John P. Brincko is an investor, business analyst, and bankruptcy trustee who became head of the Mossimo clothing company before 9/11 flight trainer Wolfgang Boehringer worked there.

Mossimo Edit

Brincko became head of clothing designer Mossimo Giannulli's company Mossimo in March 1998. [1]

Wolfgang Boehringer flew a Challenger 600 for Mossimo Inc. from October 1999 to May 2000. [2]

Mossimo's 10-k filings for the years 1998-2000 do not name Brincko but instead list Edwin Lewis as CEO and Director. [3] Edwin Lewis left the company in March 2000 [3] following accusations of sexual harassment. [4]

In May 2000, Mossimo's creditors Pacific Apparel Resources, Caeco Enterprises, and Wilmar Concepts filed a petition to have Mossimo declared bankruptcy. [5] Mossimo was able to arrange payment with the companies instead. [6]

National Consumer Mortgage case Edit

Salvatore Favata ran the National Consumer Mortgage company of Orange County, California as a Ponzi scheme until it collapsed in 2006. The failure of the company was reported in the New York Times. [7] Favata was sentenced to five years of prison in 2007. [8] John P. Brincko was appointed as bankrupty trustee of NCM in May 2006. [9]

Rio Properties accused NCM of deleting its computer records shortly after Brincko became trustee, naming security officer Richard Martinez as the likely culprit. Lorraine Loder of Loder and Lipkin & Associates had previously obtained a litigation hold on the records. The FBI seized Favata's computer on April 20, 2006, before Brincko became trustee, and did not turn it over to Brincko until 2010. After reviewing over 1,500 pages of evidence submitted by both parties, judge Peggy A. Lean found that Rio had fallen "woefully short" of showing that there ever any such records to delete. [10]

In 2009, Brincko sued St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Limited (SKNANB) in case number 8:06-10429-TA alleging that SKNANB knew that Favata's company was fraudulent. [11]

The Trustee asserts that the Group engaged in negligent, reckless and intentional misconduct that enabled a certain company to open and maintain an account into which the Debtor made fraudulent transfers.

The assertion is based on a belief by the Trustee that the Group knew or reasonably should have known that the company was a fraudulent business entity.

In May 2011, NCM accused Rio Properties of noncompliance with anti-money laundering laws and regulations. [12]

On February 3, 2014, Brincko was awarded $1.48 million from Rio Properties for money that Favata had spent at the Rio casino in Las Vegas. [13] [14]

Associates Edit

Brincko Associates key employees:

  • Thora Thoroddsen - Controller, Secretary, Treasurer, and Senior VP of Operations 1997/8/9-???? [15]
  • Thomas S. Paccioretti - Senior VP, [16] co-founded Broadway Advisors. [17]

Other business activities Edit

  • Sullivan Kelly Associates - Paccioretti was CEO before 2001
  • Barneys New York - Paccioretti held a senior position before 2001
  • Knudsen Foods
  • Calcomp, A Lockheed Martin Company [18]
  • Progressive Dairies

Strouds Edit

The linens and home furnishings company Strouds declared bankruptcy in September 2000. [19][20] Brincko was named President and CEO, replacing Charles Chinni. [21][16] Thomas S. Paccioretti replaced him in January 2001. [16] Strouds was sold to Cruttenden Partners in 2001 [22] [20] and closed in 2003. [19] [22]

Movie industry Edit

Brincko took over the titles of Franchise Pictures and its subsidiaries after that company went bankrupt in 2004. [23]

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