The First Intercontinental Development Company (FIDCO) was founded by George K. Pender in 1970 [1] and was closely associated with controversial Wackenhut operations during the 1980s.

Leadership Edit

The FIDCO Board of Directors as of January 11, 1983 included:

  • Robert Maheu, Sr. - Vice President, Director. Former FBI agent. Former CEO of Howard Hughes Operations. Senior consultant to Leisure Industries.[2]
  • Michael A. McManus - Director, Vice President and General Counsel to FIDCO. Former Assistant to President Ronald Reagan.[2]
  • Robert Booth Nichols - Sr. Vice President and Chairman of Investment Committee. Chief Executive Officer of R.B.N. Companies, International, a holding company for manufacturing and development of high technology electronics, real estate development, construction and international finance.[2]
  • George K. Pender - former Director of Pacific Ocean area of Burns & Roe, an international engineering & construction corporation with active projects on all seven continents of the world. Senior engineer consultant to Burns & Roe, Inc. (Burns & Roe were builders of Three Mile Island nuclear plant.)[2]
  • Kenneth A. Roe - Chairman and President of Burns & Roe. Major current project of the company is the engineering design and construction of the U.S.A. Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor Plant in conjunction with Westinghouse Electric Corporation which is responsible for the nuclear system supply of steam. Construction value of present business backlog of Burns & Roe, Inc. is in excess of six billion U.S. dollar.[2]
  • Frances T. Fox - Vice President. Former General Manager of L.A. International Airport. Former Director of Aviation for Howard Hughes Nevada operations, now called Summa Corporation, City Manager of San Jose, California.[2]
  • Clint Murchison, Jr. - Owner of the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team. [2] His father is a suspect in some JFK Assassination theories.
  • William M. Pender - Sr. Vice President. Licensed contractor, State of California.[2]
  • Glen R. Shockley - Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies in business management. Internationally known as financial consultant in funding.[2]

History Edit

Lebanon reconstruction Edit

FIDCO was involved in reconstruction efforts in Lebanon after the 1982 war. According to Robert Nichols: [3]

The objectives were to establish steel mills, listening posts or whatever, in Lagos, Nigeria, Abeokuta, Nigeria, Amman, Jordan and proceed with negotiations to develop Vellalar, the transportation area of Beirut, and rebuild the city of Damura which had been heavily shelled at the time.

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