Robert Booth Nichols (b. March 6, 1943) claimed to have worked for the CIA under the code names "Mongoose" and "Eel". [1]

In a 2008 deposition, Nichols admitted that he was not sure that he worked for the CIA, but that is what his employers told him. [1]


Early jobs

Nichols was a college dropout working as a salesman for a security alarm company when he was recruited at the age of 22 or 23 by "parties that claimed to be with or stated they were with U.S. intelligence." Nichols describes his first three jobs: [1]

The first one was when I first met them was to speak with a woman who stayed at the Surf Rider Hotel and find out why she was in Honolulu and who she was seeing and have cocktails with her, if possible...

A Chinese woman that was in Honolulu that stayed at the Princess Kalani Hotel and to see who she was seeing and what she was doing...

A trip to Australia to see who was speaking, to my best recollection, and negative -- when I say negative, to see who they felt were being anti-American interest in an area that was formally an R and R location, Sydney, for U.S. Forces.

Tax evasion

Nichols was paid in cash and told not to pay taxes on his income unless ordered to, and was promised complete immunity from federal law for anything he would do in the future. Those telling him not to pay his taxes included: [1]

  • Francis Xavier Driscoll, an attorney who represented himself as a CIA agent, in the 1970s and as late as 1992
  • James Myler, Colonel, US Army, in the 1970s
  • Harry Fair, DARPA, in 1983 or possibly 1984
  • Admiral Adrian Perry
  • Al Rankin, Fleet Ballistic Missiles
  • Peter Zackowski, NATO, Picatinney Arsenal and Rock Island arsenal
  • James Hacker, Hewlett-Packard worldwide chief of security
  • David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard

... he told me to pay taxes if I were instructed to pay taxes on something, otherwise I was not to in any way discuss what I was involved in and that included paying taxes on it. That's the only way I can describe it... I was told not to file, not to mention what I was involved in and I would never be bothered ... And I asked repeatedly what should I do about this. You pay me, what do I do? You will never be bothered by the United States government. You keep what you do private and never let this reach the United States -- never let the things you are involved in reach the public. They are national security matters. That's what he told me.
Q. By never be bothered you mean never be asked to pay your personal income taxes?

Never be bothered in any way by the United States government.

Frank Carlucci

Most of Nichols's meetings with Frank Driscoll were in the presence of Frank Carlucci of the CIA. [1]


Nichols opened a Standard Chartered bank account in Singapore in 1977 because he would "go to that region a lot." He was asked to go to Vietnam in the 1990s by an American named Overbeck to observe Vietnamese military bases, and to arrange rice contracts for African nations. [2]


Around 1982-1984, Nichols worked for Fedco, a developer of the fuel-air bomb. [1]


Robert Booth Nichols was director of the First Intercontinental Development Company (FIDCO) from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. [1]

The objectives were to establish steel mills, listening posts or whatever, in Lagos, Nigeria, Abeokuta, Nigeria, Amman, Jordan and proceed with negotiations to develop Vellalar, the transportation area of Beirut, and rebuild the city of Damura which had been heavily shelled at the time.

At this time, according to KESQ: [3]

An FBI report from 1982 obtained by News Channel 3 claims after leaving the CIA, Nichols went into money laundering and gun running.

Maiwah accounts

Nichols claimed that the CIA had boxes holding US government obligations at banks throughout the world, that some of these obligations were fakes, and that the legitimate obligations were to the Mai Wah family. [1]

Q. Why did you think that the services that you provided to Sam Israel you wouldn't have to pay taxes on?
Because I was told going back to the '80s by various parties including Mr. Driscoll and others about those particular boxes, and I have heard this from many sources, these particular boxes in U.S. government obligations. I have had meetings with the Chinese about these through the years. I have discussed them in Zurich and probably ten other countries. I never had any interest in them, but I was told that there were legitimate obligations to the Maiwah Family ... And I was told there were many that were non-credible and there were certain ones that were definitive obligations of the United States government.

These accounts were known to Frank Driscoll and: [1]

  • Irwin Kagi - managing director of Sentinel Bank of Zurich, late 1970s
  • Nicholas Zenn - CEO of Union Bank Space, late 1970s
  • Carl Sam - Zurich, 1980s
  • Tansri Teong - active in 2006-2009. His name is similar to that of billionaire timber baron Tan Sri Hiew-king Tiong
  • David Smith - claimed to be an advisor to the President of the United States, active in 2006-2009
  • Herbert Bost, US Naval Intelligence, [4]
  • Margaret Laughlin - NSA. Recruited Nichols to track Rick Mangeri.
  • Rick Mangeri - Laughlin accused Mangieri of stealing around $890 billion from the US Department of Defense [4]

According to Nichols: [1]

David Smith said that that was a legitimate debt of the United States government. I was told that five of those had already been taken and settled on by the United States government. The Chinese stated that. The Chinese stated they were settled with payments from Morgan -- back -- Chase Morgan.


Tansri Teong, the party that I referenced before, had met with General Ritchie of the NSA and discussed this matter at his home in London. That was related to me by him and a woman named Margaret Laughlin or Lawton, I can't remember, who was also a national security operative with a company called Hartford Holding or whatever the NSA was using at the time. I also heard -- despite the conversation with General Ritchie, I also heard this from going back in the past with Lord Roger Keesey, Member of Parliament, and I also heard it from an MI5 person. I can't remember his last name, but I think it was Chrissy. I can't recall it now. I can think about it, but we don't have time for that.

Nichols named Wilhelm Teekman (Teichmann?) of Germany as having access to the Chinese "quasi-government" and having authority to grant access to the vaults in Switzerland. Teekman was "very helpful" to the Chinese with something involving Volkswagen. A law firm representing Teekman provided Nichols with a 2-3 page paper, translated from Chinese, describing the history of the silver certificate and Federal Reserve notes. [4]

The boxes were said to contain US paper money printed in denominations of $1 million and $100 million. Teekman gave Nichols a $1 million bill. Michael Cleverly of Amarok Security verified that the ink, paper, and fibers of the bill were the same as for US currency. Ingo Passoth at Postbank also verified the bill as US currency. [4]

Amarok is a mistranscription of the name Emrex. [2]

Nichols describes the Mei Wah family as the descendants of Chiang Kai-shek who own the Mayflower company of Luxembourg. He names Angelina Wei as a representative of the family. [4]

Mei Hua Society

According to Bakkies on the C-VIP blog, the Mei Hua society and the Tong mafia are trading in derivatives from $3 trillion in non-tradeable obligations. [5]

The past years we have received numerous application packages relating to accounts in Citibank, Singapore, specifically The Esplanade Branch. You probably have as well. Cash funds. $1 Billion USD or multiples thereof. Five Billion. Ten Billion... these mega-size cash accounts AIN'T tradeable. Not now. Probably not ever.

To the crux of the matter:

The Mei Hua Society number over 4,000 members. With six divisions throughout Asia. The matriarch is 96 year old Mrs. Chen who, along with her granddaughter, lives in the Central Part of Taiwan. In the mountains above Taichung. In 1996, Grandma Chen gave out "inheritances" of $10 Billion USD each to all of her family members. Some 300 or so bequests. A cool $3 Trillion USD or thereabouts! BIG FAMILY! Now, for some strange reason, though, the heritage accounts were opened in Citibank, Esplanade Branch, rather than Citibank's Singapore head office where the Society maintains its master account. Stranger still, none of the "beneficiaries" were invited into the bank to sign account-opening documents. Go figure!

Well, fast forward - and here's the rub: The Mei Hua funds on deposit in the master account are restricted funds; they can only be drawn down against receipt of a bank instrument. Use of these funds in a trade program, therefore, is strictly "VERBOTEN". And, of course, what applies to the master account applies equally to the 300 + sub-accounts. So, you can forget the whole lot of them!

But the story doesn't end there. You see, the beneficiaries - none of whom are signed on the accounts - found themselves, from the outset, unable to transact their funds. Not one red cent. Needless to say, this posed a huge problem for the family members, many of whom were on nodding terms with poverty. Necessity being the mother of invention, though, a number of beneficiaries happened upon the idea of renting out their Proofs of Funds. Thus was born a thriving industry in leased Citibank, Singapore bank document! A nice little money-spinner! Of course, it didn't take long for the Shenzhen "copy shops" run by the notorious Tong - the Chinese Mafia - their motto is "Foil Justice. Do Evil" - to muscle in on the action. IT'S A RIGHT HOLY MESS! A bad beginning in search of a worse ending! So take my advice, dear readers, and steer clear of Mei Hua funds altogether.

The Mei Hua Society number over 4,000 members. With six divisions throughout Asia. The matriarch is 96 year old Mrs. Chen who, along with her granddaughter, lives in the Central Part of Taiwan. In the mountains above Taichung. In 1996, Grandma Chen gave out "inheritances" of $10 Billion USD each to all of her family members. Some 300 or so bequests. A cool $3 Trillion USD or thereabouts! BIG FAMILY! Now, for some strange reason, though, the heritage accounts were opened in Citibank, Esplanade Branch, rather than Citibank's Singapore head office where the Society maintains its master account. Stranger still, none of the "beneficiaries" were invited into the bank to sign account-opening documents. Go figure!

Sam Israel

Nichols was last employed by Ponzi schemer Sam Israel of Bayou Investments to find one of the Mai Wah obligation notes. Sam Israel was the son of a Rothschild and a member of the Aron family that founded Goldman Sachs. [2] Nichols named John Prescott Ellis, nephew of George H. W. Bush, as involved in the plan. According to Nichols, his job included: [1]

Four things: To obtain a sealed box that origin Chinese, from the Chinese that he said he was quite familiar with and it could not be opened. I had no responsibility as to its content, but a sealed box and it must -- it had to be a hundred million dollars box, a hundred million dollars in a certain series or the series was irrelevant, but no more than a hundred million dollars on the plate and identification ... the ones that were bogus or whatever according to him were different figures, much higher figures.

Who to negotiate the box with, or the settlement of these boxes with the Chinese, in other words, names, phone numbers, who had the authority to negotiate settlement of these boxes. He wanted currency, silver certificate, Federal Reserve notes that were held in secure vaults overseas. He wanted photocopies of them. He wanted authentication of one of them by his authenticator. And he wanted the location of the security house and who to -- who could negotiate the settlement of that currency or those government debts. That was what he asked for. And he offered the amount. I did not suggest it.

Israel knew of the boxes from another source, and alleged that George Soros got his money by finding one of the boxes. [1]

According to KESQ: [3]

It was a deposit box. Inside the box, the Feds say was a treasury note, an effective IOU for gold.

We're not talking coins here. We're talking 2,500 metric tons of gold. That's $250 billion.

These treasury notes are rare and privately owned.

Sources representing the anonymous holder of one of these treasury notes tell News Channel 3 these treasury notes are in Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago and two others in Canada. The gold is leveraged up to 400 percent in some cases.

The mere presence of these treasury notes have the power to shake up the global money market.

The Feds believe Nichols tried to steal a treasury note last year to corner the gold market. It nearly worked, until the note was found in a London Safe Deposit Company and taken back by the Feds.

But by then, investors panicked. The money market collapse was the needle that broke the global economy's back.

The meeting between Nichols and Israel was arranged by Jack O'Halloran, who had told Nichols that he was to meet with Israel's supervisor Dan Marino. [1]

Other Marino and Israel companies included Debit Direct on the Isle of Man and Paid Productions LLC. [1]

Humanitarian Coalition Aid Foundation

One of the first tasks that Israel had Nichols perform was to arrange a meeting of the Humanitarian Coalition Aid Foundation. They met that same night. [1]

Bruce Frank claims to have been US counsel for a UK shell company called the Humanitarian Coalition Aid Foundation which was accused of money laundering in 2009. Frank was previously CEO of Millennium New York Partners (1999-2002) and served at at the same time as counsel to the Platinum Group (2002-present), Leland and Associates (2002-present), and the Rochester Foundation (2005-present).

HCAF personnel included: [6]

  • Rupert Charles Harris - Officer (2002-present)
  • Alan Edward Hunt - Director (2004-2009)
  • Stephen Spaulding Hickok - Director (2002-2004)
  • Judith Thomsen - Director (2002-2009)
  • Peter Joseph Power-Hynes - Secretary (2005-2009)
  • Michael Keith Barsham - Secretary (2002-2005)
  • Stephen Spaulding Hickok - Trustee.

The Charity Commission found "no evidence of charitable activity" in the Humanitarian Coalition Aid Foundation and issued a warning about the group in 2009 after finding that it had received $151 million from Bayou Securities. [7] [8]

In 2012, an Alan Edward Hunt who falsely claimed to be a barrister, a solicitor, and Royal Navy veteran was convicted of having defrauded Graham Dacre in 2008. Also convicted in the case were Ian Yorkshire, Arthur Trevor Ford-Batey, George Katcharian, and Cemal Esmene. [9] [10] It is not known if this is the same Alan Edward Hunt.

Rupert C. Harris and Spaulding Hickok founded Remedy Research in 1999. Remedy claimed to have developed new antibiotics that could attack "superbugs" and to have licensed the technology to Ionx Complete Infection Control Systems (ICICS), a company controlled by the same figures as HCAF. [11]

As of 2014, the Remedy Research domain was registered to Peter Power-Hynes and its contect email went to Cafe Olive, also known as Olive Internet and Olive PLC, whose domain was registered to Huw Jones of the Coda Centre in Fulham, likely Huw David Jones formerly of Broadgate Capital and Olive Internet. [12]

Under Seige

Nichols was an advisor to the 1992 movie Under Seige. [1]


According to Nichols, in the early 2000s Herbert Bost intended to use Mai Wah funds for "efforts in the Congo" and to obtain "a president in Nigeria that was non-military", which Bost believed to be in US interests. [4] General Olusegun Obasanjo was President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007.


Wayne Madsen reported that Nichols was on February 14, 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland by a blow to the head, two months after giving a deposition to the FBI. [13] This has not been confirmed by a second source.


As of 2008, Bruce Zelinski was renting a property in Queensland, Australia from Nichols for one dollar a month. [1]

Nichols's finances were handled by an accountant in Encino, California whose name he did not know. The arrangements were made through an attorney named Martin Simone. [1]

In the discussion of the boxes, Nichols named Steven Hickock as "pursuing things" for "U.S. interests" with a "purging trust behind it." [1]

J. Joseph Bainton was Nichols's attorney in London. [1]

Michael Cleverly is a former military officer with Emrex who "handled the transport of currencies for large clients." [2]

David Bezel and Bernie O'Neil did some research into the boxes for Nichols. [2]

John Cook worked for Steve Israel. Nichols claimed that Cook borrowed some of his money and never paid it back. [2]

Marilyn Roosevelt is a name that Nichols mentioned in relationship to John Cook. [2]

Frank Faryab is a friend of Nichols who Nichols lent a million dollars. [2]

Steven Hickock and Robert Clark are friends of Nichols who might be in possession of Nichols's business records. [2]

Nichols's flat in London is across the street from the US embassy in a secure building. [2]

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