Steven Emerson alleges that two lists of "important phone and fax numbers" found by the FBI in a 1993 search of the apartment of Abdelhaleem Ashqar name the members of "a group called the 'Palestine Committee,' created by the Muslim Brotherhood to support Hamas in the United States politically and financially" during the terrorist bombing campaign of 1993-1994. [1]

The List[edit | edit source]

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Palestine Section / Inside America[edit | edit source]

Name City Fax Phone Comments
1 Mousa Abu Marzouk Ruston, LA 318-255-6102 318-255-5534 Attended Louisiana Tech University. Founded the Islamic Association of Palestine, later known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).
2 Mohamed Akram Chicago 312-434-3462 312-563-0937 Author of An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America
3 Ahmad Yousif Chicago 312-434-6432 312-594-3967 Political advisor to Ismail Haniyeh [2] and former director of United Association for Studies and Research which produces the Middle East Affairs Journal. [3]
4 Yasser Bushnaq Dallas 214-490-4969 214-490-4969 President of the Islamic Association of Palestine (1989-1991), indicted in 2008 for failing to disclose information on his citizenship application. [4]
5 Mohamed Elmezain New Jersey 201-279-6362 201-279-3574 Convicted in 2008 of funding Hamas through the Holy Land Foundation. [5]
6 Ismail Elbrasse Washington, DC 703-922-8730 703-922-7859 Co-founder of Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, [6], Comptroller of the Islamic Saudi Academy [7]
7 Ghassan Dahduli Tuocsan 602-886-8387 602-325-5121 Infocom employee, member of Islamic Association of Palestine. Dahduli's name was in the address book of al-Qaeda operative Wadih el-Hage. [8]
8 Ghassan Elashi Los Angeles 213-391-0095 213-838-7255 Infocom vice president, co-founder of the Holy Land Foundation, founder of the Texas branch of CAIR, convicted in 2008 of funding terrorism.
9 Issam al Siraj Washington, DC 703-931-0211
10 Omar Al Sobani East Lansing 517-332-2163
11 Ismail Jaber Chicago 312-434-3462 312-423-6089 Name is similar to that of current Hamas attorney general; possibly Ismail Musa Jaber of Bridgeview.
12 Mohamed Abbas 801-583-3325 Area code is for Salt Lake City.
13 Fawaz Mushtaha Washington, DC 703-786-7705 Unindicted co-conspirator in Holy Land Foundation case. Resident of Falls Church, Virginia. Ran the Light Star Travel Agency and Dar El-Eiman Tour Group. [9]
14 Izzat Mansour Ruston, LA 318-255-6102 318-255-7038
15 Hamoud Salem Stillwater, OK 405-744-1150
16 Nader Jawad Washington, DC 703-430-2353 Name is similar to that of the executive director of the American Muslim Foundation [10] and the Hajj Foundation of America Template:Cn
17 Rashid Qurman Alabama 205-837-0450 As of 2014, North American Islamic Trust contact for the Bay County Islamic Society and director of the Panama City Advanced School Corporation. [11] Possibly linked to White Western Men's Club.
18 Shukri Abou Baker Indianapolis 317-839-1840 317-243-9520 Office manager for the Muslim Arab Youth Association in Indianapolis. Convicted in 2008 of funding terrorism in the Holy Land Foundation case. [12]
19 Mohamed Abou Amaria Los Angeles 213-839-0436 213-839-4851
20 Jamal Said Chicago 430-5235 312-599-5313 Imam of the Bridgeview Mosque.
21 Ghassan al Karmi Chicago 312-561-2940
22 Mohamed Salah "After he was arrested by Israeli authorities, Salah stated that authorities that he received funds from Elbarasse for HAMAS military operations." [13] Acquitted in 2007. [14]
23 Ayman Siraj Eddin Washington, DC 765-5569 703-237-9529
24 Ahmad Agha Oklahoma 405-762-7732 Co-founded American Middle Eastern League for Palestine with Omar Ahmad, Ismail Elbarasse, and Yasser K. S. Bushnaq. [15]
25 Omar Yehya California 408-984-1254 Alias of Omar Ahmad. Co-founder of CAIR and chairman of its board from 1994-2005. Previously President of the Islamic Association of Palestine.
26 Akram Al Kharoubi As of 1991 was chairman of the Washington branch of Islamic Association of Palestine. [16]
27 Walid Abou Sharkh Columbia, MO 314-874-5973 Name is similar to that of as Brother Walid Abu-Sharkh of Mafaza Travel and Hajj Agency (Mafaza Tours)
28 Walid Ranu 215-977-0689 Area code is for Philadelphia.
29 Ayman Sharawi Canada 416-391-0324 Lived in Toronto. "Believed to be married to the sister of the Palestinian wife of al-Qaeda operative [[Ahmed Said Khadr] an al Qaeda financial and operational figure." [17]
30 Hazim Elashi Los Angeles 213-202-1198 Head of Infocom. Convicted in 2005 of trading with Libya and Syria. [18]
31 Basman Elashi Los Angeles 213-838-7255 Logistics and credit manager for Infocom. Convicted in 2005 with his brothers. [18]
32 Nihad Awad Minneapolis 602-378-3086 Co-founder and executive director of CAIR since its founding.
33 Mohamed Al Jaghlit Wisconsin 715-835-0513 Named by David Kane in 2003 as "officer and/or director of Safa Group companies, including Heritage Education Trust and SAAR Foundation" [19]
34 Nabil al Sadoun Tulsa, OK 918-836-3911 918-836-7404 Founder of the United Association for Studies and Research, longtime member of CAIR's board of directors. Deported in 2010. [20]
35 Mohamed al Hanooti New Jersey 201-392-0573 Fiqh Council of North America. Imam of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia from 1995-1999.

Palestine Section / Outside America[edit | edit source]

Name City/Country Fax Phone Comments
697-7937 Phone number written above the list, under the header.
1 Khairy al Agha Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 011-9662-6432293 011-9662-6837072 Operated K&A Overseas Trading with Saleh Kamel Jibreel. The Liechtenstein operation of K&A was registered by ASAT Trust, which also registered the companies of Al Taqwa Bank founders Youssef Nada and Ghaleb Himmat. [21]
2 Khaled Abdel Rahim Kuwait 011-965-633719
3 Aboul Haitham Kuwait 011-965-2644902
4 Izzat al Rashq Kuwait 011-965-2429968 011-965-5741396 As of 2012, named as one of Hamas's leaders "constantly moving between Beirut, Doha, and Cairo." [22]
6 Sami Nasser Kuwait 011-965-241276 011-965-5623360 Name is similar to Sami Nasser al-Khalifa.
7 Majid al Zeer Kuwait 011-965-2424119 011-965-2629645
8 Abdel Rahman Abou Diyeh London 011-44-14520978 011-44-1-4523502
9 Maher Jawad London 011-44-1-2082653
10 Kamalin Shaath London 011-44-53245575 President of the Islamic University of Gaza.
11 Munir Elashi London 0011-44222234477 Name is similar to that of Munir Ashi, imam of the Dar ul-Isra Mosque in Cardiff.[23]
12 Khaled Taqi Eddin Paraguay 0011-00455731750 Name is similar to that of Khaled Taqi-Eddin of Freedom Mortgage Company of Oakland, California (USA), and the attorney Khaled Taqi-Eddin, a partner in the law firm of Foley & Mansfield.
13 Dr. Hamam Saeed Jordan 011-962-6844233 In 2011, Saeed called for a revolution against Jordan's monarchy. [24]
14 Dr. Mohamed Eweida Amman, Jordan 011-962-6833199 011-962-6683320
15 Dr. Mohamed Abou Fares Name is similar of that of Mohamed Abu Fares of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood fatwa committe, and Jordanian Member of Parliament Mohamed Abu Fares
16 Ziyad Abou Ghanimah
17 Dr. Kandil Shaker
18 Hani al Jasser
19 Sayel Mohamed al Nosour
20 Yousif Ali Al Rawabdeh
21 Hussein Ahmad Erekat
22 Imad Abou Diyeh Salt, Jordan 011-962-5554844
23 Ahmad Katish Madaba, Jordan 011-962-8-544592
24 Dr. Ahmad Al Malh
25 Islamic Relief Com. Dubai 011-971-4-663774
26 Charitable Means Society Dubai
27 Ummah Publishing House Dubai 011-971-4-665120
28 Issa Mohamed Ahmad Dubai 011-971-4-667027
29 Dr. Rageh Al Kurdi Amman 011-962-6-844843
30 Dr. Omar Al Ashqar Kuwait 011-965-2540800 One of Hamas's founders, died in August 2012.
31 Abdullah Abdel Rahman Name is similar to that of an al-Gamaa al-Islamiya member who is the son of "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel-Rahman.
32 Dr. Ahmad Nofel Author of The Spiritual War
33 Dr. Abdullah Azzam Name is similar to that of the al-Qaeda co-founder killed in 1989.
34 Dr. Ali Mishal Amman, Jordan 011-962-6-818932
35 Dawoud Ribhi Khalaf Abu-Dhabi 011-971-2-32869

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