The Council for the National Interest is an information and lobbying group focused on truths about Israel and the Jewish lobby.

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In May 1999, Council for the National Interest members Eugene Bird and Charles Darby traveled to Middle East along with KOCE TV Real Orange host Peter Murphy and The Nation elections correspondant Milton Viorst. The group met with numerous representatives of a variety of parties and non-governmental organizations, including both Islamic terrorists and Israeli nationalists. [3]

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May 2011 Conference on military aid to Israel Edit

On May 23, 2011, the Council for the National Interest held a conference at the National Press Club on the subject of Questioning Military Aid to Israel. Speakers included: [4]

January 2013 Conference on Christian Zionism Edit

On January 30, 2013, the Council for the National Interest, held a conference on Christian Zionism and American Islamophobia at the National Press Club. Other participating organizations included the International Council for Middle East Studies, the Freda Utley Foundation, and the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation. [5] Speakers included:

  • Philip Giraldi - President of CNI
  • Jon Basil Utley - Associate Publisher of The American Conservative, chairman of
  • Norton Mezvinsky - President of ICMES
  • Fuad Sha'ban - author of Islam and Arabs in Early American Thought which discusses "the Zionist aspirations of Christopher Columbus" [6]

March 2014 summit Edit

On March 7, 2014, the Council for the National Interest held the National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel "Special Relationship" at the Press Club in Washington, DC. Speakers included: [7]

  • Jeffrey Blankfort - spoke on Are there Israel lobby gatekeepers and damage control squads on the Left?
  • Marion "Spike" Bowman - spoke on The Jonathan Pollard Affair: what does it mean and what does it not mean?
  • Allan Brownfeld - spoke on The ACJ and battles over Zionism inside Jewish social welfare organizations
  • James David - spoke on How does U.S. military aid to Israel impact relations with other U.S. allies?
  • Paul Findley - spoke on Should the Executive Outmaneuver Congress to save Palestine and Israel?
  • Ernie Gallo - spoke on The U.S.S Liberty: what really happened? What did not?
  • Philip Giraldi - spoke on Is Israel a U.S. ally?
  • Delinda Hanley - spoke on U.S. Aid to Israel in Numbers
  • Karen Kwiatkowski - spoke on Inside the Pentagon's "Office of Special Plans
  • Scott McConnell - spoke on Did Neoconservatives take over GOP foreign policy?
  • Ray McGovern - spoke on Does Israel act like a U.S. ally?
  • Janet McMahon - spoke on The Israel lobby network and coordinated PACs that finance U.S. elections
  • Cynthia McKinney - spoke on In the Israel lobby's cross-hairs
  • Mark Perry - spoke on Mossad poses as CIA? National security reporting
  • Paul Pillar - spoke on Are threats to Israel's security inflated to justify occupation and U.S. support?
  • Gareth Porter - spoke on The "Manufactured Crisis" and drive for U.S. / Israel military actions against Iran
  • John Quigley - spoke on 1967, international law, and the cost of U.S. support for the occupation
  • Justin Raimondo - spoke on Has the Israel lobby captured the Right?
  • Stephen Sniegoski - spoke on Neoconservatives and the Iraq War
  • Grant Smith - spoke on A brief history of unprosecuted Israeli foreign agent, smuggling and espionage cases
  • Stephen Walt - spoke on The "special relationship" and what has changed since "The Israel Lobby" book
  • Geoffrey Wawro - spoke on Key findings from the book "Quicksand"
  • Alison Weir - spoke on Findings from the new book "Against Our Better Judgement"
  • Philip Weiss - spoke on What is changing in "permissible" mainstream public debate—and what is not?

Related Organizations Edit

At the time of the 2nd Intifadah, CNI listed as "Related Organizations focusing on the Middle East": [8]

  • American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee - Muslim Brotherhood front
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem
  • Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Refugee and Residency Rights
  • Bat Shalom
  • Bir Zeit University - partisan university run by the PLO
  • B'Tselem
  • Christian Peacemakers Team in Hebron
  • Foundation for Middle East Peace
  • Gush Shalom
  • Institute for Palestine Studies
  • Islamic Association on Palestine
  • Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition
  • Law Society
  • National Association of Arab Americans
  • Palestine Chronicle
  • Palestine Information Center
  • The Palestinian Refugee Research net
  • Partners for Peace
  • Sabeel Theological Center, Jerusalem
  • USS Liberty online memorial
  • Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) - gulf state disinfo

In the early 2000s, the Council for the National Interest had its website hosted with Infocom Corporation which became known for its links to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. [9]

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