Diamond Ridge Jet was the employer of 9/11 pilot trainer Wolfgang Boehringer from 6/2000 - 2/2001. [1]

A company of the same name was registered in 2004 [2] and was active in 2013 [3].

Personnel Edit

  • Robert E. Long - a common name
  • Leonard Vernon Austin - pilot and co-owner
  • Margaret Lollis - registered agent
  • Daniel Galvin - pilot (4/2001-1/2004) [4]

Possible identities of Robert E. Long Edit

The name Robert E. Long is very common.

Robert E. Long of Long & Associates Realty of Lutz, Florida, near Tampa. [5]

Robert E. Long, an accountant in Coral Springs, Florida, near Miami. [6]

Robert Eugene Long, managing director of Allied Capital, Ariba Asset Management, Goodwyn Long & Black Investment Management, AmBase Corporation(OTC), CSC Scientific, Inc., Advanced Solutions International, Inc. and Graphic Computer Solutions; former head of Emerald City Radio Partners, Southern Starr Broadcasting Group, Potomac Asset Management [7] [8] [9]

Robert E. Long of North Carolina, founder of Long Miller and Associates, [10] a company dealing in bank-owned life insurance. [11]

Robert Elliot Long, an attorney in Hampton, Virginia and former Green Beret. [12]

"Robert E. Long et al. to Philippe P. Blum, Anderson Park, $170,000"; possibly a record of a property sale. [13]

Possible relationship to Bluewater Financial Consultants Edit

Robert E. Long of Diamond Ridge Jet reported an address of 105 15th Avenue Ne Saint Petersburg, FL 33704. [14] Sydni N. Le bought this house from Dale F. Nelson in 1999 for $136,000 and sold it to James Kevin Burns in 2005 for $432,000, earning a 217% profit in less than six years. [15]

A Dale F. Nelson of St. Petersburg was the head of Bluewater Financial Consultants. [16] Bluewater personnel included:

  • Michael D. Collins
  • Mark Wolf
  • Thomas Kimler
  • David Leasser - aka David Lesser, David Laesser
  • Marilyn S. Pierce - registered agent
  • Daniel Callahan
  • Malcom S. McKay
  • Harry D. Toro
  • Dale F. Nelson

Nearly all employees are listed as simultaneous Manager, President, and Treasurer.

Nearly all employees worked for Waddell & Reed from the 1990s until 2005, and for Raymond James Financial onward. Some of the former employees moved from Raymond James to J. W. Cole Financial in 2011.

Possible link to Bluewater Financial Development Edit

A Bluewater Financial Development existed in Clearwater in 2000-2003. [17]

Possible identites of Sydni Le Edit

A Sydni N. Le is a real estate agent for Berry Realty in Florida. [18]

Sydni Le is the name of a name of a computer programmer for NASA and Raytheon who worked on the Space Shuttle and the Battle Command and Mission Execution project. [19]

A Sydni Le of Madiera Beach, Florida registered Gulf Technical Consulting, Inc in September 2003 and Gulf Technical Services, LLC in June 2010. [20] [21]

Possible identities of James Kevin Burns Edit

There are a large number of people named James Burns in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

A Kevin Burns co-owns Burns White Galleries in Tampa and is director of Associated Watch and Jewelery Buyers. [22]

James K. Burns of Texas was co-owner of Airlinc Holdings Group. [23]

References Edit

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