The Pedophocracy is a hypothesized global kidnapping and child molestation ring powerful enough to control governments by blackmailing key officials.

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Dr. Greenbaum Edit

In 1992 D. Corydon Hammond alleged the existence of CIA mind-control experiments after World War II led by a Satanic cult of followers of Aleister Crowley. The alleged experiments included physical and psychological torture, including the sexual abuse of children, with the goal of inducing multiple personality disorder. [1]

When you start to find the same highly esoteric information in different states and different countries, from Florida to California, you start to get an idea that there's something going on that is very large, very well coordinated, with a great deal of communication and sytematicness to what's happening. So I have gone from someone kind of neutral and not knowing what to think about it all to someone who clearly believes ritual abuse is real and that the people who say it isn't are either naive like people who didn't want to believe the Holocaust or -- they're dirty.

One of the leaders of these experiments was a Dr. Greenbaum, known also as Dr. Green or Greene, creator of techniques known as "Green Programming", "Ultra Green", "Green Tree', and the "Green Bomb". He was said to be a Jewish holocaust survivor who had assisted in Nazi experiments in the concentration camps and incorporated elements Kabbalah into the group's cult mythology.

Carol Rutz, who claims to have been a survivor of these experiments, identifies Greenbaum as Joseph Mengele. [2]

These experiments are alleged to have been conducted under Project BLUEBIRD, Project ARTICHOKE, and Project MKUltra.

Robert Gray Edit

Robert Keith Gray of Hill and Knowlton "was reportedly a specialist in homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA." He and his firm "have been implicated in the BCCI scandal, the October Surprise, the House page sex and drug scandal, Debategate, Koreagate, and Iran-Contra." [3] Template:Cn

Jerry Sandusky Edit

Pedophile ring claims Edit

Greg Bucceroni claims to have been a child prostitute from 1977 to 1980 for a pedophile ring that included Jerry Sandusky, Ed Savitz, Poly Prep football coach Phil Foglietta, and Wharton School of Business professor Lawrence Scott Ward, [4] and to have then been "a mob associate with the Gambino crime family" from 1980 to 1982. [5]

US Army day care centers Edit

Presidio 1982 Edit

In 1982, an investigation into John Gunnarson's management of the day care center at the US Army's Presidio base in San Francisco, California turned up allegations of the sexual assault of children. Military policeman Ed Albanoski, chief of juvenile investigations at the Presidio, was ordered by his superiors to stop the investigation. [6]

West Point Edit

In 1984, a three-year-old girl was raped by a teacher at the West Point day care center. Other children reported "satanic acts, animal sacrifices and cult-like behavior among the abusers, whose activities extended beyond the U.S. Military Academy borders to Orange County and a military base in San Francisco, parents charged." An investigation by Rudolph Giuliani ended with no charges filed. [7]

Presidio 1986 Edit

Beginning in 1986, between 30 to 60 children at the Presidio day care center reported that they were being molested. [8] [6] The case was closed without any prosecutions. [9] [10]

Those accused included:

  • Gary Willard Hambright, former Southern Baptist minister active in youth groups in Yakima, Washington. Hambright died of AIDS in 1990. [10]
  • Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set, an offshoot of the Church of Satan, "was being investigated by San Francisco police in connection with the case" [9] and some of the children were able to describe his home in detail. [11]
  • John Gunnarson - head of child care services at the Presidio, disciplined for allowing two field trips without parental authorization.

The US Attorney responsible for closing the case was Joseph Russoniello, who had helped the CIA cover up its cocaine trafficking in San Francsico during the Iran-Contra affair. [12]

Other cases Edit

The Army ran an investigation of 300 child care centers and found accusations of sexual assault at more than ten percent of them between 1984 and 1987. [8]

McMartin Preschool Edit

Southern California, early 1980s, alleged satanic abuse, possible involvement of Aquino. Investigated by Ted Gunderson.

McGowan, citing Michael Newton, alleges that 80% of children examined by the Children’s Institute International showed physical evidence of molestation. [7]

Witness deaths Edit

  • Robert Winkler - identified by children as "The Wolfman." Died of a drug overdose the day before his trial.
  • Judy Johnson - "the first McMartin parent to lodge a complaint". Died at her home before her testimony.
  • Paul Bynum - private investigator hired by the parents. Shot to death the evening before he was to testify. Ruled a suicide.

The Franklin Scandal Edit

On June 29, 1989, the Washington Times reported: [13]

A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides, and U.S. and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington's political elite, documents obtained by The Washington Times revealed.

The scandal was quickly hushed up. One of the accusers, Alisha Owen, was convicted of perjury for her testimony implicating Omaha police chief Robert Wadman.

Lead investigator Gary Caradori died when his airplane exploded in midair over Aurora, Illinois. Before launching, Caradori had telephoned to report that he was carrying important evidence. The initial investigation into the crash was handled by local police chief Robert Wadman, formerly of Omaha. Template:Cn

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Witness Deaths Edit

Suspicious deaths that may be related to the Franklin case: [14]

  • Craig J. Spence - Nov 10, 1989. Republican lobbyist, connected to Japanese businessman Motoo Shiina, identified by the Washington Times as a customer of the White House call boy ring, had implicated national security advisor Donald Gregg in running the ring. Committed suicide in his hotel room after his finances and reputation were ruined. [15] [16]
  • Kathleen Sorenson - Oct 1989. "The foster parent for Nelly and Kimberly Webb after they fled the home of Larry King's relatives, Jarrett and Barbara Webb, she was an outspoken activist against satanism." "The original complainant in the Franklin case." Died in a car crash. According to Ted Gunderson: "Two elderly women in the car in front of Sorenson drove very slowly to slow her car down to a crawl. Another vehicle approached from the opposite direction at a high rate of speed. At the last moment, the women pulled over to the right shoulder to allow the approaching fast car to run into her." [17]
  • Gary Caradori - Jul 11, 1990. Lead investigator for the Nebraska legislature. His airplane exploded after he obtained evidence from Rusty Nelson.
  • Newt Copple - Mar 1991. "A confidential informant for Caradori and his investigative firm, Copple was a key behind-the-scenes activist fighting the cover-up of the Franklin case. Son of Commonwealth Savings owner S.E. Copple, businessman in his own right, an ex-champion wrestler with no prior health problems and parents who lived into their late eighties and nineties, Copple suddenly 'died in his sleep' in March 1991, at the age of 70."
  • Clare Howard - 1991. "The former secretary of Alan Baer, who arranged Baer's pedophile trysts, Howard 'died in her sleep' in 1991."
  • Mike Lewis - "a former caregiver for victim-witness Loretta Smith. He died of a 'severe diabetic reaction' at the age of 32."
  • Joe Malek - "associate of Larry King and an owner of Peony Park, where homosexual galas were held. His death from gunshot was ruled a suicide."
  • Bill Baker - "He was a restaurant owner in Omaha, and a partner of Larry King in homosexual pornography operations. He was found shot in the back of the head."
  • Shawn Boner - "Brother of victim-witness Troy Boner, he died of a gunshot wound from 'Russian roulette.'"
  • Aaron Owen - "The brother of victim-witness Alisha Owen. He was found hanged in his cell in Lincoln, Nebraska, hours before one of his sister's court appearances."
  • Charlie Rogers - "A reputed homosexual partner of Larry King, Rogers said that he feared for his life, in the days before his death. His head was blown off with a shotgun, in what was ruled a suicide."
  • Dan Ryan - "an associate of Larry King. He was found strangled or suffocated in a car."
  • Bill Skoleski - "An officer in the Omaha Police Department who was believed to be keeping a file on Larry King, he died of a heart attack."
  • Curtis Tucker - "As associate of Larry King, he fell or jumped out of the window of the Holiday Inn in Omaha."
  • Harmon Tucker - "A school superintendent in Nebraska and Iowa, a reputed homosexual, his death had signs of satanic ritual murder. He was found dead in Georgia, near the plantation which Harold Andersen and Nebraska-Iowa FBI chief Nicholas O'Hara used for hunting."
  • Troy Boner, 2003 - "Troy Boner walked into a hospital in New Mexico screaming, 'they're after me, they're after me because of this book.' The book Troy was waving was this book, The Franklin Cover-Up. Boner was '... mildly sedated and calmed down ... and put in a private room for observation.' When nurses came to check on him early next morning, Boner was sitting in a chair, bleeding from the mouth and quite dead. [18]

Rusty Nelson would claim that "about 23 children who attended those parties are now dead." Template:Cn

CIA suppression of investigations Edit

False Memory Syndrome Foundation Edit

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation provided expert testimony to defendants to debunk allegations of satanic ritual abuse during the 1980s. Its members were exposed as CIA operatives and accused pedophiles in the early 1990s. Template:Cn From an unknown author's summary of Alex Constantine's reporting: [19] [20]

  • EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS: Peter and Pamela Freyd (psychiatrists) The Freyds were publicly exposed by their own daughter – Jennifer Freyd (professor of psychology) of child abuse and rape.
  • FOUNDER: Ralph Underwager (psychiatrist) - The world’s foremost authority on false memory, but in the courtroom – is repeatedly exposed as a charlatan. He is a self confessed paedophile who quotes: It is "God’s Will" adults engage in sex with children.
  • ORIGINAL BOARD MEMBERS: Martin Orn (psychiatrist) - Senior CIA Mind Control Researcher: Experimenting in hypnotic programming, dissolving memory and other mind subduing techniques.
  • BOARD MEMBER: Dr Harold Lief (psychiatrist) - CIA Mind Control Researcher. Experimenting in behavioural modification and hypnotic programming.

In 1991, False Memory Syndrome Foundation co-founder Ralph Underwager called for pedophiles to press for greater public acceptance of pedophelia. [21]

The Finders Edit

CIA-linked cult, alleged to be a kidnapping ring. Template:Cn

Evansville Edit

In 1990, nine children in Evansville, Indiana claimed to have been involved in satanic ritual abuse led by a school administrator. [22]


Jack R Payton, Oct 8, 1992, Latest revelations about the BCCI scandal are mind-boggling:

This thing was so far-reaching, so diabolical, it seemed certain to make Watergate look like the third-rate burglary some Republicans claimed it was.

Well I've just finished slogging through a 794-page government report on the scandal, and believe me it's even worse than I thought. Much worse.

Consider, for a moment, what it might mean to have an organization that could pull off the following:

  • Manipulate the Central Intelligence Agency and the spy agencies of Britain, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Syria, Israel and who knows how many others all at the same time...;
  • Help Pakistan buy nuclear technology on the international black market...;
  • Launder drug money for the Medellin cocaine cartel in Colombia;
  • Bankroll Abu Nidal, the most notorious terrorist in the world;
  • Handle Manuel Noriega's finances in Panama;
  • Procure prostitutes, some of them children, for traveling Middle Eastern potentates;
  • Rig international commodity markets so that a few insiders could make hundreds of millions of dollars in a single day...


Jeffrey Epstein Edit

Billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein was convicted in 2008 of soliciting an under-age girl for prostitution. Dozens of other girls had accused him, but their testimony was not considered reliable. One of his accusers, Virgia Roberts, alleged that Epstein had introduced her to Prince Andrew of the UK on three occasions. Roberts claimed that she had been hired for Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of Mirror publisher Robert Maxwell. [23]

Georgia DFCS Edit

Former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were shot to death in 2010 while Schaefer was investigating allegations of a child sex trafficking ring inside the Georgia Department of Family and Child Services. [24]

Destin, Florida 2010 Edit

According to John Caylor: [25]

It has been made known to me by inside sources at the F.B.I. that the bureau has been conducting a pedophile investigation of the federal and state court system in Alabama for about 3 years. In 2011 they arrested a Baldwin County Juvy judge in Bay Minette. The investigation traces back to a Destin, Florida Church Retreat for children and as many already know that Destin, Fl is home to the boys from Saudi Arabia and the CIA's General Bowen Ballard it is also the place where the Muslim Brotherhood was started by AHMED ELKADI and moved to Panama City in the early 80's.

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Marc Dutroux Edit

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Marc Dutroux kidnapped and murdered several girls during the mid-1990s.

While on welfare, Dutroux had earned 6 million Belgian francs ($150,000 USD). Dutroux made large deposits into his bank accounts shortly after certain kidnappings, suggesting that he was paid by another party who was never prosecuted. [26]

Accused accomplices:

  • Michelle Martin - Dutroux's girlfriend, found guilty
  • Michel Lelièvre - found guilty
  • Jean-Michel Nihoul - hung jury

The X-Witnesses place Dutroux as a small part of a wider pedophile ring that dates as far back as the 1950s, with Dutroux arriving in the early 1980s. Rumours connected these sex parties with the Gladio stay-behind operation, the Brabant killers, the Haemers gang, and the [[Communist Combatant Cells].

Witness Deaths Edit

A large number of witnesses in the Dutroux case died between 1995 and 2001, many under suspicious circumstances. [27] [28] [29]

  • Jean Paul Taminiau - Apr 2, 1995. "Criminal involved in trade in stolen cars," had rented a garage to an accomplice of Dutroux."murdered. Only his foot was fished so far from the water."
  • Alexandre Gosselin - Jul 4, 1995. Neighbor of Bernhard Weinstein.
  • Francois Reyskens - Jul 26, 1995. Insurance broker and cocaine addict who had contacted the Russo family claiming to have seen Julie and Mélissa. Carine Russo in turn contacted the Seraing police. Reyskens was killed by a train two hours before his scheduled meeting with the police. [29]
  • Guy Goebels - Aug 25, 1995. Police officer, "one of the lead investigators into the disappearance of Julie and Melissa." Ruled a suicide.
  • Bruno Tagliaferro - Nov 5, 1995. "a Charleroi scrap-metal merchant who knew Dutroux, claimed to know something about the car in which Julie and Melissa were kidnapped. But he was soon found dead, apparently of a heart attack." [30] His wife Fabienne Jaupart obtained a second opinion that showed signs of poison. [31]
  • Simon Poncelet - Feb 21, 1996. Police officer "working ferociously on cases dealing with the international trade in stolen cars", was shot at night while alone in a locked police station. The cameras were not working that night.
  • Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo - March 1996. Two of Dutroux's kidnapping victims, officially died of starvation the day that Dutroux was released from prison after they survived for four months without food or water.
  • Bernard Weinstein - 1995-1996. AKA Benjamin Stein. Accomplice killed by Dutroux, either "between 1 November 1995 and 7 December 1995" [32] or on the day Dutroux left prison and found the girls dead.
  • Michel Binon - Aug 22, 1996. "Old acquaintance" of Marc Dutroux.
  • Michael Piro - Dec 5, 1996. Was attempting to organize a dinner in remembrance of victims Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo. "Piro used to frequent the same clubs as Michel Nihoul."
  • Theo Vandyck - Jan 1997. Interviewed witness "Nathalie W." Officially died of stroke.
  • Jean-Marc Houdmont - Feb 25, 1997. "A filmmaker who died in a traffic accident while on his way to testify about the kidnapping of a girl named Elisabeth Brichet."
  • Joseph Toussaint - Mar 5, 1997. Michelle Martin's priest, officially died of a heart attack.
  • Christian Coenraets - Mar 7, 1997. AKA Christiaens Coenraedts. "Said to have been a pedophile who knew Bernard Weinstein well." Escaped from prison "one day before he was to be questioned about his ties to Weinstein," found dead a month later. Officially a suicide.
  • José Steppe - Apr 25, 1997. Found dead with a Rohypnol tablet in his respirator "on the day before he should state at the police" and shortly after telling a journalist that he had important information about Dutroux.
  • Virginie Pinon - Jul 2, 1997. Escaped a 1994 kidnapping attempt by Dutroux. Died of cystic fibrosis. Her father Gerard Pinon "was involved in robberies with Marc Dutroux." [33]
  • Gérard Vannesse - Nov 16, 1997. Police officer "and one of the runners of Nihoul."
  • Brigitte Jennart - Apr 5, 1998. "Former girlfriend of Juan Borges, a partner in crime of Nihoul and Bouty... Jenart committed suicide in April 1998, after a long time of locking herself up in her house."
  • Anna Konjevoda - Apr 8, 1998. Contacted Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte's "green line" in 1996 claiming to have "information about the business of Dutroux, Lelievre and Weinstein in eastern Europe." Strangled and dumped in the river Maas.
  • Gina Pardaens-Bernaer - Nov 15, 1998. Investigator in the Morkhoven Workgroup investigation. Claimed to have recognized a close associate of Jean-Michel Nihoul in a snuff video. Officially drove her car into a bridge pillar after receiving numerous threats and warnings.
  • Fabienne Jaupart - Dec 18, 1998. Wife of Bruno Tagliaferro. Died in bed with her mattress set on fire. Officially a suicide. [31]
  • Hubert Massa - Jul 13, 1999. Chief prosecutor investigating Marc Dutroux. Officially committed suicide.
  • Grégory Antipine - Aug 15, 1999. "Policeman who had worked with the corrupt Brussels police commissioner Georges Marnette in setting up Elio Di Rupo and Jean-Pierre Grafe... Antipine decided to hang himself on August 14, 1999 while he was about to get a promotion. It is also not known, as a gun enthusiast, why he didn't just shoot himself."
  • Sandra Claeys - Nov 4, 1999. "A former girlfriend of Michel Lelièvre." Officially a suicide.
  • Klaus Bahr - Nov 16, 2000. "Important porn dealer who was to be heared about the disappearance of Julie and Melissa."
  • Jean-Jacques Feront - Mar 1, 2001. "Pedophile hunter who became involved in the Dutroux affair." Officially died of a heart attack
  • Nadège Renard - Mar 28, 2001. "Ex-girlfriend of Jean Pol Taminiau, the Dutroux-linked high society (for Charleroi) brothel owner who was murdered in 1995." Officially a traffic accident.
  • Pierre-Paul De Rycke - May 17, 2001. AKA "Pepe". "Owner of the fascist Jonathan Club who knew Nihoul quite well." Officially a suicide.
  • Philippe Deleuze - Nov 15, 2001. Member of CEPIC. Brother-in-law of Jean-Claude Van Espen, partner in Jean-Michel Nihoul's law firm. Died of unspecified disease.
Near deaths Edit
  • Anonymous family - Feb 1997. Members of the family "had seen Nihoul with Dutroux at the Bertrix's swimming pool" on August 8, 1996, the day before Dutroux kidnapped Laetitia Delhez while she was walking home from a swimming pool in Bertrix, Belgium. The mother of the family was nearly hit by a car and men later tried to break into their home.
  • Son of Gina Pardaens-Bernaer - 1997. Run off his bike by a car.
  • Marie France Botte - 1998. Officially a suicide attempt. Supporter of witness Nathalie W.
  • Philippe Divers, Pierre Rochow, and Bénédicte Jadot - 4 and 5 November 1995. Kidnapped by Marc Dutroux and threatened with death on suspicion of being police informants. [32]

The X-Files Edit

The book The X-Files: What Belgium Was Not Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair, written by De Morgan reporters Annemie Bulte and Douglas De Coninck and by Journal du Mardi reporter Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, discusses six witnesses who described: [26]

an underworld of snuff movies and sadomasochist torture that was almost impossible to believe. And they said that politicians and other highly placed members of society were involved... The book asserts that the evidence indicates a huge effort by magistrates and senior police officials to demolish the testimony of the X-witnesses...

Regina Louf described] a circle of orgies at which, she said, she had seen young children tortured and murdered. The other X-witnesses, one of whom worked for the police, told similar stories of childhood abuse, and described hunts at which children were chased through woods with Dobermans.

Van Heeswyck was charged with revealing prosecutor secrets. [26]

Lead investigator Patriek De Baets says that Leof provided evidence matching the unsolved murders of two young women in the 1980s. De Baets would be removed from the case and placed under internal investigation. [26]

Investigator Aime Bille claims that other investigations were shut down on the grounds of Louf being an incompetent witness after superiors found that Louf's claims corresponded with other evidence gathered in those investigations. [26]

Those accused in the X-Files include: [34] [35] [36]

Melchior Wathelet Edit

One of the X-files described: [34]

a combined feast and orgy organized by Melchior Wathelet in a castle located in the region of Verviers.

Jean-Michel Nihoul Edit

Louf accuses Jean-Michel Nihoul of the 1984 murder of Christine van Hees which had been closed on the orders of Judge Jean-Claude Van Espen, who had close personal ties to Nihoul. [35]

Louf accurately described the internal appearance of the the chateau at a disused mushroom farm where the body of van Hees was found, suggesting that she had been there before the building was demolished. [31]

Car theft Edit

Retired judge Guy Poncelet claims that Dutroux was involved in a stolen car ring. Poncelet's son was killed in 1996 while investigating the ring. Template:Cn

Cover-up Edit

According to the Associated Press: [37]

Police had visited Dutroux' home twice in the mid-1990s and didn't find the kidnapped girls, although they heard voices, and ignored a letter from Dutroux's mother that expressed concern her son was abusing young girls.

According to Crime Library: [38]

Police ignored a tip from a Dutroux informant in 1993, in which he stated that Dutroux offered him between $3,000 and $5,000 to kidnap young girls ... In 1995, Dutroux's own mother wrote to prosecutors reporting that she had knowledge that her son had been keeping young girls in one of his unoccupied houses. The same man who tipped off police to Dutroux's offer of money to kidnap young girls, later told police in 1995 that he had learned that Dutroux was building a dungeon to keep girls in that he would later sell into prostitution.

According to the Telegraph: [39]

In January 1996 Judge Connerotte wrote to King Albert alleging that his investigations into crime networks were being blocked because suspects "apparently enjoyed serious protection."

According to the Los Angeles Times: [40]

Russo, Bouzet and others allege that well-connected suspects have been afforded "political protection" by authorities, and a highly regarded children's activist, Marie-France Botte, claims that the Justice Ministry is sitting on a politically sensitive list of customers of pedophile videotapes produced by Melissa and Julie's accused abductors.

Judge Jacques Langlois forbid investigators from testing the DNA of hair samples found in Dutroux's dungeon. Prosecutor-General Anne Thily declared: [31]

There was no need to get the hairs analysed as no one else entered the cage. There was no network so there was no need to look for evidence of one.

Slovakia connection Edit

From the BBC: [41]

Investigators believe Dutroux and Nihoul were planning a long distance prostitution trafficking network involving cars and the import of girls from Slovakia.

Rotary Club connection Edit

Witnesses X2 and Nathalie W. allege a connection between the Dutroux pedophile network and the Rotary Club. [36]

Patrick Derochette Edit

Patrick Derochette kidnapped and killed a nine-year-old girl named Loubna in 1992. Derochette was said to be an associate of Michel Nihoul. [42]

Possible connection to Cools murder Edit

A motorcycle found at Dutroux's home matched one used in the 1991 assassination of former Parti Socialiste leader André Cools. [40]

André Pinon allegations Edit

In 1981, a woman reported to psychiatrist André Pinon that there had been sex parties where children had died. She also told her story to Jean-Claude Garot, editor of the weekly POUR, whose offices were soon gutted in an arson attack. [43] These allegations are similar to those of the X-witnesses.

Brabant killings Edit

Alexandra Cohen alleges that the Brabant killings were assassinations of witnesses to the Ballets Rouges of Belgium. [42]

The gang specialised in robbing supermarkets in broad daylight. The booty was always very poor, but that did not seem to bother them. The reason why the committed their crimes, apparently, was the thrill they got from slaughtering every supermarket shopper in sight...

A scrutiny of the gang’s victims could be linked to the “Pink Ballets.” The apparently random killings of the Crazy Brabant Killers had been a cover-up for eliminating dangerous witnesses of sex parties (probably with minors-orgies among consenting adults are not illegal under Belgian law).

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Tuna Israel Edit

Fortunato Habib Israel, the public relations director of Société Générale subsidiary Eurosystem Hospitalier, ran a prostitution ring during the 1970s on behalf of ASCO chairman Roger Boas. [44]

France Edit

Les Ballets Roses Edit

Wikipeidia, citing Ralph Manheim's translation of Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Nord:

The Ballets roses was a scandal that was publicized in 1959 in France. In a fashionable country house near Paris, belonging to the French Senate, a group of girls aged 15 to 17 performed "ballets" attended by prominent figures of the political and social worlds, notably, André Le Troquer, then president of the Senate. The performances ended in orgies.

From the French Wikipedia, a Le Monde article of January 10, 1959 reported on the capture of a policeman, elsewhere identified as Pierre Sorlut, who had been kidnapping children for their use in sex parties organized by Le Troquer and his wife Elisabeth Pinajeff, described in contemporary reports as a Russian countess. Twenty-two defendants were convicted, including hairdresser Arturo Guglielmi, restaurateur Georges Biancheri, and garment maker Jean Gessier.

UK Edit

Bonner Pink Edit

MP Bonner Pink's adopted daughter Alizon Pink accused him of molesting her at age 10 and then sending her to the Broadmoor mental hospital after she talked about it, where she was molested by Jimmy Saville. [45]

Shirley Oaks children's home Edit

The author Alex Wheatle claims to have been sexually abused as a child by a doctor at the Shirley Oaks children's home in Surrey and by a politician who would become a minister in the Tony Blair government. [46] Several other witnesses allege that a pedophile ring was regularly invited to molest children at the home. [47]

Kincora Boys Home Edit

MI5 agent and Tara (Northern Ireland) militia leader William McGrath ran the Kincora Boys Home during the 1960s and was accused of molesting children there. The British secret service was accused of covering up the allegations. [48]

East Belfast councillor Joshua Cardwell committed suicide in 1982 after being questioned about Kincora. [48]

Cambridge House Edit

By 1970, eight men had accused high-profile Liberal Party MP Cyril Smith of molesting them when they were children at Cambridge House youth hostel in Rochdale. The police guaranteed Smith that he would not be prosecuted. [49]

Tam Paton Edit

Tom Paton, owner of the Bay City Rollers, was alleged to have been part of a high-profile pedophile ring in Scotland. Paton and his gay lover Ray Cotter compiled a 200-page dossier on other members of the ring to protect themselves from prosecution. [50]

Jimmy Saville Edit

Satanic abuse claims Edit

Therapist Valerie Sinason claims to have two witnesses to Jimmy Saville performing Satanic ritual abuse in 1975 and 1980, and says that they reported these actions to the police at the time. [51]

He also chanted “Hail Satan” in Latin as other paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire [in 1975]... Savile was a volunteer porter and fundraiser at the hospital between 1965 and 1988 and had his own quarters there.

... A second victim approached me in 1993. She said she had been ‘lent out’ as a supposedly consenting prostituted woman at a party in a London house in 1980... [She saw Savile in a master of ceremonies kind of role with a group wearing robes and masks. She too heard Latin chanting and instantly recognised satanist regalia.

Sinason is an advocate of the theory of satanic ritual abuse and has been accused of planting false memories in patients.

Frank Beck Edit

Frank Beck (sex offender) managed three childrens' homes in the UK from 1973 to 1986. He was accused in 1989 of molesting children under his care and convicted in 1991. After Beck died in prison in 1994, Lord Longford sent flowers to his funeral. Template:Cn

Lord Greville Janner, member of British parliament since 1970, was accused during Beck's trial of molesting children under Beck's care. No charges were brought at the time. Janner's home was raided in 2013 for evidence of crimes against children, but the case was dropped in 2014. Template:Cn

Paedophile Information Exchange Edit

Active 1974-1984. Funded by the Home Office an average of £17,500/yr from 1977-1980. [52]


Elm Guest House Edit

Alleged VIP child prostitution ring during the 1970s and 1980s. A police investigation began in late 2012.


Peter McKelvie claimed that at least 20 prominment figures including judges and members of Parliament were part of a pedophile ring during the 1980s. [53]

Peter Ball Edit

Reverend Peter Ball, a close friend of Prince Charles, was charged in 2014 with having committed sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy in 1978 while ball was Bishop of Lewes. [54]

Paul Kidd Edit

Paul Kidd, royal butler to Queen Elizabeth until 1977 and senior footman from 1977-1984, was accused in the 2000s of having molested boys in the 1980s. A police raid turned up 18,000 images of child pornography and a video of Kidd "abusing another youngster" in 2006. [55]

Lord Brittan Edit

In 1983, Scotland Yard gave Lord Brittan a dossier on the Paedophile Information Exchange which named 15 men as suspected pedophiles. The dossier may have been passed on to Thomas Hetherington. [56]

In 1983, MP Geoffrey Dickens compiled a 40-page dossier on high-profile pedophiles and delivered it to Home Secretary Leon Brittan. It has since disappeared. [57] "Soon afterwards, Mr Dickens’ constituency home in Saddleworth, Lancs, and his flat in London were ransacked – and his name was found in a notebook owned by killer Arthur Hutchinson." [58]

Of 687 files in the Home Office database relevant to allegations of high-level pedophile activity from 1979 to 1999, 114 were destroyed, missing, or not found. [59]

In 2014, "a senior Conservative MP" warned MP Simon Danczuk not to investigate Lord Brittan, that "it wouldn’t be a wise move," "it was all put to bed a long time ago," and Danczuk could be seen as responsible for Brittan's death. [60]

Michael John Carroll Edit

After convicted pedophile Michael John Carroll was denied permission to adopt 12-year-old and 14-year-old boys in 1986, "several influential people" contacted the Southwark social services department to attempt to pressure them to reverse the decision. Among them were a "rising star in the Labour party" who would become a minister under Tony Blair. [61]

Margaret Thatcher Edit

The Mirror reported that Margaret Thatcher personally covered up child molestation accusations against senior ministers. [62]

Michael Havers Edit

Attorney General Michael Havers was accused of covering up reports of pedophilia during the 1980s. Havers's sister Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was appointed to investigate him in 2014 and refused to resign when the issue of their family connection was raised [63] and when she was accused of by Phil Johnson of covering up the investigation of Peter Ball. [64]

Peter Morrison Edit

Edwina Currie accused Peter Morrison, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher, of regularly molesting 16-year-old boys. [65] Thatcher's bodyguard Barry Strevens had warned her of rumors of his activities before she promoted Morrison to deputy chairman of the Conservative Party in the 1980s. [66] Morrison "has since been linked to claims of sex abuse at children’s homes in north Wales." [66]

Gilberthorpe dossier Edit

Anthony Gilberthorpe claims to have sent Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher a 40-page dossier detailing pedophilia by Cabinet ministers. [67]

Andrew Lloyd Webber Edit

Ben Fellows accused Andrew Lloyd Webber of "sticking his tongue down my throat, when I was a child." [68] This would have taken place during the 1980s or early 1990s.

Ken Clarke Edit

Ben Fellows accused MP Ken clarke of sexually assaulting him in 1994. [68]

Peter Righton Edit

Peter Righton, described as "one of the country’s most respected authorities on child care," was arrested in 1992 with letters suggesting he was part of a pedophile network with "a definite link to establishment figures, including senior members of the clergy." [69] One of the members of this ring reportedly bragged about his connections to a senior aide of a former prime minister. [70]

Dunblane massacre Edit

Lord Burton alleged that a "super-Mason" group called The Speculative Society was orchestrating a cover-up of the Dunblane school massacre of 1996 which involved "suspected pedophile" Thomas Hamilton being granted free use of the grounds. [71]

Jill Dando assassination Edit

The Daily Mirror reported on a claim by an anonymous BBC employee that BBC news host Jill Dando had been investigating a pedophile ring inside the BBC a few years before she was assassinated in 1999. [72]

The Daily Mail reported in 2014 that the bullet used to kill Dando "was custom-made by a specialist. It had a deliberately reduced charge," and a nearly identical bullet was used in a gang killing in Liverpool a few years later. A second source "with close knowledge of the Dando murder investigation" called these reports "complete nonsense." [73]

Operation Ore Edit

Operation Ore, an investigation into the purchase of child pornography, led to 1,200 arrests but closed in 2003 after identifying "at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister" in the list of suspects. "Police say that the list of rich and famous Operation Ore suspects would fill newspaper front pages for an entire year." [74]

Patrick Rock Edit

Patrick Rock, an aide to David Cameron, was arrested in 2014 "on suspicion of an offence relating to child abuse imagery." Rock was reported to have been "a powerful figure in the upper strata of the Conservative Party for decades." [75]

2014 Labour peer investigation Edit

In 2014, the police investigated complaints by twelve men of historic child rape and sexual abuse by a Labour member of the House of Lords. [76]

Latvia Edit

In 2000, Latvian Prime Minister Andris Skele, Justice Minister Valdis Birkavs, and State Revenue Service director Andrejs Sonciks were linked to a child prostitution ring that may have abused up to 2,000 children. [77]

Russia Edit

A Russian child pornography ring was accused in 2000 of earning £410 million by selling videos, including snuff films, to over 5,000 clients. Two of the ring's leaders, Dimitri Kuznetsov and Andrei Minaev, were granted amnesty by the Russian parliament. [78]

Italian judge Alfredo Ormanni alleged the existence of a "paedophile lobby" blocking his investigations into Italians complicit in this ring's crimes. [79]

Portugal Edit

Casa Pia orphanage Edit

In 2002, the Guardian reported: [80]

Photographs of unnamed senior government officials with young boys from Lisbon's Casa Pia orphanage were among the evidence reportedly available to police after they arrested a former orphanage employee called Carlos Silvino... systematic sexual abuse of children at the home had allegedly been going on for more than 20 years and had been known to police and other authorities for most of that time.

Australia Edit

Wood Royal Commission Edit

According to convicted sex offender Colin Fisk, via Wikipedia:

Fisk alleged the existence of a vast network of prominent individuals from the legal profession, media, political establishment and medical profession who were paedophiles/pederasts and were colluding with senior ranks of the police service to protect its members from prosecution.

Witness deaths Edit

From David McGowan, citing an Irish Times report of July 17, 1998:

Police suspect a series of gruesome gay hate killings in the Sydney region could be the work of a serial killer whose victims might be linked through a notorious paedophile ring. The latest mutilation murder was that of Australia's longest serving mayor, Frank Arkell, aged 68, who was bludgeoned to death in his flat and who had previously faced 29 child sex charges. In the past few months two other men, one a convicted child sex offender, were attacked in their homes in similar circumstances and also suffered horrific injuries. Arkell, the former Lord Mayor of Wollongong, 50 miles south of Sydney, was a key witness in a royal commission into police corruption which uncovered a network of paedophiles.

Lithuania Edit

Andrius Ūsas Edit

Drąsius Kedys assassinated judge Jonas Furmanavičius after accusing the police and courts in covering up his allegations that Andrius Ūsas had molested his daughter. Ūsas was an advisor to Viktoras Muntianas, Speaker of the Seimas. Template:Cn

Ūsas was later found dead in a swamp. His death was ruled an accident and the courts determined that no molestation had occurred. Template:Cn

Significant contemporary child pornography rings Edit

Mexico Edit

In 1996, Mexican police broke up a child pornography ring in Acapulco which had over four thousand clients in the United States. [81]

Wonderland Edit

In 2001, police in 12 countries arrested 107 people connected to the Wonderland club pornography ring. According to the BBC: [82]

Wonderland originated in the United States but also operated in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Britain.

Members joined, by invite only, on condition that they provided 10,000 images of children different from the hundreds of thousands of others already stored on the club's database.

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