Makram Majid Chams is a businessman with ties to the US military-intelligence complex and to 9/11.

Vegas in Venice Edit

In 1997-1998, Makram Chams partnered with Max Burge of Venice, Florida and Ian Goldfarb of Gladwyne, Pennsylvania to run the Vegas in Venice gambling boat. [1] that averaged up to 25,000,000$ for Chams.

9/11 Edit

Chams ran a Kwik-Check store in Venice, Florida where Mohamed Atta cashed a $70,000 check from someone in the United Arab Emirates.

Possible FBI work in San Diego Edit

After 9/11, Makram's sister May Chams reported that he was in San Diego "helping the FBI." [1]

Titan lawsuit Edit

In 2005, Chams filed a lawsuit against the Titan mercenary corporation demanding $21.9 million in compensation for wrongful termination of a consulting agreement. [1]

Wireless Facilities, Inc. Edit

A Makram Chams from Sarasota, Florida worked as "Business Development Manager for Wireless Facilities Inc., in Middle East 2004 to 2006" and as of 2014 owns the Commea Group, a security and telecommunications provider in Saudi Arabia. [2]

In 2007, WFI sold its wireless network service to Burgundy Acquisition Corporation via Platinum Equity for $24 million. [3] WFI then changed its name to Kratos Defense and Security Solutions. By that time the company was receiving $200 million in revenues from the US government, was operating at "NAWC Pt. Mugu, Hawaii Pacific Missile Range; Fort Bliss, Texas; and White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico" and had "established a significant and growing presence in military Command and Control Systems". [4]

The company's SEC filings name Ashton Partners as investors. Key employees include:

  • Eric M. DeMarco - CEO, formerly Executive VP and COO of Titan Corporation. [5]
  • Deanna H. Lund - Senior VP and CFO
  • Laura L. Siegal - VP, Controller and chief accountant
  • James R. Edwards - Senior VP, General Counsel, and Secretary

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References Edit

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