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Joseph Cuellar was a US military intelligence officer who had arranged for Danny Casolaro to meet Peter Videnieks around that time that Casolaro was killed in August 1991. [1] [2]

The day before he died, Casolaro met William R. Turner in the parking lot of the Sharaton Hotel, in Martinsburg, to take delivery of sensitive documents that Turner had been hiding for Casolaro. According to Turner, Casolaro intended to show the documents to his sources later in the evening. Casolaro told Turner that the Friday evening meeting in Martinsburg had been arranged by Joseph Cueller, a U.S. Army Special Forces covert intelligence officer.

Casolaro had been suspicious about a "chance" tavern chat with former Special Forces officer Joseph Cuellar, who just "happened to know" Peter V, and could arrange a meeting. Still, Danny told friends, he couldn’t pass it up. The meeting was set for August 12, 1991, the day after Casolaro’s body was found.

It was alleged that Cuellar threatened Casolaro: [3]

[Sarah] McClendon also noted the Hamiltons' complaints that Hubbell and FBI investigator Scott Erskine had plans to release a report without having talked to important Casolaro associates or investigating curious incidents, including a threat against Casolaro made by a friend of Videnieks, Joseph Cuellar, who apparently was also trailing the writer.

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Joe Cuellar of Athens, GA Edit

LinkedIn lists a Joseph Anthony Cuellar with a military intelligence background. [4]

Joseph Anthony Cuellar independent International Affairs Professional Current: Private Consultant at Behavior, Management and Foreign Affairs Consulting Intl. LLC

Senior Management Professional with extensive background in international business and project management, international marketing and Information Operations. Proven ability to establish programs, re-engineer operations, and increase revenue. Extensive military and consulting experience in areas of international politics, economics, and risk analysis. More than 30 awards and decorations. United States Military Academy (West Point) graduate, MS from National Defense Intelligence College and MA from Georgetown University, PhD (pending dissertation) from Capella University. Training and experience in diplomacy, conflict resolution, multi-cultural relations, international business, security and defense, manufacturing, civil military affairs, business and risk analysis, and business operations. Highly familiar with budget management, forecasting, strategic planning, policy and procedure development, and personnel training. Outstanding leadership, motivation, presentation, and communication skills. Multi-lingual, speaking ten languages. Belong to the following Psychological and International Relations organizations: The Academy of Political Science, International Society of Political Psychology, Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University, Association of Third World Studies, The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Latin American Studies Association, Asia and the Americas Section, Brazil Section, Colombia Section, Defense, Democracy and Civil-Military Relations ection, Ethnicity, Race and Indigenous Peoples Section, Peru Section; American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology Network, Association for Behavioral Analysis International, Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, International Society of Political Psychology, Asian Association of Social Psychology, Japanese Group Dynamics Association

From another profile: [5]

what languages do you speak? Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Saramacca, Sranan Tongo, Arabic

what countries have you lived in? All over Europe, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean.

Possible family relationships Edit

This Joseph Cuellar is about the right age to be the Joseph Cuellar of Athens, GA who is the son of Hilda Aguirre. [6]

Grandparents: Elivra Zambrano and Ricardo Palacios

Parents: Benigno Aguirre (d.) and Hilda Aguirre (d. 2011)

Uncle: Ricardo Palacios, Jr (d.)


  • Angie Cardenas and husband Larry of St. Mary's GA
  • Patricia Coppedge and husband Paul of Jacksonville, FL.
  • M. T. Blair of Brunswick, GA
  • Javier Aguirre of Kingsland, GA

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