee Charles Duck was convicted in 1991 of misusing funds. Template:Cn

Assistant US Trustee Gregg Eichler was fired while he was investigating Duck and other corruption in the bankruptcy courts. [4]

Possible relationships Edit

Inslaw Edit

Karen Bixman includes Pinnell and Jacobson under a list of deaths related to the Inslaw/Wackenhut scandal. [1]

El Dorado Inn Edit

Dexter Jacobson had represented J. Paul Sosnowski of the El Dorado Inn in a bankruptcy case shortly before his death. [5]

As of 2014, Sosnowski has established a half-dozen other property management companies [6] and was accused of "wacky politics" and failing to pay taxes. [7]

Allegations Edit

Rodney Stitch Edit

Rodney Stitch alleges that the California bankruptcy courts illegally seized his assets by fabricating a 1988 divorce from an ex-wife who Stich had divorced in 1966, rejecting his appeals without stating any grounds or findings of fact, and charging him with contempt of court for filing appeals. [8]

14. California judges who perpetrated the wrongful acts stated in this complaint include Dwight Ely, Michael McInnis, William Jensen, Harold F. Wolters; John A. Deronde; Dennis Bunting, J. Clinton Peterson, Donald King, Harry Low, and Zerne Haning. They all became part of the conspiracy, that continued from 1982 to 1999. They all violated and conspired to violate plaintiff=s civil rights. They all became part of a RICO AEnterprise@ and RICO conspiracy.

15. Federal judges who expanded on the wrongful acts included Milton Schwartz, Raul Ramirez and Magistrate John Moulds; San Francisco Judges Marilyn Patel and Vaughn Walker; Las Vegas Chapter 11 judge Robert Jones, and Oakland Chapter 11 judge Edward Jellen.

16. Defendants who were attorneys and law firms include Stanley J. Friedman, Paul G. Sloan; Lawrence C. Gibbs; Jeffrey S. Ross; John W. Murray; Christopher A. Goelz; Carolyn E. Moore; Merle C. Meyers; Rene Feinstein; Joshua Landish; Estelle Mannis; Susan E..Weber; Friedman, Sloan and Ross, P.C.; Goldberg, Stinnet and Meyers, P.C.; Murray and Murray, P.C. All these defendants were part of the conspiracy, part of the RICO enterprise, who deliberately violated federally protected rights, engaged in fraud and deception upon the courts and upon plaintiff.

17. Defendants who were Chapter 11 trustees include Charles Duck and Jerome Robertson.

18. Other defendants include Robile, Inc and Concord Properties in the Concord, California area and Texas resident Emma Stich.

19. All defendants resided in or had their offices in the Northern District of California, except for the following: Judge Robert Jones (Las Vegas); Attorney Rene Feinstein (Las Vegas);; Emma Stich (Texas).

Judge Stanley Sporkin dismissed one of Stitch's complaints against Charles Duck without a hearing. Stitch notes that Sporkin had previously been chief counsel to the CIA, and he alleges that bankruptcy fraud was used to fund CIA operations. [9]

Jacobson and Pinnell Edit

Stitch alleges that Dexter Jacobson was killed for investigating his case. [8]

Regarding Pinnell, Stitch alleges: [10]

Attorney Gary Ray Pinnell was killed on February 11, 1991, in San Antonio, Texas, just prior to presenting evidence of Chapter 11 judicial corruption to the FBI. Judge-appointed trustee Marten Seidler was under investigation by the Grand Jury in Pinnell's murder on the basis that he was associated with Charlie Rummels, a prime suspect in the attorney's death. Many of those who were corruptly stripped of their assets after they exercised the statutory protections of Chapter 11 wanted to testify before the Grand Jury looking into the Pinnell's death, but they were blocked by Justice Department attorneys. Some of those who sought to testify were of Hispanic origin, some coming from as far away as El Paso to testify and, when they returned home, they were harassed by Immigration and Naturalization Service personnel.

Anna Vertkin Edit

Anna Feldman Vertkin alleges a conspiracy involving: [11]

  • Michael Vertkin - Anna's ex-husband, who she alleges of conspiring to ruin her.
  • R.G. Long - Michael Vertkin's attorney
  • Blue Shield - removed Anna Vertkin from its plan without a hearing in 2003, allegedly at the direction of Michael Vertkin and R.G. Long. [12]
  • Galin Georgiev
  • Jacqueline Lackosy (Georgiev)
  • Patrick Macias - attorney
  • Sanford Cipinko - attorney
  • Reidun Stromsheim - attorney. Accused by Vertkin of protecting Charles Duck's assets from creditors. [11] Billed $1,691,068.49 in fees in 2007. [13]
  • Jeffry Locke - Trustee in Vertkin's bankruptcy. Previously trustee in the Charles Duck bankruptcy case. Accused by Vertkin of protecting Charles Duck's assets from creditors. [11]
  • Alan Jaroslovsky - Judge of the Santa Rosa, California Bankruptcy Court. Vertkin claims it was "impossible to obtain a fair hearing" under him. [14]
  • Pillsbury, Bronson, Bronson, Wirum - Named as one of many law firms having "long standing relationships with Duck and other key members of San Francisco/Santa Rosa's bankruptcy community." [15]
  • June Haley - forced Duck into bankruptcy, halting all litigation against him. [15]

Vertkin suffered an arson attack on her home in 2007. [14]

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