The Capital Guidance Corporation, is a privately-owned investment company with significant interests in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Guidance Financial Group is a subsidiary of Capital Guidance [1]

Company organization Edit

Naples shopping centers Edit

In 2011, Madison Marquette acquired the Crossroads Market, Mercato, Neapolitan Way, and Midway Plaza shopping centers in Naples, Florida. [2]

Relationships Edit

Ibrahim Saad Edit

Ibrahim Saad held senior management positions in both Capital Guidance and the Carlyle Group. His associations include: [3]

  • Paladin Capital (Dubai) - CEO
  • Allied Capital (Middle East) - CEO
  • AB Capital - Co-founder and CEO
  • SHUAA Partners - Co-founder and CEO
  • Carlyle Group - senior management
  • Capital Guidance Corporation - senior management
  • Booz Allen Hamilton - managment consultant
  • VOSS (Norway) - advisory board member
  • ACON Investments - advisory board member. ACON is a branch of Texas Pacific Group.
  • SARAYA Islands - board member. Company developed real estate in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.
  • DAMAS Jewelry - board member
  • ROTANA Hotels & Resorts - board member
  • Hyperion Solutions - advisor to the senior management team

Muslim Brotherhood Edit


Adnan Ozair, eMarketing Manager for Capital Guidance, was previously Director of Fundraising for the All Dulles Area Muslim Society.

SAAR Network Edit

Capital Guidance subsidiary Aradi, Inc. [4] shares the name of SAAR Network/Safa Group subsidiary Aradi, Inc. The SAAR group's Aradi was run by Cherif Sedky, Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, and Hisham al-Talib.

Hussam Qutub Edit

Hussam Qutub has managed public relations campaigns for the Muslim Brotherhood front groups Islamic Society of North America, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and Islamic Free Market Institute. [5]

Honeywell Edit

Guidance Residential CEO Kal Elsayed [6] shares the name of Honeywell's former Saudi operations leader Kal Elsayed (2007-2009). [7]

Mowgli Mentoring Edit

Mowgli Mentoring is the company of Tony Bury of Rhodesia. [8] Trustees include:

  • Tony Bury
  • Martin Bury - SVP of Capital Guidance
  • Edward Chaplin (diplomat) - retired UK diplomat. Former head of the Middle East and North Africa department at the Foreign Office.
  • Tarek Kassem
  • Sandy Radford - Tax Tribunal judge

Dale Didion Edit

Guidance Residential communications director Hussam A. Qutub was a senior manager with the Didion Group, a public relations firm founded by Dale Didion. [9]

Dale Didion was a senior vice president and a group leader in the public affairs division of Fleishman-Hillard and a senior managing director of Hill & Knowlton and the director of their environmental practice for North America. At Fleishman-Hillard and Hill & Knowlton, Mr. Didion oversaw the development of advanced technology, environmental products and services and use by consumers and industry.

Mr. Didion was executive director of Renew America, the nation's only nonprofit organization which identifies, promotes and facilities the replication of successful business, government and nonprofit environmental programs. Renew America worked with 30 leading national environmental CEOs to advance strategic issues nationally and internationally, and form partnerships to support the adoption of innovative programs nationwide.

In addition, Mr. Didion served as a U.S. Treasury diplomat in Saudi Arabia, working with senior Saudi officials to develop technology transfer projects protecting vital natural resources. Before going to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Didion spent over six years in the Office of Management and Budget, the Executive Office of the President, developing the budget, policy and regulations for science, technology and natural resources programs for the President of the United States.

E-mail service for Renew America was hosted by the Institute for Global Communications, a subsidiary of the Association for Progressive Communications and a project of the Tides Foundation. [10] [11]

HSBC Amanah Edit

Nizam Yaquby and Muhammad Imran Usmani were members of the Shariah boardsof both HSBC Amanah and Capital Guidance.

In December 2012, US regulators fined HSBC $1.92 billion for laundering money for terrorists and organized crime. At some time between January 26, 2013 and April 3, 2013, HSBC Amanah announced that it would stop offering Shariah-compliant services. [12] [13]

Following a strategic review of our operations around the world, the HSBC Group has taken the decision to restructure its Islamic banking business and will no longer offer Shariah compliant products and services in the UAE, the UK, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore and Mauritius. HSBC will continue to offer Shariah compliant products and services in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia.

Saratoga Partners Edit

Amer Hammour is a member of the advisory board of Saratoga Partners. [14] [15]

Key members of Saratoga Partners include: [16]

  • Charles G. Philipps - Managing director
  • Christian L. Oberbeck- Managing partner and managing director
  • Richard A. Petrocelli - Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
  • John F. MacMurray - Principal
  • Michael J. Grisius - CIO
  • John P. Birkelund - Senior advisor
  • Charles P. Durkin, Jr. - Senior advisor
  • David W. Niemiec - Senior advisor
  • Maria F. Costanzo - Controller

ATEL Capital Group Edit

GuidanceATEL is a joint operation of Guidance Financial and the ATEL Capital Group of San Francisco, California. ATEL was founded in 1977 and had a Web-based financial service as early as 1996. [17] Dean Cash is the Chairman and CEO.

Magic Foods (Canada) Edit

Magic Foods CEO Bassel Rabbat [18] has the same name as the company contact for Capital Guidance in Switzerland. [19] Key figures in Magic Foods include:

  • Bassel Rabbat - CEO [18]
  • Indran Padmanathan - managing director [20] [21]
  • Johanne Lahaie - Co-founder [22], director [23]
  • Calude Rowe - Co-founder [22]

Indran Padmanathan is also the founder of the Magickwoods faucet company. [22]

Magic Foods partnered with the Les Fougeres restaurant of Chelsea, Quebec. [22]

Meinl Bank Edit lists Capital Guidance as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meinl Bank AG of Austria, [24] the company of Julius Meinl V. This is not confirmed by any other source. Other organizations listed as subsidiaries of Meinl:

  • Colombo Fiduciaria SA
  • Fiserv, Inc.
  • Banka Slovakia as (60.1%)

Amana Bank Edit

Amana Bank in Sri Lanka is linked to Capital Guidance Corporation through Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani, Chairman of its Sharia Supervisory Council.

The bank began in 1997 as Amana Investments Limited, the company of Osman Kassim. Amana was licensed as a bank in 2011 and expanded to have 24 locations in Sri Lanka by mid-2014. [25]

Major investors in Amana Bank include: [25]

  • Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
  • AB Bank Limited Bangladesh
  • Islamic Development Bank
  • Akbar Brothers Ltd.
  • Expolanska Holdings PLC

Sharia council members: [26]

  • Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani
  • Ash-Sheikh M M A Mubarak - General Secretary of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema.
  • Ash-Sheikh Mufti M I M Rizwe - President of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema.
  • Ash-Sheik Mufti Muhammad Hassan Kaleem - Professor at Jamiah Darul-Uloom Karachi and the Center of Islamic Economics, Karachi. Trainer of Sharia standards at the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), Bahrain.
  • Ash-Sheikh Ustad Mohd Nazri Bin chik - Assistant General Manager and the Head of Sharia Division of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad.

Management team [27]

  • Mohamed Azmeer (Chief Executive Officer)
  • M. M. S. Quvylidh (Vice President - Operations and Business Support)
  • M. Pharis Jazeel (Vice President - Treasury and Financial Institutions)
  • Amrit CanagaRetna (Vice President - Business Banking)
  • Ajmal Naleer (Vice President - Credit)
  • Preeni Koralege (Chief Compliance Officer and Company Secretary)
  • Ali Wahid (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Chandralal Wickramapathirana (Chief Information Officer)
  • M. Irshad Halaldeen (Vice President - Strategic Planning & Business Processes Re-Engineering)
  • Roomy Rahim (Vice President - Human Resources)
  • Fairoze Burah (Vice President - Administration)
  • Mahesha Thirimanne (Head of Legal)
  • Shahul Hameed Giado (Chief Internal Auditor)
  • Siddeeque Akbar (Vice President - Consumer Banking and Strategic Marketing)
  • Irshad Iqbal (Risk Officer)
  • Moulavi Siraj Najubudeen (Head of Sharia Supervision)
  • Fazly Marikar (Head of New Product Initiatives/ Gold Unit)
  • Nista Badurdeen (Head of Central Operations and Trade Services)
  • Chaminda De Silva (Head of Leasing and Home Finance)

Board of directors [28]

  • Osman Kassim (Chairman) - founder, Chairman. Founder of of Expolanka Group of Companies. Chairman of the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) in Sri Lanka.
  • Tyeab Akbarally (Deputy Chairman) - Senior Director of Akbar Brothers Limited, Falcon Trading (Pvt) Limited and Falcon Commodities (Pvt) Limited.
  • Dato A Tajudin B H Abdul Rahman (Senior Director) - former Managing Director of Bank Islam, Malaysia.
  • Dr A A M Haroon (Director) - Chairman of Lucky Group of Companies
  • Harsha Amarasekera (President's Counsel) - Attorney, director of Vallibel One PLC, Expo Lanka Holdings PLC, CIC Holdings PLC, Keells Food Products PLC, Amaya Leisure PLC & Vallibel Power Erathna PLC.
  • Mohamed Jazri Magdon Ismail (Director) - Financial Consultant of Ramada Hotel, Colombo.
  • Ruzly Hussain (Director) - Director/Chairman of M C Abdul Rahims & Brothers Ltd. and director of Worldstar Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Cleansol (Pvt) Ltd., and Free Lanka Media (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Haseeb Ullah Siddiqui (Director) - Division Manager at Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia (IDB).
  • Wahid Ali Mohd Khalil (Director) - Chief Compliance Officer of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad.
  • Badrul H Khan (Director) - Deputy Managing Director and former CFO of AB Bank Ltd.

Lawsuits Edit

Guidance Investments Ltd v Guidance Hotel Investment Company Edit

In 2013, Guidance Investments Limited sued Guidance Hotel Investment Company for nonpayment of nearly $9 million in management fees. [29]

Emerson Homebuyers lawsuit Edit

Mortgage Edge, the former company of Guidance Residential officers Jon Bray and Larry Curtis, was one of a large number of companies accused in a 2005 lawsuit of conspiring to inflate land prices for mobile homes in Texas. [30]

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