David Phillip Schippers was an organized crime investigator at the Department of Justice from 1963 to 1967. [1] In 1998 he became chief counsel to the House of Representatives leading the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Allegations and Controversies Edit

FBI intelligence roadblock Edit

Schippers: [2]

I didn't go to the FBI because I know there is a roadblock there and I didn't go to the Justice Dept. until Ashcroft got in there because I know there's roadblocks out there. These are the very people who put up roadblocks on the attack against the terrorists under Clinton, they are still there. They still constitute, almost like a moat, between the people with information and the people who should hear the information... Strangely enough, the one group I haven't heard from is the FBI intelligence people. Of course, if I did hear from them I wouldn't talk to them anyhow, because they are totally incompetent.

Oklahoma City bombing Edit

Connection to Jayna Davis Edit

Oklahoma City Bombing investigator Jayna Davis contacted David Schippers in the spring of 2001. After seeing her work, Schippers described her as "the best investigator I have ever seen". [3]

Retaliation against FBI agents Edit

Schippers claimed that the FBI retaliated against three FBI agents investigating Oklahoma City. [2]

They bring some garbage charge against them and then say well they are dissidents. They try to affect their credibility by that.

9/11 warnings to Jayna Davis Edit

Schippers is the source for the claim that Jayna Davis was informed of the impending 9/11 attacks by somebody with a Middle Eastern accent fifteen minutes before the first plane hit the tower, and that somebody from the Office of Naval Intelligence told her "the same people did this that did Oklahoma City. Get out of the house. You are in danger.” [4]

TWA 800 Edit

Schippers: [2]

Clinton and his boys didn't want the United States to realize that Flight 800 was a terrorist attack and that Oklahoma City was a terrorist attack because they didn't want to admit that the intelligence of the United States was totally destroyed.

References Edit

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