Itay Simon led a ring of over 120 Israeli agents who spied on the US Drug Enforcement Agency in 2000-2001, [1] and may have been linked to 9/11.

Possible later activities Edit

UK 2007-2009 Edit

An Itay Simon of the same birth year (1978) was secretary and company director of Stepup Marketing Limited from March 2007 to April 2009. [2]

The company's address was the Turnberry House in Whetstone, London, UK, a 4-story office complex listed as the primary business address of over 70 companies. [3]

Itay Simon and Adra Berman of Manchester ran Opal Art Limited from June 2007 to May 2009. [4] The company was registered through QA Registrars Limited of the Studio building on St. Nicholas Close in Elstree, Hertfordshire, UK. The same location hosts Quick Access Formations, a subsidiary of The Number UK Ltd., itself a subsidiary of the Knowledge Generation Bureau. KGB's website is registered to "Heffin Jenkins", the name of a rugby player.

Eity Cohen Edit

Eity Baruh Cohen of birth year 1983 was listed as secretary and company director of Stepup Marketing Limited from March 2007 to April 2009, the same time Itay Simon held that position. [5] Eity has since been the director of Alive Products Limited and Buzz Retail Limited. [6]

Buzz Retail, incorporated 2013, lists an address of the 2nd floor of 85 Frampton Street in London. [7] The Westminster City Council refused to answer a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Francois Delgare for information about the occupants of this floor from 2006-2011. [8]

The domain name for Alive Products was registered in 2007 to "Colin Pepper", the given name of a soccer player better known as Nigel Pepper.

Alive Products sold remote-controlled helicopters, the inflatable Hover Disc toy, and beauty products from Israel's Dead Sea. [9]

The Studio Edit

There is no building on St. Nicholas Close large enough to be the home office for the number of companies that claim it to be their headquarters.

Besides Quick Access and its sister, subsidiary, and parent companies, these companies include: [10]

  • KLA Phama Ltd, registered Sep. 13 2012
  • Mach Aviation, registered Nov. 20 2012
  • Nord Building Ltd, registered Nov. 13 2012
  • NUA Healthcare Services Limited, registered Dec. 6 2012, which shares the name of an Irish company.
  • Telfords Facility Management, registered Feb. 14, 2013, which shares the name of an Irish company.
Possible identities of Mach Aviation Edit
  • - Mach Aviation Services Ltd of Swords, Dublin, Ireland, established 2003 by a Joe McCarthy, headquartered at Mach House at the North Street Business Park. The company Trinity Jet Ltd. is located at the same address and run by Josephy McCarthy and Ray Mills. [11] Mills is also the director of Airlink Airways Limited, formerly known as Private Sky. [12] That company's CEO was Eva O'Keeffe, formerly head of global operations compliance for the Bank of Bermuda from 2001-2003. [13]
  • - Mach Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. of Australia
Possible identities of Nord Edit
  • Nord Development of London is registered to Richard Jones of 63 Compton Street Properties LLP c/o Jackson Coles LLP.
  • Nord Architecture of Glasgow is registered to Alan Pert and Kenneth Knox.
  • Nord Carpentry and Building services of Cork, Ireland, registered to Niall O Rahilly-Drew
  • Norddeutsche Landesbank in Hanover, Germany
  • Nord Building LLC of Seattle is registered to the Conversion Group LLC which is the company of Ben Rankin, Chad Barron, and LLC Pioneer Property Group. [14] Their other companies include Bremelo LLC, First Avenue Financial, Hughes Rankin Holding LLC (with Laurence Hughes), Pioneer Property Holdings, Pioneer Property Group, Pioneer Renovations, Pittsburgh Building, Queen's Court Building LLc, United Power and Waste, and Wincliff Partners. Barron and Rankin were accused of securities fraud in relation to the Queens Court development. [15]
  • There is a Nord Construction Company of Chonburi, Thailand,
  • Nord Development of Utah is registered to Ryan M. Nord in 1998. [16]
  • Nord Development of Florida was registered to Ida Silverstein and Joseph Silverstein in 1972. [17]

Canada 2012 Edit

In 2012, Itay Simon and Alex Rzepa registered 8283974 Canada Inc with a street address of 648 Petrolia Road, Toronto. [18]

Hollywood Edit

Itay Simon registered Art Ambar Inc. of West Hollywood. [19]

Buyimporter lists Art Ambar Inc. of North Hollywood as an importer of artwork from China. [20]

Address 12114 Sherman Way, North Hollywood 

12114 Sherman Way, North Hollywood hosts the Ambar Art House of Fine Art.

Telephone: 818-759-4726 registered to Jacob Benzvi. Created 2001.

Ambar Art also has a gallery in Alameda, California. [21]

Telephone: (510) 814-0886
2251 Orion St, Alameda - near Alameda Naval Air Station

A third location: [22]

5327 Jacuzzi Street. Richmond

Possible identity of Jacob Benzvi Edit

Israelis Nitzan Benhaim, Jacob Benzvi, and Tal Meirovitch formed the Stoked Sup surfboard company in 2006. [23] The company was owned by Carl Cabilargiu. [24]

Possible relationships Edit

Moshe Pesach Edit

The domain was registered by Moshe Pesach of Hod Hasharon, Israel, [25] whose LinkedIn account lists him as "Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer" since December 2000. [26] Moshe Pesach of Stepup is listed as the administrator of Siggy's Good Food of New York City, an organic restaurant chain run by Israeli chef Siggy Sollitto. [27] Sollitto had helped launch the Earth Matters health food shop. [28]

The name of Moshe Pesach is similar to that of a Moshe Pesach of Israel who had a business dispute with Romanian-Israeli Sorin Beraru in mid-2001. [29] Beraru was alleged to run a mafia empire [30] and is reported to have changed his name to Bar Or Shmuel. [31]

The details include: [30]

In 1992, Moshe Pesach on behalf of Beraru created the Romanian business Ocean 92 Investment Ltd. The only partner in the firm was owned by Sorin Beraru MT Trading. Later, the company name was changed to Off-Shore and within a short time the S.C. became Atlantic Business LTD. In 1998 it united with the S.C. Phoenixmed-del, whose CEO was Balcacean Cosmin. Pesach with Balcacean sold bonds outside the securites market, with the authorization of the National Securities Commission (CNVM). At the CO-CI scandal hearing Moshe Pesach denied knowing that the basis for the Beraru empire MT Trading was registered in Nevada in 1989 and later disbanded due to non-payment of taxes. As it turned out, he also took part in its creation.

MT Trading of Nevada was listed as the company of Andrew James Vale of the Cartland Holding company listing an address of 26a Regent Street in Belize. [32] This is the site of the Caribbean Palms Inn.

The headquarters of Lord Ashcroft's British Caribbean Bank International used to be at 21 Regent Street, Belize City, Belize.

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