Irving "Slick" Shapiro (1920-2002) was a mafia figure who helped finance the casino at the Cabazon reservation. [1]

History Edit

In 1960, Shaprio opened the Aku-Aku club in the Town House Motel in Toledo, Ohio. [2]

In the mid-1960s, Irving Shapiro and Arthur Rooks obtained gambling licenses on behalf of Anthony J. Zerilli and Michael Santo "Big Mike" Polizzi. [3]

Jonathan Wolfman alleges that "Irving Shapiro and his cronies murdered at least five hundred men in their day". [4]

In the 1970s, Shaprio moved to Las Vegas and started the Alfa Chemical company. He was accused of strong-arming Las Vegas hotels to force them to use his products. [2] Shapiro moved to Palm Springs, California later in that decade. [2]

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