In the minds of the elite, citizenship means forced service to the government.

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In order to qualify for citizenship class from civilian class, people will be expected to perform 1-2 years community or military service.

Citizenship status qualifies you for new rights, maybe the right to vote for example.

The elites consistent plan of attack with citizenship has been to sell it as nationalism and patriotism, even as they themselves destroy the nation states.

Support Edit

Rahm Emmanuel in the US is a proponent of this ( link )

Frank Field, the Labour establishment politician who plays the fake rebel role has been promoting it in the UK. (link)

All the leaders of the UK's major political parties have confirmed they will introduce citizenship forced service.

"The idea of civic service starts from the ideals of citizenship: the belief that we are a nation of independent but interdependent citizens who have a duty to each other and the communities in which we live." ( link )

"Your call-up to the civil action squad" ( link )

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Tufts has a college of 'Citizenship and public service' directly connecting the two concepts ( link )

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