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Felix Przedborski is a Belgian diplomat and businessman who was accused by two Belgian policemen of being "one of the secret leaders of many countries, including ours" and one of the leaders of The Nebula, an organization controlling half of the world's economy.
As of 1994, his net worth was estimated at $7 billion USD.
<ref name="hody_deck" />
== The Nebula ==
Hody and Deck describe the Nebula: <ref name="hody_deck" />
To understand this nebula, it is necessary to abandon traditional financial or political logic; this is not merely a question of nation, political party, or of coherent economics.
Our conclusion would be that at least over the last twenty years, the economic powers, some of which mafia types, have allied themselves with political forces and organized criminal structures, and have reached the 4th stage of money laundering, namely, Absolute Power.
It has been specified to us that at the present moment these characters control 50% of the world economy.</blockquote>
See also:
* The Dutroux Affair
* Danny Casolaro and the Octopus
* Claire Sterling's ''Thieves' World''
* Peter Dale Scott's ''The Global Drug Meta-Group''
=== Other alleged members ===
* Pierre Salik and his son-in-law [[Michel Dwek]]
==== Corporations ====
* [[General Electric Company plc | General Electric Company]] (GEC), also known as Marconi PLC
* [[Alstom|Alsthom]] - merged with General Electric in 1989
* Bell
* [[Alcatel | Alcatell]]
* [[Schneider Electric | Schneider]]
* [[Compagnie Générale des Eaux]], parent organization of [[VINCI]], [[Veolia Environnement]], and [[Vivendi]].
* [[Lyonnaise des Eaux]], water and sewer company, now part of the Suez Environment Group
==== Other persons of interest ====
* Mr. Stockman, Limbourg regional director of the Belgian tax inspector service, said to have assisted Przedborski in designing business structures to facilitate tax evasion.
* [[Alan Bond (businessman) | Allan Bond]], Australian, associate of [[Albert Frère]], owner of 4.8% of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, said to have "carried out gigantic tender offers in the USA"
* [[Joseph Kaszirer]], AKA Josef “Mendy” Kaszirer, owner of Kaszirer Diamonds, said to have ordered the death of a witness in a lawsuit involving [[ABN AMRO] Bank.
== Personal life ==
Felix Przedborski was born December 12, 1930 and married Helene Krygier, born July 5, 1931. Both reside in Tuvoren, Belgium. Przedborski obtained Belgian citizenship in September 1978 and departed for Costa Rica that same month. <ref name="hody_deck" />
Przedborski owns the property ''Bellavista'' at a country club in Escazu, Costa Rica, a suburb of San Jose. <ref name="hody_deck" />
Przedborski is Grand Master of the Jewish Lodge of Masons. <ref name="hody_deck" />
=== Family ===
Przedborski has a brother in New York who is not involved in the Nebula. <ref name="hody_deck" />
His sons include:
* Serge, a psychiatrist in New York who claims not to be involved in the Nebula. <ref name="hody_deck" />
* [[Andre-Marc Daniel Przedborski]], born May 5 1954, a lawyer in Brussels and Geneva who is married to [[Alessandra Bialetti-Przedborski | Alessandra Bialetti]], daughter of a Mafia godfather close to [[Bettino Craxi]], <ref name="hody_deck" /> who might be [[Renato Bialetti]].
=== Friends ===
Przedborski is said to be a personal friend of:
* [[André Cools]]
* [[Willy DeClerk]], with EEC
* [[Willy Claes]], Secretary-General of NATO
* [[Alfred Cahen]], Belgian ambassador to France, said to have given Przedborski a diplomatic passport in 1986.
* [[Francois Mitterand]], president of France
* [[Pierre Berigovoy]], former French Prime Minister
* [[Jacques Delors]], president of the European Commission
* [[Pierre Merli]], mayor of Antibes, France
Przedborski is said to own almost all land in Antibes. Visitors to his property in Antibes are said to have included [[André Cools]], [[Édouard-Jean Empain | Baron Empain]], and [[Didier Pineau-Valencienne]].
== History ==
Przedborski was rescued from Auschwitz by the Russian military and became a black marketeer in Russia after the war. <ref name="hody_deck" />
By the early 1950s, Przedborski had established contacts with the Russian military, the CIA Vienna and Rome bureaus, the Vatican, the Italian mafia, the "roi du Kassai" (King of [[Kasai River | Kassai]], a river in the then-Belgian Congo), and the father of Belgian Socialist Party leader [[André Cools]]. <ref name="hody_deck" />
=== Diplomatic work ===
Hody and Deck report that Przedborski was appointed honorary Consul of Costa Rica by President Carlos Monge (deceased). <ref name="hody_deck" /> Costa Rica has had no President by that name. The closest match, Luis Alberto Monge Álvarez, is still living as of 2014.
As of 1994, Przedborski was the ambassador of Costa Rica to the [[International Atomic Energy Agency]].
=== Arms trading ===
In 1956, Przedborski was arrested in Germany for selling nuclear materials to China. West German Chancellor [[Konrad Adenauer]] ordered his release. The Bundeskriminalamt dossier on the subject is code-named SPRINGER. <ref name="hody_deck" />
In the 1970s and 1980s, Przedborski is said to have sold weapons from Belgium to Costa Rica in exchange for heroin. Weapons were produced at [[Fabrique Nationale | FN Herstal]] and flown from Nantes to the Santa Elena region of Costa Rica. Persons involved included: <ref name="hody_deck" />
* [[André Cools]] - former Socialist Party leader
* Roger Boas - director of ASCO Industries, an arms manufacturer
* [[Abraham Shavit]] - "Right hand of Roger Boas", personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister [[Menachem Begin]]
* [[Guy Mathot]] - former Belgian minister, Socialist Party member
* [[Paul Vanden Boeynants]] - former Belgian Prime Minister
* [[Fernand Beaurir]] - head of the Gendarmerie
Belgian Foreign Minister [[Henri Simonet]] would have been aware of the
arrangement. <ref name="hody_deck" />
Przedborski supplied some of the arms for the Nicaraguan Contras. <ref name="hody_deck" />
=== Mossad connection ===
In 1983, Przedborski hired a Israel Colonel from the Mossad to provide security for his organization. This Colonel's activities included:
* assisting in the 1987 rescue of Mélodie Nakachian, daughter of Lebanese arms dealer Raymond Nakachian, from kidnappers
* moving a PLO financier named Ketib el Ketib to Belgium. (The name sounds suspiciously like Katib el Kitab, suggesting disinformation or a false name.)
* installing the PLO bureau in Brussels
* Training Contras
* Training the Cali Cartel
=== Money laundering ===
Hody and Deck accuse Przedborski and many others of money laundering. Their report alleges:
As early as 1984. Przedborski began working with [[Arthur Fogel]], [[Bruno Goldberger]], and [[Joseph Kaszirer]] to launder funds through diamond trades and real estate investments. Charles Dilley of Luxembourg was involved, and the funds were moved through the ABN-AMRO bank and the National Republic Bank of New York.
In 1989, Przedborski began laundering money for [[Léon-François Deferm | Leon Deferm]] of Trident Ventures, which was involved in the [[Agusta scandal]]. The two of them were introduced by [[Marc Kadaner]], head of the Belgian Friends of the University of Tel Aviv and founder of the Solvay Business School, who controlled the affairs of Waloon Minister-President [[Bernard Anselme]].
Hody and Deck note that Deferm is a friend of [[Guy Mathot]], former Prime Minister [[Edmond Leburton]], and Michael Daerdenne (possibly Senator [[Michel Daerden]]).
[[Helena Kohlbruner]] is said to be the mistress of both Przedborski and Deferm.
Counselor Afschrift is lawyer named in this context as part of the Nebula and as a lawyer used by the Russians. This might refer to [[Thierry Afschrift]] whose [ website] uses the logo of a bear and the color red, and is in the languages of English, Dutch, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.
==== Banana trade ====
Przedborski is said to have interfered with a 1993 European Economic Commission regulation on banana imports to exempt Germany from import quotas. This was done at a meeting Przedborski held with:
* [[Jacques Delors]], President of the ECC
* [[César Gaviria | The President of Colombia]]
* [[Rafael Leonardo Callejas Romero | The President of Honduras]]
* [[Violeta Chamorro | The President of Nicaragua]]
* [[Frederic Velghe]] of the [[Caisse Privee]] bank, said to be founded by the d'Ursel family and used by [[Paul Vanden Boeynants]], [[Charly De Pauw]], and the [[Patrick Haemers | Haemers Gang]].
* Le Hoday
In addition to establishing favorable trade rules for their businesses, Przedborski and his associates laundered 150,000,000 Belgian francs (circa $3,750,000 USD) through the companies Eurocomer and Electrorail using a [[Bank Brussel Lambert]] account in the Cayman Islands. Key figures included [[Alain de Rouck]] of Ghent and [[Jean-Pierre van Rossem]]. Others involved included:
* The two Bercovitch brothers, a diamond dealer and the Berco art gallery owner.
* Madame Roggen, attorney for the Bercovitch brothers
* [[Ivan Roggen]], former Governor of Brabant, Przedborski's private secretary, Honorary Consul of Costa Rica, and part of the Masonic Grand Lodge
* The Kirwin banking family
* The Scheyven family, a father and son holding one of the richest fortunes in Belgium, possibly the family of [[Raymond Scheyven]]; Active members of CEPIC, funded the Christian Social Party through the company Amelinckx.
* [[Pierre Salik]], a great importer of funds for Przedborski. He is said to be another highly important figure in the Nebula, as is his son-in-law [[Michel Dwek]], and to use "companies whose name starts with JA or JU".
* [[Segre Borenstein]], nephew of Pierre Salik, resident of Prague, related to Chinese criminal activity involving the ''City of the Dragon'' restaurants in Brussels and Liege, recorded in the ''YANG Dossier''.
* The New Republic company of Miami, Florida, USA, which had an account at Belgian bank [[Ancien siège de la Caisse Générale d'Épargne et de Retraite (Bruxelles) | CGER]] managed by Przedborski and [[Farouk Khan]] of the Khan Clan.
* The company S.A. Comuele, "recently taken over by Russians" as of 1994, which transferred 6 billion Bfr ($150 million USD) to Serge Borenstein.
* [[Bruno Goldberger]] of the Globus Group, son-in-law of diamond merchant [[Joseph Kaszirer]], linked to Russian Mafia figures [[Mike Brandwain]] of M & S International and an Adic in Antwerp who invested $100 million of Israeli funds in Comuele. Goldberger was introduced to the Russians by [[Maurice Tempelsman]], the widower of [[Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis]]
* Michael Wolf of Liege, an owner of parking lots and ticket machines
* Arthur Fogel, president of Sogepa company
* Daniel Weeckers of the DEFI Group, a relation of Max Teret of PNAC and CANAL+ which laundered enormous amounts of money through Lyonnaise Des Eaux for Przedborski and other Credit Lyonnais customers.
* Shilo Miller, possibly related to Comuele
==== Diamond trade ====
Przedborski's diamond operation was run by Maurice Tempelsman,
"a certain Goldfinger" identified by IGSP as [[Mike Brandwain]],
and a Leo Simon of Antwerp.
Others involved include:
* Sylvain Linker, notary
* Richard Davidovitch, diamond cutter
* Michael Konig,
* the Tache brothers
* the Goldberg brothers. The wife of one brother is a "judge" in Antwerp, in quotes in the original.
* The head of the French National Air Force Association
* Ben Ari, the head of the Israeli National Air Force Association, who is also involved in the company that runs the Bierset airport.
* Charles Bornet, lawyer from Brussels, member of same Masonic lodge as Przedborski
* Xavier Magnee, lawyer from Brussels, former Bâtonnier (head of the Bar Association)
* The Jackian family, father and son, both lawyers from Brussels, the father a former Bâtonnier, possibly [[Edouard Jakhian]]
* "A certain Safra" at the Republic National Bank, which could be anyone in the Safra banking family
Banks used by this group include:
* The Luxembourg and Geneva branches of Banque Colbert, named for the former French minister
* The Luxembourg and Geneva branches of Banque Discount
* The Luxembourg and New York branches of [[Republic New York | Banque National Republic]]
* The Dusseldorf branch of Banque Globale
The Republic New York bank is also used by [[Paul Vanden Boeynants]], Roger Boas, Abraham Shavit, and the Mossad.
Associates of the operation include:
* Bruno Goldberger
* Pierre Salik
* Ronald Bruckner, who was worked in Germany for Soviet Bloc countries on behalf of Michel Dwek
* The Caluwe-Putseys law firm, which defeneded Salik and Bruckner when they were caught trading with Eastern Europe
* [[Raymond Vanderelst]], personal lawyer to Felix Przedborski, King Albert II, and the Masonic [[Grand Orient of Belgium | Grand Orient]], and his son [[Michel Vanderelst]], who stopped practicing law after the [[Haemers Gang]] held [[Paul Vanden Boeynants]] for ransom
* Koen Blijweert, son of Amelinckx director Renaat Blijweert. Koen is described as "very active in money laundering."
* Jacques Maison, the contact of a mafia Godfather in Luxembourg, responsible for structuring 3-4 billion Bfr ($75-100 million USD) for Eastern European countries, "intervened in the Titres Affair" (Titres=Securities)
* Lionel Perl, "would work in Antwerp to launder Russian money"
* Cardinal Bellini of Belgium, "in charge of the Vatican's real estate business outside of Italy", possibly [[Giovanni Benelli]] of Florence.
* [[Patrick Focquet]], employee of Tubemeuse, Socofin, and Nagelmackers
* David Pinsent, manager of Plantation Trust, possibly David Hume Pinsent (b. 1943) of Crowhurst Securities <ref></ref>
=== Costa Rica project ===
As of 1994, Przedborski's group was in the process of building a $2 billion tourist real estate project in 1,800 square kilometers of land in the Santa Elena region of Costa Rica. Others involved in the project included:
* The Gonrad Network
* Romi Baron, a former member of the [[Monitor Deloitte | Monitor Group]] and the Rogier Center
* "Gaone" of Geneva
=== Herrera-Ulloa defamation case ===
[[La Nación (San José) | La Nación]] reporter [[Mauricio Herrera-Ulloa]] was convicted in 1999 of defaming Felix Przedborski by reporting on allegations that had been made in the Belgian press. The Supreme Court of Costa Rica had overturned his acquittal and imposed a looser standard of defamation to allow him to be convicted. <ref name="ulloa" />
== References ==
<ref name="hody_deck">Jean-Marie Hody and Didier Deck, ''Confidential report'', no. 37 /Ciel/M, 1994 November 21,</ref>
<ref name="ulloa">''Herrera Ulloa v. Costa Rica'', Open Society Foundations,</ref>
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