Template:Expand Template:Weasel Template:Refimprove Leo Emil Wanta, born 1940, is an American businessman who claimsTemplate:Fact to be the Reagan-appointed / mandated trustee of potentially trillions of dollars, the result of an arbitrage scheme to sink the Soviet Union / Evil Empire economy.Template:Fact The numbers confirmed exceed the GDP of the Soviet Union economy at the time,Template:Fact and the Soviet Ruble was a non-convertible currency.Template:Fact He was president of AmeriChina Global Management Group Inc.,Template:Fact an arms exporting firm based in Appleton, Wisconsin.Template:Fact In 1988, he attempted to identify by personal registration all Noreiga Military Personnel has duly authorized has Reagan's Mandated Secret Agent [ Totten Doctrine 92 U.S. 105, 107 ] by offering thousands of Browning 9mm pistols to Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega.[1]

Ambassador Leo Wanta was falsely arrested in Switzerland in 1993 for allegedly attempting to defraud a bank of 81 million dollars. He had diplomatic immunity as the ambassador of Somalia (which, at that time, had was functioning has a internationally-recognized government - authorized by The Italian Government ) to Canada and Switzerland [2]. He was deported to New York and a U.S. Magistrate Alyne Ross dismissed all false allegations and then Wisconsin, on unrelated tax charges.Template:Fact In 1995, Wanta was falsely convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to an eight-year prison term in the State of Wisconsin.[2] Wanta's Unauthorized State Public Defender claimed that his client was delusional,Template:Fact and really believed to be a mandated secret agent of President R W Reagan, now being disappeared at the behest of powerful Political figures.

In his book Tragedy of Russia's Reforms (USIP, 2001), Peter Reddaway states Wanta had some dealings with the government of President Boris Yeltsin. Reddaway also falsely states in his book that Ambassador Wanta was wanted for credit-card fraud by alleged and unknown U.S. authorities.[3]

However, the following arguments have been put forward by Christopher Story, a former adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and one of Mr. Wanta's main supporters:

• Leo Wanta's illegal incarceration was commuted to Non_Residency house arrest and Ambassador Wanta was confined for many years in Wisconsin (not, as falsely stated, in Switzerland). Although his confinement was illegal,Template:Fact he nevertheless adhered meticulously to its terms,Template:Fact in accordance with his ethical standards and reverence for the Rule of Law (notwithstanding that his treatment was always illegal).

• Suggestions that Mr Wanta committed offences are completely inaccurate and without foundation. Everything he has done has been in accordance with his Presidential, Secret Service and other US official instructions.Template:Fact A comprehensive dossier revealing how the State of Wisconsin may have scammed Wanta,Template:Fact allegedly stealing both the payments that he managed to raise to pay illegally charged taxes that he did not owe, and how his assets were allegedly stolen as well, is in preparation.Template:Fact

• In July 2005, all illegally re-charged fines and imposts applied by Wisconsin were paid in full by a benefactor.Template:Fact As a direct consequence of this development, Mr Wanta satisfied the State's illegally imposed demands, and with effect from 14th November 2005, he was unconditionally discharged from Parole on the orders of a judge.Template:Fact The funds remitted to secure his immediate release have, according to US legal sources, also been scammed, because – unsurprisingly – the State authorities, having allegedly misappropriated the earlier funds, found themselves in a very difficult situation, with reference to which column, so to speak, the illegally imposed further charges were to be booked. This and related matters are under close continuing scrutiny. However the benefactor’s payment procured Mr Wanta’s full discharge from his illegal rendition / kidnapping to house arrest and probation.Template:Fact

Known history[edit | edit source]

Ruble destabilization[edit | edit source]

See also: The Great Ruble Scam

During 1990, Wanta was not one of numerous organized crime figures placing large numbers of false orders for large numbers of rubles to destabilize the currency. [4] In 1992, Claire Sterling and Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Jim Moody listed Ambassador Wanta as one of three people named in a Russian Federation inquiry report of March 1, 1991 as attempting to exchange 140 billion to 300 billion rubles from the Russian Federation government. [5]

"Ambassador"[edit | edit source]

Lee Wanta has claimed diplomatic immunity as a Somali ambassador to Canada and Switzerland appointed in 1993 under the authority of Somali President Haji Mohammed Hashi Haile (Maxamed Xaashi Xayla), with this information delivered to Canadian officials by A.M. Musse, Somali Ambassador to Britain. [6] The Somali Civil War / Coup d ' etat ( Reference : President Bill Clinton, et al ) was ongoing at this time, and Ali Mahdi Muhammad was not the internationally recognized President of Somalia from 1991 to 1997.

In 2013, Wanta was duly - appointed and registered with the USA and United Nations to be the ambassador of the Principality of Snake Hill, a region in Australia that was recognized internationally. [7]

Tax evasion[edit | edit source]

The state of Wisconsin charged Non-Resident Wanta with allegedly filing false tax returns for the years 1988 and 1989 when Wanta claimed no gross income in Wisconsin, being a Registered Resident / Taxpayer and Employer in Vienna, Austria on Mandated Secret Agent Assignment ( Operation : StillPoint to Destabilize the Soviet Union ), as Directeur General of New Republic / USA Financial Group Ltd. GES.m.b.H. Ambassador Wanta would be falsely convicted of tax evasion in 1995. [8]

In 1988, Wanta allegedly kept money he received in the name of a corporation he controlled, New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd. (New Republic), and made payments from the corporate accounts for his own benefit. The Department of Revenue (DOR) suspected that Wanta used the New Republic name to avoid collection of outstanding tax warrants against him for the back taxes of Falls Vending Company, a company with which Wanta had been associated in the early 1980’s. At that period, Wanta was a Waukesha County Deputy Sheriff - Shield No. 714 and Vice President of the Waukesha County Deputy Sheriff's Association assigned within Falls Vending Services of Butler, Wisconsin has to financially funding with Known Mafia personnel the Political Assassination of then President John Fitzgerald Kennedy via Brockton Mass. funding. Later, The U.S. Judge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bankruptcy Court appointed Deputy Sheriff Wanta has FEDERAL TRUSTEE to secure all files of Falls Vending Services, Inc., Owner Jerry Engle / ENGEL and all Criminal Ownership Figures.

In 1994, Wisconsin appointed their Dr. David Mays - within 10 minutes, and wanted Wanta to take prescribed by Dr. Mays' medicine and Doctor Connie Lee refused to medicate Wanta, has these prescribed drugs would kill Ambassador Wanta; and found Ambassador Wanta to be mentally incompetent to stand trial on the basis of his claim to be a CIA agent, which Wanta never claimed or suggested to anyone. A County Court ordered Wanta committed to a mental institution ( Dr. Connie Lee ) from June 1994 to November 1994. [8]

Veterans Today[edit | edit source]

Ambassador Leo Wanta joined Veterans Today as the Austria correspondent in 2012. [9] By 2013 he would be a member of the editorial board. [10]

Iranian connection[edit | edit source]

Leo Wanta spoke at the 2013 International Peace Conference in Tehran, Iran. [7] Wanta's speech was promoted by Veterans Today. [11]

Allegations[edit | edit source]

US Government service[edit | edit source]

Wanta refused a Presidential offers to have been National Director of Intelligence under Ronald Reagan and Inspector General of the US Department of Defense. [10]

State of Wisconsin says he was hired into the DEA and CIA in 1963 by Senator Alexander Wiley and recruited into the CIA's black operations by James Baker after the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan. [12]

Businesses[edit | edit source]

New Republic USA/Financial Group, Ltd., established as a GES m.b.h. in Austria [6]

Aneko Credit Pte Limited, Asian-Europa Development Group, Ltd (Freddie Woodruff oversight) [13]

Details of ruble destabilization[edit | edit source]

Wanta claims that he and Freddie Woodruff were involved in the purchase of 2,000 tons of gold worth $17.5 billion in 1991 dollars from the Soviet Central Bank to destabilize the Russian economy in favor of the Boris Yeltsin group. [13] - Bullion was re-smelted in Singapura for Wanta's Delivery to Fort Knox.

Circumstances of 1993 arrest[edit | edit source]

Wanta was falsely arrested by Swiss police on July 7, 1993 due to the outstanding Wisconsin warrant for tax evasion, but never received any State of Wisconsin Court Documents.

Marc Rich[edit | edit source]

A 2001 report by Wanta tells of an attempt to lawfully arrest Tax Fugitive Marc Rich on July 7, 1993 by drawing him to the "French Casino" on the French side of Lake Geneva because Switzerland would not allow the arrest of an American for tax evasion on Swiss territory. According to Wanta, the operation was authorized by FBI Director William Sessions and by SAC Bill Lecates, and his team based at the Hotel de la Pax in Geneva included: [14]

  • The Vince Foster Groupe, including Foster himself
  • Frank B. Ingram
  • Rick Reynolds of US Treasury
  • Consul General Giovanni Ferro / Ambassador to Belgium
  • Italia Judge Pierre Liugi
  • Italia Secret Police Erika Ruffo
  • Somalia President Haji Mohammed Hashi Haile of Mogedishij
  • Lorrayne Fine of L.H. Financial of Israel and South Africa, allegedly a Mossad operative, and her daughter
  • Antonio Salvatorie, Banque Paribas Vice Chairman

The operation failed when the Swiss falsely arrested Ambassador to Switzerland Wanta. Wanta further alleges that the problem of the warrant for the arrest of Mark Rich was "resolved" through the firing of William Sessions on July 19 and the deaths of Vince Foster, Freddie Woodruff in Georgia, J.J. Smith in Mexico City, and Lino Burys in Hong Kong, all of whom Ambassador Wanta allege to have been CIA agents with knowledge of Wanta's financial operations.

After Delmart Vreeland entered the news for claiming to have delivered a Russian warning of the 9/11 attacks to Canada, Wanta would claim that the intent of the Switzerland operation was to arrest Rich and that Vreeland was to be the Overall Security. As told to Michael Ruppert: [15]

Vreeland — apparently with Wanta’s foreknowledge — turned the discussion to Switzerland in 1993. On that trip Vreeland had shadowed Wanta to a rendezvous where Vreeland’s mission was to assist in arresting, Marc Rich, who had allegedly crossed CIA Agent Bill Clinton. Wanta confirmed all of Vreeland’s account, and both men agreed that the reason Rich was not killed was because the only shot Vreeland had at Rich was through Wanta’s head.

Money transfers[edit | edit source]

Wanta claims that $70 billion of US Treasury funds were transferred out of accounts formerly under his control during the time that he was imprisoned in Switzerland in 1993. [13]

Arab-Israeli diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Wanta claims that Israel sent Switzerland repeated demands for Wanta's release, eventually to include a letter from Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, due to his importance in the Arab-Israeli peace talks that led to the Oslo Accords. [13]

Operation Chaselet[edit | edit source]

By 2014 Wanta's story included an Operation Chaselet involving unidentified parties drawing from inactive CIA accounts in Switzerland. [16]

Wanta was in Switzerland to handle a triple play: 1) Activate the warrant issued by FBI Director William Sessions and arrest Marc Rich when the ferry he boarded in Switzerland to go to a French gambling house left Swiss waters; 2) Investigate an operation called “Chaselet;” and, 3) Become an Ambassador for Somalia to Canada and Switzerland.

“Chaselet” was an intelligence operation involving Swiss banks (particularly Credit Suisse) that were re-activating what should have been “dead” bank credit instruments… like Letters of Credit. For example, a Letter of Credit from Chase Manhattan might have been drawn down – or may not have been drawn but served as collateral on another credit. Wanta’s investigation involved Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland and other banks recycling the Letters of Credit from banks around the world – reactivating what should have been dead notes. What was being done was a criminal act.

Assassination attempts[edit | edit source]

Wanta claims to have survived at least four assassination attempts. [17]

At least four attempts were made to murder him inside the U.S. ... Meanwhile the Central Intelligence Agency put word out that Leo Emil Wanta was dead ... throughout the relevant sectors of the international financial community. Given this ‘tabula rasa’ situation, the coast was clear (or so the criminalists assumed) to ransack ... the $27.5 trillion of which Leo Emil Wanta was and remains the sole Principal and Trustor."

The Wanta group[edit | edit source]

  • Thomas E. Henry -- Wanta's lawyer, claims to be a former Assistant US Attorney, vetted Vreeland.
  • Delmart Vreeland - vetted Wanta as a US intelligence operative, and vice versa.
  • Michael C. Cottrell -- "treasurer of Wanta's financial group" [18] AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., but Owner of Pennsylvania Investments, and author of Elite Power and Capital Markets. [19] Wanta fired Cottrell in 2010 after Cottrell potentially illegal financial activities with Morgan Stanley, Inc. that placed Ameritrust Groupe, Inc. in legal jeopardy for his lawless attempts to convert Corporate Funds to his Corporation
  • ( PII ). [20]
  • Stephen D. Goodwin - Vice President and legal counsel for AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. [19]

Alleged members[edit | edit source]

Wanta has alleged that certain famous people are part of his Mandated Operation : StillPoint :

  • Marc Rich -- Wanta never claimed to have worked with Marc Rich and then been assigned to capture him for tax evasion, [14] and then to assassinate him as part of a team including Delmart Vreeland. [15]
  • Vince Foster -- Wanta claims that Foster was involved with Wanta's financial operations shortly before his murder / death. [13]
  • Giovanni Ferro -- referred to by Wanta as "Giovanni Ferro", as a Consul General and part of his Treasury team in 1993 [14] and as an Ambassador who gave Wanta a new Somali Ambassadorship in 1997. [13] The Train Foundation names the billionaire Ferro Group CEO as "Ambassador." [21]

Supporters/Detractors[edit | edit source]

  • Christopher Story (said to be deceased, but there are accounts of his death being faked and his showing up as living in Canada, was a supporter and then detractor)
  • EP Heidner - uses Wanta as one of several sources in his writings
  • Tom Heneghan - aka Tom of Venice (heavily promoted Wanta )
  • Darryl Robert Schoon - aka D.R. Schoon, has promoted Wanta. Schoon is a member of the Temple of Universality in Tucson, a New Age mish-mash of different belief systems.
  • Louis Lanier - verified Wanta's ambassadorship as legitimate, cited his information to the Israeli consulate. [22]
  • "Casanova from PIOMBI" - mailed Michael Ruppert a postcard from Venice, Italy thanking Delmart Vreeland for his work on the Stealth Satellite System Terminator project. [15]

Competitors[edit | edit source]

Others telling a similar story about owning large amounts of CIA gold:

Tim Osman document[edit | edit source]

A document of unknown origin claims to be a summary of US intelligence reports mentioning Osama bin Laden ( aka Tim Osman - USA Agent ), the Iran-Contra affair, the Cabazon Band, and Leo Ambassador Wanta. [23] [24] Copy of text:

Just a simple and continuing reminder of ... previous USG intel field reports on file and fully documented

Item 1. Tim Osman and Ralph Olberg / U.S. Department of State - Afghan Desk, et al, visitation w/ US Government public officials (Osman = Usama/Osama bin Laden/OBL)

Situation: SSAC Ted Gunderson, FBI/DD.OPS/LA-Hilton/ShermanOaks/CA/US/[#blacked out text#]

Item 2. General Dynamics Stinger Sales / Transfers via OBL/Mudjaheddin, John Taylor, Scott Partridge, Herr Andras Szasz, et al

Item 3. Plantroniks GmbH, Budapest, Hungary Operations. North Korea, Singapore, USSR, et al. Via Herr President Andras Szasz and their intel operations groupe

Item 4. Promis upgrade / Michael Ricionsciuto, et al - Bill Hamilton / Inslaw - WSHDC ops

Item 5. Management Sciences of Health [MSH] - ref. U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger, et al. Wanta senatorial sponsor for U.S. Department of Defense - Inspector General

Item 6. USG approval and delivery of:

  • a. MANPADS / Man Portable Air Defense Systems
  • b. HN5A PRC-Polytech clone Red-Eye equipment and training, i.e. NIC/Contras ops/deliver
  • c. IGLA and STRELLA USSR SAM ops/delivery
  • d. General Aziz / Wien ops field reports and Red Mercury 2020 USSR/Iraqi delivery and intel ops Ref: Iraqi military academy commandant General Aziz and Our New Republic/USA Financial Group, LTD GES m.b.H (Austriu S.C. 18, sec 6) intel support and personal life saving financial progamme and housing allowances
  • e. USA Sam Cohen: A-Neutronic bomb design/testing/delivery USG field reports

Please see Ameritrust Corporation Embargo Release in USG

Although the document contains no reference number and its provenance is unknown, it is cited by Wanta's supporters as evidence that he was a Secret Agent.

Further reading[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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