Nations are being merged into states underneath a global governance system controlled by transnational corporations.

Back in the old days everyone had a business, there was no such thing as unemployment. Anybody could buy and sell anybody, could start a trade, could be productive.

As government regulations, licences and laws began to takeover society with the rise of progressivism/socialism, a new concept started to emerge of 'a business district' somewhere in the centre of town that corporations would locate together.

The truth is that most of these businesses were public private partnerships, working hand in hand with the government to get rich and further national security objectives, so often the federal/government district was nearby or part of the business district.

Zoning laws began to rule that large areas simply were not allowed to conduct trade of any kind, and that all business had to be done in Commercial zones. These zoning rules helped to create the urban commute, traffic jams and global warming.

Now Business Districts are transforming again into 'Enterprise Zones' as Corporations take over the world.

The difference with an Enterprise Zone is that national government laws dont apply.

There are many exemptions to rules, regulations, taxes and laws that everyone else in the country has to live under, that those in the enterprise zone are privilege too.

This began in a prominent way in Communist China. Humans who lived in China were converted into 'workers' in the glorious revolution by Mao. They were stripped of all rights other than to work, banned form owning businesses or buying and selling and were allocated resources by the government where they were kept in 'worker' class, which meant endless poverty. Transnational imperialist corporations who were secretly behind the government were then brought in under Deng Xiaoping and set up in Enterprise Zones, where they were exempt from all the taxes and laws the 'workers' lived under The Corporations then exploited the workers poverty to manufacture goods cheaply and sell them to the whole world. This was celebrated in the West as the arrival of freedom and capitalism in China, which was patently absurd.

Another absurd idea is the 'Enterprise Zone' itself. Enterprise doesnt exist in regulated geographical zones, its innate to human nature. Wherever there are humans there will be enterprise.

It represents the emergence of global corporations as the new rulers of our lives, above governments.

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