Mohamed Atta's girlfriend Amanda Keller identified one of Wolfgang Boehringer's close associates as a German named Kurgus Juergen. [1] [2]

Another "old friend" of Atta's was a German named 'Juergen,' who was not the smoothest of operators. "Juergen was a pervert, straight out," Amanda had said "He was a lush, mid-30's. Every woman that walked by, he had something to say to them, commenting on their butt or whatever. He would go up to a woman, say 'I'm from Germany, and I want to touch an American woman's butt."'

We may have found 'Juergen,' working as a realtor in nearby Sarasota. Amanda recognized him from the picture in a YAHOO swinger's profile. Kurgus Juergen is the owner of Europe One, a company whose Florida incorporation papers lists the phone number of The Continental Cafe in Sarasota, a fictitious business name of Casablanca Rose Inc., whose two directors are Abeltif Mamdouh and Mustafa Ettaki.

Although he did tell us, unprompted, that he knew many people in the FBI, Juergen denied knowing Atta.

Bizapedia lists Europe One as registered to Kargas H. Juergen and Kargas Roswitha M. Masche. [3]

Possible relationships Edit

Abdeltif Mamdouh Edit

In 2002, Abeltif Mamdouh co-founded the Lido Restaurant of Lake Wales, Florida with Hassane Benjamaa, Ali Benjamaa, and Saloua Benjamaa. [4] The restaruant was destroyed by a storm in 2004. [5]

Hassane Benjamaa Edit

Hassane "Sam" Benjamaa would later work as a chef for a restaurant owned by Lake Wales, Florida businessman Robert J. Connors. [6]

Robert J. Connors Edit

Robert J. Connors of Lake Wales, Florida has sold insurance and real estate, worked in local government, and has traveled extensively in Italy. [7]

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