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Far West, LLC, also known as Far West Ltd., Far West LLTS, and Far West DDS, is alleged to be a spy network responsible for numerous acts of smuggling, espionage, drug dealing, assassinations, and starting wars. Nearly all reporting on the subject originates from unreliable and unverifiable sources, often appearing to include disinformation.


Suspicious deaths[]

Joël van der Reijden lists as possible assassinations related to Far West: [1]

  • Sangak Safarov - March 1993 - shot by Faizullah Saidov during an argument [2]
  • Faizullah Saidov - March 1993 - shot by Sangak Safarov during an argument [2]
  • Abdulamon Ayombekov aka "Lyosha the Hunchback" - 1994 - Blown up
  • Ruslan Labazanov - 1996 - Shot by his guard
  • Usman Imaev - 1996 - Disappeared
  • Valery Malev - March 2002 - Car accident
  • Alexander Lebed Apr. 28, 2002 - Helicopter crash
  • Mikhail Vunsh - Dec. 2, 2002 - Car bomb
  • Sarfraz Haider - Jan. 2004 - Hit wall on quad bike (slit aorta)
  • Sergei Petrov - Jan. 24, 2004 - Car bomb
  • Roman Tsepov - Sep. 24, 2004 - Radioactive poisoning
  • Paul Klebnikov - July 9, 2004 - Drive-by shooting (van der Reijden gives his birthdate)
  • Armen Sargsyan - Jul. 27, 2005 - Drowned while drunk
  • Andrei Kozlov - Sep. 14, 2006 - Shot to death
  • Oleg Orlov - Jun. 2007 - Strangled in prison
  • Anton Surikov - Nov. 2009 - Unknown

Death of Mikhail Vunsh[]

From [3]

The explosion killed Michael Wunsch - businessman in various times included in the bank's management "Investment Banking Corporation", a major oil trader "Corporation Synthesis" and several other companies. More recently, he was co-owner of the holding "Optifood" - the structure close to the former Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Maslyukov and considered one of the monopoly on imports of chicken legs.

Controversial trades[]

Sale of long range missiles to Iran[]

Hrihoriy Omelchenko accused Far West of selling nuclear-capable X-55 (Kh-55) missiles to Iran through the S.H. Heritage company of Sarfraz Haider. [4] [5] Nearly everyone involved in the sale died under suspicious circumstances. [6]

Nuclear warheads[]

Haider's son Sam Haider said that Ruslan Saidov told him that the deal was conducted by Far West Ltd. and included the sale of two 200-kiloton nuclear warheads to Iran. [5]

Palantir report[]

Tom Wallace and Farley Mesco of the US-based Center for Advanced Defense Studies authored a report The Odessa Network reviewing arms shipments through the Ukraine. Wallace and Mesco describe Far West and Progress as merely front companies for the Kaalbye Shipping company of Igor Urbansky. The X-55 deal is "Event #1" and "Event #2" of more than 40 events listed, the rest generally being legitimate Russian trades with state governments. [6] The Wallace/Mesco report was funded by Palantir, a company with ties to US intelligence agencies.

Possible CIA operation[]

Vadim Stolz alleges: [7]

The Chinese, the Kremlin, and the Ukrainians did not realize that this sale was a trap, which FarWest set up for them at the behest of the neocon cabal in the White House, the Pentagon, and the State Department.

History of Halliburton-Iran trades[]

Alleged Far West stakeholder Halliburton was trading with Iran as early as 1995 and would later provide the centrifuges needed by Iran's nuclear weapons program. [8]

Sale of MANPADS to terrorists[]

Sergei Petrov accused Far West of selling weapons to FARC, the KLA, and the PLO. According to Laurie Howell: [5]

Ukrainian businessman Sergei Petrov, a former a partner in Far West, blew the whistle to German authorities on other illicit arms deals. He alleged Far West had smuggled portable surface-to-air missiles to FARC guerrillas in Colombia in return for 600kg of cocaine. He also accused Far West of supplying weapons -- including mortars, assault rifles and ammunition -- to ethic Albanians in the Macedonian conflict and Palestinians attacking Israeli targets. Petrov was later blown up in his own car around the time Sarfraz Haider died.

Stolz/Burtsev: [9]

In October 2003, the Ukrainian businessman Sergei Petrov, formerly one of the CIOs of FAR WEST, LTD, turned to German law enforcement agencies. He accused his former companions in arms smuggling in violation of international agreements and sanctions. Specifically, Petrov revealed the shipment of portable SAMs "Igla" to FARC in exchange to 600 kilograms of cocaine in August 2002 through Brazil. Incidentally, one of the participants of this deal [Mikhail Vunsh] was soon after blown up in the suburbs of Moscow. v

Another episode relates to illegal shipments of light arms, mortars and ammunition from Belorussia to Kosovo and Palestinian Autonomy in 2001. These arms were immediately used by the Albanians in the ethnic conflict in Macedonia and by the Palestinians against Israel.

... v. His name was Mikhail Vunsh, the owner of the big company OMNIFUD, importer of "Bush's legs." [a book by Paul R. Hollrah.] His car was blown on December 2 2002. The driver and the guard were also killed. Vunsh was close to Petrov and Roman Tsepov, both killed in 2004. According to one source, they wanted to split from Filin and take control of cocaine deliveries through Petersburg port.

1999 meeting at Khashoggi villa[]

A 2000 article by Peter Prianishnikov [10] makes allegations which are repeated in the later reporting of Vadim Stolz and Peter Dale Scott. Altogether, the various authors describe a meeting on July 4, 1999 at a French property of Adnan Khashoggi by these individuals:

  • Alfonso Davidovich Ochoa - host of the meeting and first to arrive. [10] A Venezuelan banker. Described by Yasenev as a Far West partner, former KGB, arms smuggler, ally of Hugo Chavez. [11] Described by Petrov as the banker for FARC. [12] Described by Mironov as connected to Cuban intelligence, protected by Venezuelan intelligence, and having ties to Iraqi al-Qaeda. [13]
  • Yakov Kosman - "a French businessman of Israeli-Soviet origin" who arranged for the arrival of six guests via Austria on false Turkish passports. [10] Described by Yasenev as the financial advisor to KLA commander Hashim Thaçi. [11] Described by Petrov as a Far West partner and former GRU. [14]
  • Anton Surikov - Far West co-owner. [14] Arrived from Austria using Turkish passport with the alias Mansur Natkhoev. [14] Possibly related to US analyst Fritz Emarth. [11]
  • Ruslan Tsveiba - Abkhazian fighter accused of war crimes by the Georgian government. [10] Identified by Petrov. [14] Named "Cveba" in Mironov's report. [13] One of six people who arrived from Austria using a false Turkish passport.
  • Igor Yusufov [13] - Russia's Energy Minister. Identified by Mironov as one of six people who arrived from Austria using a false Turkish passport.
  • Valery Galiev [13] - Described by Mironov as "the head of several Osetin [Ossetian] killers groups located in Moscow." Identified by Mironov as one of six people who arrived from Austria using a false Turkish passport.
  • "Salman" [13] - Leader of the Dagestani jihad group Forest Brothers. [13] Identified by Mironov as one of six people who arrived from Austria using a false Turkish passport. [13] Possibly Salman Raduyev.
  • Sultan Sosnaliyev - Former Abkhazian Defense Minister. Was received at Nice airport by Kosman and Tsveiba. [10] Mironov has Anton Surikov also flying in at this time, [13] while Basayev states only that one of the persons at Nice airport arrived on an aircraft owned by Surikov. [10] Possibly the sixth arrival with a false Turkish passport.
  • Shamil Basayev - Chechen al-Qaeda leader. Arrived July 3 on the yacht "Magic." [10]
  • Ruslan Saidov - Far West co-owner. [15] Arrived with Basayev on the yacht Magic. An advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan whose name was Mehmet "if you believe the passport data". [10] Identified by Petrov as Ruslan Saidov using the alias Ugur Mehmed. [14]
  • Alexander Voloshin - Chief of the Presidential Administration of Vladimir Putin. Arrived July 4 by private jet without bodyguards. [10]

Previous meeting in Ivory Coast[]

The August 1999 issue of Версия reported on rumours of a meeting between top Kremlin official Alexander Voloshin and Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev in Africa's Ivory Coast. In June 2000, Версия received an envelope with no return address containing a photograph of Voloshin, Basayev, and Anton Surikov. [10]

Possible relationship to Kosovo war[]

Anton Surikov writes that during the 1999 Kosovo war, Far West president Vladimir Filin and his bodyguard Colonel Valentin Kovalchuk arrived at Pristina airport before the Russian forces of the Pristina dash, and there he negotiated a ceasefire agreement with KLA commanders Hashim Thaçi and Ramush Haradinaj. [16]

July 4 meeting[]

A meeting of international crime figures took place on July 4, 1999 at the villa of Adnan Khashoggi in Beaulieu, France. Prianishnikov cites his information on the Khashoggi meeting to an anonymous member of the French intelligence who is a professor of political science and an expert on Russia, security, and organized crime. [10]

Alfonso Davidovich arrived in June and settled into Khashoggi's villa. He soon had multiple visits from Jacob Kosman, "a French businessman of Israeli-Soviet origin". Kosman then "brought with him six people who arrived via Austria with Turkish passports", one of whom was an accused war criminal named Tsveiba (identified by Andrei Petrov as Ruslan "Malysh" Tsveiba).[14] The French then observed a meeting at Nice airport between Kosman, Tsveiba, and Abkhazian commander Sultan Sosnaliyev. One of them flew in on an aircraft owned by Anton Surikov.

On July 3, the English yacht "Magic" docked at Nice. Two passengers drove to Khashoggi's villa in Rolls Royce luxury cars. One was Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev. The other was an advisor to Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan whose name was Mehmet "if you believe the passport data" (Petrov identifies him as Ruslan Saidov using the alias Ugur Mehmed). [14]

On July 4, a private jet owned by a Russain oil company arrived at Nice carrying top Kremlin official Alexander Voloshin, who arrived without bodyguards. He met with Surikov and "the Abkhazians", and the group drove to Khashoggi's villa in a Rolls Royce. That night, the villa had an increased security presence and somebody turned on a cell phone jammer. The next morning Voloshin left in a Rolls Royce and flew back to Moscow, and everyone else left the villa that day.

Petrov account[]

According to Andrei Petrov, two of the unnamed Turks were former Soviet military intelligence (GRU) officers Colonel Anton Surikov (under the alias Mansur Natkhoev) and Major Ruslan Saidov (under the alias Ugur Mehmed). Davidovich and Kosman were also former GRU, and the the four of them were co-owners of Far West LLC. A third unnamed Turk was Amtsakhara leader and former Sukhumi mayor Gary Aiba. Tsveiba, Aiba, and Sosnaliyev controlled the heroin route through Abkhazia. Davidovich, Kosman, Surikov, and Saidov led and bankrolled the trafficing of heroin through Kosovo to "Kosovo Albanian retail networks in Western and Central Europe." [14]

Mironov account[]

Anton Mironov identified four of the six unnamed Turks as:

  • Igor Yusufov
  • Valery Galiev, described as "the head of several Osetin [Ossetian] killers groups located in Moscow"
  • "Cveba" (Tsveiba), described as "called guilty by Tbilisi authorities for genocide during Georgia-Abkhazia conflict"
  • "Salman", "leader or Dagestan group Forest Brothers", possibly Salman Raduyev

Mironov writes that the six Turks "came from Austria with Turkish passports" and spent three weeks at the villa with Yakov Kosman and Alfonso Davidovich. Later, Kosman and Tsveiba would meet Sultan Sosnaliyev and Anton Surikov at Nice Airport.

Alleged Cuban intelligence involvement[]

Ivan Mironov alleges that the meeting at Khashoggi's villa was arranged by Venezuelan Interior Minister Ramon Rodriguez at the request of Cuban intelligence agent Gerardo Hernandez. [13]

In 1999 Ernandes requested Ramon Rodrigues to go to Moscow for meeting [Igor] Yusufov at Balchug Hotel. The purpose was to give Yusufov fake passport of Turkey citizen and contract for meeting in Nice with Venezuelan banker Alfonso Davidovich, who had long cooperation with GI-2 by DICIP protection and Iraqi cell of Al-Qaeda.

At that time they performed plan of preparation of suicide bombers at terrorist bases in Dagestan and Karachai Cherkessia. The curators of plan were GI-2 on the initiative rom leader of Al-Qaeda Iraqi cell Abu Musab al-Zarkavi and radical leaders of Saddam’s regime. The special preparations had to be made at Iraq base "Ali Bin Abi Taleb"...

The meeting planned by Rodriges and Ernandes was held on luxury villa in French city Beaulieu between Nice and Monaco. This villa, according to files from French Intelligence, is property of International armor dealer Ad-nan Hashogi. He is Arab from Saudi Arabia, former billionaire and nowadays he is mostly mendicant. On June, 1999 on this Hashoggi villa stayed Venezuelan banker Alfonso Davidovich...

Second Chechen War[]

Writing "we can only guess," Prianishnikov notes the coincidence that the Second Chechen War erupted shortly after this meeting in August 1999 when Basayev's forces invaded the Dagestan region of Russia, leading to the resignation of Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin and his replacement by Vladimir Putin.

Peter Dale Scott[]

Peter Dale Scott summarizes the allegations of previous authors: [17]

Russia has been familiar for some time with charges that the bombings in Moscow in 1999, and an accompanying invasion of Russian Dagestan that rekindled the ongoing war in neighboring Chechnya, were both planned by representatives of the Islamist element in the Chechen resistance, in collusion with a representative of the Russian Kremlin.

Read synoptically, these stories indicate that the well-connected drug-trafficking meta-group, with connections to both the Kremlin and the CIA, arranged in advance for the bombings and invasion at the meeting in July 1999, at a French villa owned by the superrich arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi. The group allegedly operated with support from Saudi Arabia and organized global drug trafficking, some of it probably through Kosovo.

Yuri Yasenev allegations[]

A 2004 article by Yuri Yasenev [11] makes allegations which are repeated in the later reporting of Vadim Stolz and Peter Dale Scott.

Saudi terrorists in Chechnya[]

In 2003, Ruslan Saidov arranged for a meeting between Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov and Saudi intelligence minister Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz to remove Saudi "saboteurs" from Chechnya by May 2004. Yasenev does not say what the Saudis received in exchange. [11]

The CIA paid $800,000 to Saidov ($300,000) and his superiors ($500,000) for the assassination of Abu al-Walid. The Saudis assassinated President Kadyrov in retaliation, working through Abu_Hafs_al-Urduni. [11]

Far West history[]

Filin and Likhvintsev[]

From 1990 to 1993, Vladimir Filin and Alexey Likhvintsev sold military equipment from East Germany's Western Group of Forces to Kosovo Albanian criminal organizations. They were dismissed from service in November 1993 for financing the Ukrainian fascist organization UNA-UNSO. Both obtained British citizenship by 2005. They have ties to mercenary groups Meteroic Tactical Solutions, Halliburton subsidiary KBR, Diligence Iraq LLC ("controlling stake belongs to the Kuwaiti citizen Mohammed Al-Sager"). [11]

In 2004, Filin and Likhvintsev were liasons between the US Embassy in Ukraine and Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk and "leadership power structures". [11]

Ruslan Saidov[]

Ruslan Shamilyevich Saidov (aka Ruslan Said) fought in Abkhazia in 1992-1993 with Shamil Basayev and Gary Aiba. He was subsequently transferred to the reserves in November 1993. In 1994, he worked with Russian defense minister Pavel Grachev and Chechen leaders Usman Imayev, Hozh-Ahmed Nuhaev, and Dzhokhar_Dudayev to transfer arms to South Yemen rebel forces in Aden during the 1994_civil_war_in_Yemen.

In 1995. Saidov wrote a book that was praised by Necmettin Erbakan of Turkey's Muslim Brotherhood front Welfare Party, which would rename itself to the AKP after it was outlawed. That same year he became associated with Filin and Likhvintsev. In 1996, he was a character witness for Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya leader Ayman Zawahiri and attempted to use his influence to have Zawahiri released after his arrest for entering Russia with a forged passport.

Saidov "developed strong ties" with Adnan Khashoggi and Turki al-Faisal and was in contact with Ruslan El'murzaev, alleged identity of terrorist leader "Abu Bakar", shortly before the 2002 Nord-Ost siege. [11]

Alfonso Davidovich[]

Parter of Far West. Offshore banker. Venezuelan-German dual citizen. Trained by the Soviets. "Maintains friendly relations" with Hugo Chavez. "Familiar with" Fidel Castro, Markus Wolf, and Adnan Khashoggi. Accused of smuggling weapons to the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas in 1999. [11]

Yakov Abramovich Kosman[]

Financial advisor to KLA commander Hashim Thaçi. [11]

Valery Nikolaevich Lunev[]

Participated in the 1991 coup d'etat against Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia. "Has wide contacts in Tajikistan." "Interacted with" Sangak Savarov during the 1992 Civil war in Tajikistan. [11]

Anton Victorovich Surikov[]

Maintains relations with Nixon Center analyst Fritz Ermarth. Traveled to Abkhazia in 1992 along with Ruslan Saidov, where he also interacted with Shamil Basayev and Gary Aiba. "Is friendly with" the writer Alexander Prokhanov, Zatva newspaper deputy editor Alexander Nagorny, Anatoli Baranov of and, Mikhail Delyagin, Alexei Kondaurov, and Ilya Ponomarev. [11]

Leonid Leonidovich Kosjakov[]

In 1985, Leonid Kosjakov commanded a Russian anti-drug unit and was the immediate commander of Filin, Likhvintsev, Surikov, Lunev, and Saidov. [11]

Vadim Stolz allegations[]

Vadim Stolz is "chairman of the international editorial board of – a group of investigative journalists, affiliated with the Internet weekly Left Russia (" [18]

Stolz describes Far West as "a commercial front for an anti-Russian alliance of the intelligence services of the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and some other countries." [18] Stolz and his co-authors make many accusations of which he and his publications are the sole sources.

Magda Hassan's report [19] relies heavily on Stolz et al.

Far West membership and relationships[]

According to Stolz and his editor, the following are involved in Far West:

  • "Rasheed ar Rasheed" - Saudi prince, in intelligence, allegedly president of Far West. [20]
  • Turki al-Faisal - Saudi intelligence minister, his family owns a 37% state in Far West. [15]
  • Vladimir Ilyich Filin (b. Vladimir Vladimirovich Litovchenko, aka F. P. Carvallo, Stoikovich, "Ilyich," "El Buho" ) - Ukrainian Major-General, intelligence official, vice chair of Far West, [18] 25% share in Far West, [15] blogging at [20]. General-Major of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Owner of several ethanol factories in Brazil, business partner of George Soros. [19]
  • Alexei Alexandrovich Likhvintsev (b. Alexei Alexeevich Kolosovskii) aka "Pribalt" [19] - Ukrainian general, with Filin a "Banderovite" "fascist" follower of Stepan Bandera, who declared Ukraine's independence from Russia during WWII. [18] Named by Valery Lysenko as Far West co-founder. [21]
  • Liudmila Viktorovna Rozkina (aka Liusya) - Wife of Likhvintsev, former intelligence agent. [12]
  • Leonid Kosyakov - Ukrainian general, named by Valery Lysenko as Far West general manager. [21]
  • Ruslan Saidovich Saidov (b. Ruslan Sadulaev) aka Ugur Mehmed, Ruslan Muhammedovich Muhammedov, Nihat [19] - Ukrainian Major-General, advisor to Uzbekistan defense minister Ruslan Mirzaev "and the head of the illegal external intelligence service of the Chechen Republic.", Far West vice president, [20] 25% stake in Far West. [15]
  • Valery Nikolaevich Lunev - Belorussian General and intelligence, executive director of Far West LLC and head of Dubai office. "Converted to Islam after marrying a relative of President Dudaev." [15] His wife is named Fatima. [12]
  • Ruslan Berenis - Senior British military intelligence, Far West board member
  • Sergei Petrov - Far West CIO, reported sale of IK38 Igla (SA-18 Grouse) MANPADs to FARC [9]
  • Diligence LLC - American company, Far West co-founder [20]
  • Richard Burt - Head of Diligence LLC, involved in X-55 sale. [7]
  • Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR) - Subsidiary of Halliburton, 13% stake in Far West [20]
  • 'Sultan Suleimenov" - "first deputy of the executive director of FWL." [21]
  • Anton Victorovich Surikov (Mansur Nathoev, Gregory G. Orloff) - Retired Russian Colonel, military intelligence. Template:Cn
  • Anatoly Y. Baranov - Owner of and, member of the Communists of Russia party. [22]
  • Fritz Ermarth - CIA connection to Far West, [20] named by Ivan Demidov as supervisor of ex-GRU drug traders, [21] "probably partly ethnic Adygei and distant relative of Surikov-Natkhoev... Specialist in disinformation and false-flag operations. Representative of the US military-industrial complex and post-Nazi elites in the Atlantic intelligence community. Member of the Bushes' inner circle of political and intelligence operatives." [19]
  • Robert Gates - CIA connection to Far West [20]
  • Robert Kagan - CIA connection to Far West [20]
  • Zeyno Baran - CIA connection to Far West [20]
  • Fiona Hill - CIA connection to Far West [20]
  • Mossad [23]
  • Meteoric Tactical Solutions - US company based in South Africa, named by Lysenko as Far West business partner [21]
  • Vyacheslav Kantor [21] [12]
  • Isofert Trading - Panamanian company owned by Kantor, named by Lysenko as Far West money laundry [21]
  • Transchem International - Panamanian company owned by Kantor, named by Lysenko as Far West money laundry [21]
  • Yakov Abramovich Kosman [21] - Former secret agent, Israeli citizen [12]
  • Alfonso Davidovich Ochoa [21] aka Alfonso Davidovich-Mueller, "Felix" [19] - Former Soviet agent, Venezuelan citizen, banker for FARC. [12] "Cuban-Soviet double-agent... Married to the relative of Venezuelan General Mueller Rojas." [19]
  • Oleg Orlov - owner of arms dealer EMM Arab Systems Ltd, named by Omelchenko as involved in X-55 deal, survived an assassination attempt in Chech prison. [4] His throat was slit in Ukrainian prison. [5]
  • "E.V. Shilenko" - arms dealer involved in the X-55 deal. [4]
  • Valery Malev - head of Ukrainian arms export agency Ukrspetseksport, implicated in X-55 deal, died in suspicious 2002 car crash [4]
  • Progress - a subsidiary of Ukrspetseksport involved in the X-55 deal [4]
  • Technicality, Inc - US firm that paid Progress for the X-55 deal [9]
  • Satak Co. Ltd. - National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) subsidiary, involved in X-55 deal [4]
  • S.H. Heritage - Company involved in X-55 deal [4]
  • Haidar Sarfraz - Australian national, owner of S.H. Heritage company, died in 2004 car accident [4]
  • Mikhail Vunsh - owner of OMNIFUD company, involved in Far West sale of arms to FARC, assassinated in 2002 [9]
  • Rodric Braithwaite - Deutsche Bank and David Cameron's Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs [19]
  • Igor Sechin - "Informal leader of Russian siloviki. Served in Angola under Kolosovskii's command." [19]
  • Alexander Galaka - Ukrainian general allied to Far West. [7]
  • Igor Smeshko - Ukrainian general allied to Far West. [7]
  • Alpha Capital - "shady monopoly of Russian oligarch Mikhail Friedman" and ally of Richard Burt. [7]
  • Barbour Griffith & Rogers aka BGR Holdings LLC - "one of the most influential right-wing lobbying firms in Washington, close to the Bush Family." [7]
  • Robert Gates [7]

"This third group of shadow intelligence operatives has no independent political significance. They are trusted agents of the Atlantists, Saudis, Panturkists, and Ukrainian nationalists." [18]

Andrei Petrov report[]

As of 2009, Andrei Petrov of identified financiers of Far West as: [24]

  • $38 million from an informal association of Turki al-Faisal, Saad Hariri, and Nawaz Sharif.
  • $23 million from an association of Germany and Sinopec.
  • $16 million from Iranian companies associated with Ali Larijani.
  • $19 million from a "strange group of owners of coal mines in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and German manufacturers of equipment for nuclear power plants."

Surikov Ermarth denial[]

According to a letter from Anton Surikov to Oleg Grechenevsky, Fritz Ermarth explicitly denies any connection between Far West and himself or the CIA. [25]

Sergei Petrov accusations[]

In 2004, carried an interview with Sergei Petrov. [12]

According to Petrov, most of the leadership of Far West served together in Afghanistan where they:

enjoyed special status, were in contact with open Dushmans [Mujahideen], with Masud’s emissaries, Ismail Khan’s people, even with Arabs. They behaved as plain marauders... They stayed out of trouble because their commanding officer, Leonid Leonidovich Kosyakov, nicknamed "Slon" (the Elephant), shared [the loot] with others. I think Anton went over to the Americans already back then.

On Far West's operations:

[Far West has] all kinds of offshore schemes, operations with foreign real estate, also Afghan diamonds, and drugs... this is done through military channels: transportation, aerodromes, bases, troops: in Tajikistan, Georgia, namely in Adzharia, in Kosovo they flied as late as last summer. They have serious contacts in Afghanistan, also with ethnic Albanian groups in Italy, and since the early 1990s in Germany, in the Western Army Group.

Petrov claimed that other partners in Far West had set him up as a scapegoat for an operation to defraud Russian mafia known as "the Petersburgers or "the Kremlin Checkists", who were "conned out of 39 million euros" ($50 million at the time).

Far West kidnapped a man in Moscow who knew the [banking] codes, pumped him with a psychotropic substance—so-called truth vaccine—got the codes from him and transferred the money to other off shores, then somewhere in Bahrain, and then nobody knows where to. In short, two days later, when this was noticed, it was all over... Two weeks later he was found in some village in Byelorussia. He does not remember anything and has become almost an invalid. This is natural after what they did to him...

Only two men were assigned to manage those accounts: the man they kidnapped and myself. They [in the Kremlin] believe that we either somehow conspired, or—considering his present state—it was I who did this all and the kidnapping was a ruse to put them on the wrong track.

Petrov accuses Anton Surikov of stealing the money.

Petrov accuses Valery Lunev of arranging the assassinations of Sangak Safarov, Faizullah Saidov, Lyosha the Hunchback, Ruslan Labazanov, and Usman Imaev.

Petrov accuses Anton Surikov of having raised an "armed underground in Lithuania - the Department of National Defense" which seized the Vilnius TV tower in 1991. The Soviet army response became known to the world as the Vilnius Massacre. Petrov claims that Surikov was at the time an American double agent "building relations with Berezovsky against Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin]." [12] According to Petrov, Surikov would later organize the 2003 Rose Revoluton in Georgia.

Petrov accuses Surikov of attempting to "privatize" the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) in coordination with Mikhail Khodorkovsky's YUKOS oil company and Alexei Petrovich Kondaurov by paying off CPRF First Secretary Gennady Ziuganov to give them control of the CPRF press organs Zavtra, Soviet Russia, and Internet properites through which they would defame their political opponents as "moles". The plot fell apart when YUKOS was raided by Russian police.

Filin denial[]

Vladimir Filin accused Sergey Petrov Tarasovich and Armen Sargsyan Arshavirovich of defaming Far West after leaving due to an internal dispute. [26]

DIA drug-running[]

Ruslan Saidov accuses US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst Caleb Temple of "of running a heroin operation in the Near East and using the hawala money-transfer system for money laundering." [27]

Death of Oleg Orlov[]

Orlov's death in a Kiev prison was the result of a power struggle between Far West and Yulia Timoshenko in which Orlov was killed so that Timoshenko could not use his information to generate a scandal against the generals. [7]

Acts against Russia[]

Bribery plot[]

Far West conspired to bribe a Russian official to allow a sale of arms to Venezuela, Iran, Syria, or Sudan so that the Far West operative could publicly admit to this bribery in the international media. [23]

Sechin Plot[]

Far West planned to blackmail Igor Sechin and orchestrate a coup to install him as leader of Russia. [18]

Ukrainian military intelligence even created a special department "R," manned by former Soviet GRU officers, to collect dirt on Sechin's and other groupings of Russian highest bureaucracy and business. The idea was to fan the internal struggle between them, perhaps, even provoking a coup in Moscow and destroying Russia from inside. Putin was either to be assassinated or made a hostage, a puppet of the Sechin group. In the end, Putin was able to defeat these plans by playing the old game of “good cop” and “bad cop” (Dmitry Medvedev and Sergei Ivanov). The transfer of power to Medvedev was smooth. The literary document of that struggle is the book Third Barbarossa by Anton Baumgarten. Its main victim – Lieutenant-General Alexander Bulbov, head of the Operational Department of the Federal Service for Control Over the Trafficking of Narcotics, and his officers, who took “preventive measures” against Farwest. They were arrested in the fall of 2007 and, despite the protests of the Prosecutor General's Office, remain in prison on the fake charges brought against them by Sechin's ally Alexander Bastrykin, the chairman of the Investigation Committee at the Russian Prosecutor General's Office.

2008 South Ossetia war[]

Far West started the 2008 South Ossetia war to convince Europe to restart the Cold War and to help John McCain's campaign for US President. [18]

Getting the Russians into Georgia was the main political objective of "Operation Clean Field," at least for its American sponsors and the Ukrainians, if not for Saakashvili. They just could not imagine that the Georgian army disintegrate that fast. Their strategic goal was to draw Russia into a protracted war, as exhausting and bloody as possible, with big losses of life among civil population and chaos spreading over the entire Caucasus and beyond, into Russia's interior. Do not forget that a genocidal attack was planned against Abkhazia as well.

Kodori Valley infiltration[]

Far West had Ukrainian forces in Abkhazia to establish control over the Kodor Gorge. [18]

This valley is "a bridge between the Abkhazians and their ethnic relatives Adygei (Cherkes) of the Northern Caucasus. Their organization "The Cherkes Congress" and the Turkish Grey Wolves envision the creation of the “Greater Cherkessia” as a part of the Pan-Turkist empire of “The Great Turan.” Anton Surikov (Mansur Nathoev) is thought to be in charge of the security service of the “Chechen Congress” and their liaison with the Grey Wolves in Turkey.

Possible link to Anders Breivik[]

The pseudonymous author Niccolo Machiavelli at Breitbart writes: [28]

In an allegation attributed to Belarusian opposition figure Mikhail Reshetnikov, Anders Breivik underwent paramilitary training in a camp organized by retired KGB colonel Valery Lunev.

Machiavelli relies heavily on reporting.

Other controversial allegations[]

Stolz also alleges that:

  • A.Q. Khan "is a purely decorative figure, a fall guy" for American attempts to sell nuclear weapons technologies. [20]
  • The 2008 South Ossetia war was a "genocide" that involved "murdering the peacekeepers and civil population." [18]

Peter Dale Scott allegations[]

Peter Dale Scott considers Far West as part of a "global drug metagroup" of criminal organizations operating for for their shared interests and against state governments. [17]

History of CIA drug trafficing in Central Asia[]

Scott: [17]

It was striking in the 1980s that the CIA, in its choice of Afghan mujahedin leaders to back against the Soviet Union, passed over those with indigenous support in favor of those, notably Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who dominated the heroin trade. The result was to enhance Hekmatyar's power until he became a leading heroin trafficker, not just in Afghanistan but in the world.

Scott cites Alfred W. McCoy's The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia as his source for this information.

Diligence LLC[]

Scott describes Diligence as more powerful and more important than the more well known Blackwater mercenary firm. [29]

Two of its founding directors (Lanny Griffiths and Ed Rogers) were also founders of the influential Republican lobbying team Barbour Griffiths and Rogers ...

Diligence was founded by William Webster, the only man to head both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mike Baker, its chief executive officer, spent 14 years at the CIA as a covert field operations officer specializing in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations. Whitley Bruner, its chief operating officer in Baghdad, was once the CIA station chief in Iraq.

Its partner in Diligence Middle East (DME) is New Bridge Strategies, whose purpose has been described by the New York Times as “a consulting firm to advise companies that want to do business in Iraq, including those seeking pieces of taxpayer-financed reconstruction projects.” Its political clout was outlined in the Financial Times:

New Bridge was established in May [2003] and came to public attention because of the Republican heavyweights on its board – most linked to one or other Bush administration [officials] or to the family itself. Those include Joe Allbaugh, George W. Bush’s presidential campaign manager, and Ed Rogers and Lanny Griffith, former George H.W. Bush aides.

The firm of Barbour, Griffith and Rogers was the initial funder of Diligence, which shares an office floor with BGR and New Bridge in a building four blocks from the White House. The Financial Times linked the success of New Bridge in securing contracts to their relationship to Neil Bush, the President’s brother. When Mack McLarty, Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff, resigned, he became a director of Diligence, and also joined Henry Kissinger to head, until 2008, Kissinger McLarty Associates.

Ivan Mironov allegations[]

Ivan Mironov describes a Russian criminal cartel with ties to al-Qaeda whose goal is to collect intelligence on world government leaders and blackmail them for financial gain. Mirinov names the leader of this group as former Energy Minister Igor Yusufov operating under Cuban control. [13]

This is the way the mutual interest between Cartel and other extremist groups arises based on delivering services to each other. Terrorists need money for their activities and tasks to be completed. The Cartel needs power acts, including terroristic ones, for the raider technologies. The Cartel interests are spread within the following European Union states: Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and also Israel and Russia. But Cartel has also obligations to provide finance support to terroristic groups in US, Russia, Europe and some Middle East states such as Palestine. Considering the fact of latest years of non-stable political situation in Russia, the highest authority of country was fully corrupted by criminal structures with the aim of quick benefit by any methods. In fact, Russia became the center of International raider movement. Speaking about Cartel‘s obligations it is wrong to think that taking part in organizing and financing terroristic acts they are ideologically on the terrorists side. No, it must be understood that in this case the Cartel just follows partner’s liabilities. But there are some examples in which the Cartel performs himself as customer of such kind of activities...

The total amount of people working for [Cuban CIA] DGI is about 15,000 persons. Nowadays it is actively invades Europe by earlier recruited agents from former USSR, f.e. mostly all leaders of the Cartel are cooperating DGI, financing it and use their services. Also there formed such kind of cooperation between criminal groups from Albania, Dagestan radical groups (Dagestan Jaamat and Forest Brothers), Iran department of Al-Qaeda, radical Shiite group "Hezbollah" and "Istambuli Brigade". Mostly this kind of cooperation was promoted by the leaders of the Cartel, especially by Igor Yusufov.

Igor Hanukovich Yusufov[]

Igor Yusufov is named as "the most influential and active leader of [the] Cartel" and described as as a homosexual Dagestani Jew and former KGB officer who was blackmailed into joining Cuban intelligence in either 1984 or 1989.

Perhaps the most influential and active leader of Cartel is unknown for society Igor Yusufov (highland Jew by nationality). His beginning of life biography is unremarkable. Igor Hanukovich Yusufov was born in 1956 in city of Derbent (Dagestan autonomic region)... In 1979 Yusufov graduated from the Energetic Department of Novocherkesk Polytechnic Institute and started working as engineer in Mosenergo system. Due to active cooperation with Communist Party Youth Organization (Komsomol) and KGB, in 1984 he had chance to apply for job as senior supervisor of heat station HAVANA construction and went abroad to Cube. But his orientation was, and on present time is, homosexual. In USSR period homosexual people were prosecuted and punished by imprisonment on term up to five years according to the Article 122 of USSR Criminal Code. You must know that KGB kept an eye on all soviet specialists who worked abroad Soviet Union. And it was the same for Cuban Intelligence DI (Direction de Inteligencia). Everyone who came to work or travel on Cuba was controlled by this service. But the feel of freedom influenced Yusufov’s mind and he had lost his vigilance.

... The specialist from USSR Yusufov, as it was protocoled in report #165/034-XX of Herardo Ernandes, special agent of Cuban DI, was arrested while intimate meeting with Cuban boy called Esteban (address: Havana, Vedado, Kalie 23). To Yusufov were proposed following: the photos of act and report would be addressed to KGB, or he would give a help hand for Cuban DI. He had chosen the second variant and this fact changed his life.

As of 1989, Yusufov's Cuban handler is named as Gerardo Hernandez, later a member of the Cuban Five / Red Avispa / Red Wasp Network.

More information about Yusofov is on the Raider2011 website. [30]

Dagestani network[]

Igor Yusofov is alleged to have created a Dagestani nationalist criminal network consisting of himself, the "Mamedov brothers" Ziyavudin Magomedov and Magomed Magomedov of Summa Group, and Ahmed Bilalov.

Yeltsin Family[]

The Eltzin (Yeltzin) "family" was one of two powerful political/criminal organizations in the Russia of the 1990s, the other being the Luzhkov-Primakov "clan".

Yeltsin "family" core members included:

  • Tatyana Yumasheva aka Tatyana Diachenko - Daughter of Boris Yeltsin, married to Valentin Yumashev.
  • Vladimir Umashev - Journalist. Possibly Valentin Yumashev.
  • Boris Berezovsky
  • Anatoly Chubais

Yeltsin "family" associate members included:

  • Alexander Voloshin
  • Petr Aven - president of Alfa Bank
  • Vladimir Gusinsky - founder of Media Most
  • Alexander Smolensky - founder of Bank Stolichny and owner of Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta newspapers.
  • Mikhail Fridman - founder of Alfa Group Consortium
  • Roman Abramovich - owner of Millhouse Capital
  • Alexandr Mamut - owner of A&NN Capital Fund Management and SUP Media

Relation to Yusufov[]

Yusufov was introduced to the Yeltsin family through Abramovich and Mamut:

"Dagestanis" quickly won favor of "Family" due to the fact of their support by criminal groups and extremist movement "Dagestan’s Jamaat". The head of integration of "Dagestanis" to "Family" was Yusufov, and he was promoted by Alexander Mamut and Roman Abramovich. Sooner he got acquainted with Dmitry Medvedev. This connection with Medvedev helped Yusufov to realized other’s property raiders with impunity in Russia, Germany, Norway, Holland, Ukraine and deceive government of these countries. The closeness to Medvedev gave a hand to Yusufov in legalizing his criminal funds in Switzerland, Cyprus, Germany and Israel.

Support from Dunlop[]

John B. Dunlop's discussion of the El'Tzin (Yeltsin) "Family" mirrors Mironov's. In one key difference, Dunlop quotes General Nikolai Bordyuzha naming Roman Abramovich and Alexander Mamut as core Family members. Yeltsin fired Bordyuzha the same day he made that allegation, replacing him with Alexander Voloshin and Vladimir Putin. [31]

Possible 9/11 link[]

Daniel Hopsicker found two witnesses who had heard the 9/11 hijackers discussing "the Family". [32] [33] Joshua Cannon suspects that Atta's "Family" is the Yeltsin "Family". [33]

Deepwater Horizon[]

Mironov describes the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 as revenge for the US detecting and imprisoning the Cuban Five.

on 15 of June 2009 in Hamburg at Sofitel Hotel while meeting between [Igor] Yusufov and specialist from DGI presented as "Ricardo" the last one introduce someone called "Ramone", who was in responsibility of "technical mistake" realization. The point of "technical mistake" was next, the group under Ramone's leading prepared special ingredients for cement for bottom plate without using recommendations and standards of technology process API RP65. Halliburton Co knew about this defect while using this foam-cement on 8th.of March for drilling, pressurization and strengthening of wells. Only one of five tests for analyzing cement properties was passed. With the help of Ramone, the Halliburton Co didn't know actual results. As for Yusufov, he received 65,000,000 euro benefit from Korean deal plus 50,000,000 euro bonus, which was transferred to his private account in Credit Swiss bank in Geneva on the 20th of April, 2010.

Possible link to M/V Estonia[]

The ship MS Estonia sank in 1994 in under one hour, killing over 800 people. Van der Reijden writes: [1]

A person who was a director of the Russian firm Far West, deeply involved in selling off Russian arms to the West, which, according to some accounts, was responsible for the sinking, is reported to have spread (partial) disinformation about this case.

Disappearance of survivors[]

A number of Estonia crewmen were reported as survivors in early lists for several days before they were listed as having drowned in the sinking. [34]

  • Avo Piht, ship's captain. Was reported alive in multiple news reports and seen in a German TV report by several witnesses.
  • Lembit Leiger - chief engineer.
  • Viktor Bogdanov - ship's doctor. Survival witnessed by Andres Vihmare.
  • Kaimar Kikas - fourth navigation officer.
  • Merit Kikas - wife of Kamar.
  • Agur Targama - fourth engineer.
  • Tiina Müür - kept a duty-free shop on the ship.
  • Kalev Vahtras - kept a shop on the ship; was seen alive by survivor Silver Linde; the body returned to the family was someone else.
  • Ago Tomingas - shop assistant
  • Tiit Meos - musician
  • Hannely Veide - dancer. Listed as a survivor under both her real name and her nickname Anne Veide.
  • Hannika Veide - dancer, twin sister of Hannely; the two of them made three calls to family members from the hospital on land before they were found to have drowned at sea.

Other curious incidents[]

  • Igor Kristapovich (Kristavopits, Kristopovich) - "acting director of customs in Tallinn, had confiscated the surveillance videos of Estonia being loaded immediately after she sank. Three weeks later, Kristapovits took two bullets in the back of the neck in front of his apartment in Tallinn." [35]

Marat Kalandarov describes Kristapovich as "chief of KGB Contraband Enforcement Department in Estonian SSR". [36]

Soviet military secrets[]

Swedish customs officials Lennart Henriksson and Stig Sandelin reported that military electronics were being smuggled into Sweden in the weeks before the ship sank. Sandelin alleged that this was arranged through Customs Commissioner Ulf Larsson and Swedish supreme commander Ove Wictorin. [37] Stephen Davis wrote that a retired MI6 officer had admitted Britain had a role in the smuggling of Soviet military electronics on the Estonia. [38]

According to Jutta Rabe, Sweden hired Halliburton divers to recover a briefcase belonging to Aleksandr Voronin, owner of the trading group Kosmos Association, and this briefcase was found in the cabin of Avo Piht. Rabe suggests that the ship was sunk by Russian intelligence to retaliate for the theft of Russian technology. [35]

CIA planes[]

Sven Anér alleges a connection between the disappearance of the Estonia surviors and the CIA flights for "extraordinary renditions" of suspected terrorists in Europe. [39]


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