Karl Schwarz is a 9/11 MIHOP advocate who claims to be involved in the defense industry.

Biography Edit

From Doug Basham by way of Karmakat:

He is an architect by training with extensive experience in investment banking, workouts, and advanced technology. He is a devout Christian and during the mid to late 1980s, authored a prison ministry.

9/11 claims Edit

2004 slideshow Edit

Schwarz submitted a slideshow to the Summer of Truth claiming that the "war on terror" was fabricated by George W. Bush and the Project for a New American Century to cut an Argentine company and certain Arab investors out of a $7.34 trillion Central Asian oil contract. Allegations include: [1]

  • The Argentine corporation Bridas had obtained an oil contract with Tajikstan and the Taliban which was illegally blocked by Unocal and then made moot by the war. Schwarz refers to the court case State Concern Turkmenneft v. Bridas.
  • Four corporations responsible for the 2000 California electricity crisis would directly benefit from the Afghanistan pipeline: Dynegy, BP, Enron, and El Paso Energy.
  • El Paso Corporation treasurer Charles Dana Rice was likely assassinated to cover related crimes.

Schwarz alleges conflicts of interest of many of the 9/11 commissioners:

Remote controlled aircraft Edit

A3 at the Pentagon Edit

Schwarz claimed that "separate military contractor teams--working independently at different times" at Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport refit Douglas A-3 Skywarrior be flown remotely using the same software as in Raytheon's Global Hawk drones, and that A-3 parts were found at the Pentagon after 9/11. Schwarz also said that there were several "suicides, car wrecks--mysterious deaths--directly related to the aviation experts" in 2005. [2]

Schwarz's report was supported in 2008 by Tim White who identified Darrell Skurich of Evergreen Air as the only person at Fort Collins qualified to perform this work. [3]

According to a critic of the theory: [4]

Schwarz gave us his hard proof of the Bush lie, and he put his reputation on the line with a plane and engine model, neither of which fits the crime scene and which have nothing to do with each other.

737 in New York Edit

Schwarz claims to have video proof that the airplane that hit the South Tower was a 737, a smaller aircraft than the 767, and alleges that a 737's CFM56 engine was found at the site. [5]

Other video evidence shows that the plane that hit the South Tower is too large to have been 737. [6]

Divorce case Edit

Schwarz alleges that an attorney forged his signature on a quit-claim document during his 1985 divorce. [7]

we filed criminal charges against the attorney who forged my name and he killed himself the next day... Under Arkansas law, chancellors have only three choices regarding marital property - the man buys out the wife interest in home, she buys him out, or the home is sold, equity split. I was ordered to sign a quitclaim deed and refused, my right WITHIN THE LAW. They forged my name, we proved that too.

Business Edit

Global Axxess Edit

Schwarz was CEO of Global Axxess, also known as Commaxxess or CommAxx, a telecommunications company described by Karmakat as "a company designed to take over the bankrupt Global Crossing back in 2003." [8]

According to Schwarz: [7]

GlobalAxxess was a dba of a much larger holding co that raised $1.6 billion offshore. The parent entity is domiciled in Germany. As a VAR of UUNet, that became owned by WCOM, we kept our distance while still doing business offshore. We were never a US VAR of UUNet and looking in the US for a Global VAR is amateurish.

Schwarz v. Principal Mutual Edit

Schwarz sued the Principal Mutual company and other defendants over a property deal. The case was thrown out by Judge Catherine C. Blake on the grounds that Schwarz's testimony differed as to whether the property was owned by Schwarz or by the Schwarz Investment Group. [9]

Defendants included: [9]

  • The Saul Defendants: B. Francis Saul II, Saul Centers, Inc., SC Finance Corporation, and B.F. Saul Mortgage Company
  • The Foulger Defendants: Silver Spring Metro Center Limited Partnership and FP Investment, Inc.
  • The Principal Defendants: Principal Life Insurance Company (formerly known as Principal Mutual Life Insurance Company), Principal Commercial Acceptance, LLC (formerly known as Principal Commercial Advisors), Robert L. Gorham, Trustee, and David M. Bond, Trustee.
  • The General Services Administration
  • Salomon Smith Barney

According to Schwarz: [7]

This was a RICO trial that was not allowed to go to trial. Only cost me $89.45 million...

Patmos Nanotech Edit

Patmos Nanotechnologies is described by Schwarz as a holding company of over 30 companies that was installing a carbon nanotube factory in Virginia in 2004. [10] [11] [12]

Associates Edit

T. B. Patterson, Jr. - Schwarz's attorney. Managed the business of selling Schwarz's book. [1]

References Edit

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