Mike Ruppert: [1]

In October and November [2001], long before I had had any real involvement in the Vreeland case, a Southern California man named Steve Tangherlini had made a number of persistent attempts to get me to investigate a major financial fraud that was taking trillions of dollars out of the US Treasury. It was beyond both my professional skill and resources to investigate.

On November 12 Tangherlini sent me a 23-page fax with legal documents and what looked like banking documents describing the transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars from various US government accounts and the Federal Reserve System (the Federal Reserve System is not a US government entity; it’s a privately-owned banking syndicate). Frustrated at my inability to help Tangherlini in his repeated requests to cover his "Project Saving America," I forwarded copies of the documents to former Assistant Housing Secretary and Wall Street investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts. Both Fitts and another researcher, a former banking executive who prefers to remain anonymous, reached the same conclusion.

The documents looked real and could very well be real. However there was no known way to validate them, and thus there was no story. Fitts did offer one compelling observation: "Heck, I already knew, and it had been documented in the mainstream press that trillions of dollars were being stolen from the American people. That’s a fact. So these documents didn’t surprise me at all. Whether they are authentic or not doesn’t matter; this is what is happening right now." Imagine my surprise then, when I discovered that documents Mike Vreeland was to publish on his website in the spring turned out to be the same ones sent to me by Tangherlini.

George Sharp names Steven Tangherlini as associated with a group of fraudsters including Harold Gregg, Jennifer Garland, Virgil Williams, Corey Engelen, Anthony C. Roach, Michael Osborn, and Ted Saltzman. [2]

Carmen Balderas Tangherlini ran the Digital Divide Help Foundation from the same street address as the Steven Tangherlini Co in Moorpark, California.

References Edit

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