Various stories of variable repute claim that there are vast stores of billions or trillions of dollars sitting unused and waiting to be recovered. The stories often come with an offer to invest in a recovery effort, or allege that someone is using the money for a nefarious purpose.

Nazi gold Edit

The Nazis were known to collect treasure, leading to numerous claims that someone knows for certain where a large stash of Nazi gold is hidden.

Yamashita's gold Edit

The Yamashita's gold story refers to gold allegedly stolen from East Asia by the Japanese during World War 2, brought to the Philippines as a shipping waypoint, left there as the war made it became impossible to ship the gold back to Japan, found by Philippine treasure hunter Rogelio Roxas decades later, stolen from Roxas by Ferdinand Marcos, and stolen from Marcos by George H. W. Bush and Adnan Khashoggi.

A court in Hawaii concluded that the gold existed. Template:Cn


CIA drug money Edit

The CIA is rumored to have secret bank accounts in the hundreds of billions of dollars obtained from the drug trade. Template:Cn A portion of this money is allegedly spent on illegal interference in internal US politics to protect the drug trade from law enforcement.

Russian gold Edit

Billions of dollars in currency, gold, and natural resources were fraudulently extracted from Russia during 1990-1991, bringing an end to the Cold War. Where the money went remains an open question.


Muslim Brotherhood billions Edit

The Muslim Brotherhood is said to have billions of dollars contained in money laundering and tax avoidance structures dating back to when this money was used to finance the Algerian war against the French. Template:Cn

Douglas Farah, in Blood from Stones, writes that al-Qaeda had enough money in the late 1990s to buy the entire output of the West African blood diamond industry as part of a money laundering plan.

On the other hand, captured notes show that al-Qaeda's common soldiers are starved for cash and under strict expense reporting requirements. Template:Cn

Global Debt Facility Edit

An anonymous "Mr. Whistleblower" got a small amount of attention by calling Leo Wanta a scammer, claiming to be the real owner of trillions of dollars held in the "Combined Internal Collateral Accounts" of the "Global Debt Facility", and blaming everything on the Jews.

This turned out to be a scam called the Office of International Treasury Control.

Malaysian businessman Kamal Ashnawi bought into the fraud.

Kryder estate Edit

Leigh M. Fulghum claims to be a legal heir to the "New Deal fortune" of Indiana real estate developers Clarence Frank and Frank H. Kryder, which she alleges was concealed upon their deaths in 1950-1966. The family's assets continued to be deposited in Old National Bank 71-19 by their attorneys more than 50 years after the bank was liquidated. Principals are linked to the Lincoln National Bank and Trust of Fort Wayne (Wells Fargo) and National City Bank, with extensions into Norfolk Southern Corporation, the Carlyle Group and Raytheon.

Pentagon bad accounting Edit

On September 10, 2001, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the military was unable to properly account for up to $2.3 trillion in expenditures, "according to some estimates". CBS news quoted whistleblower Jim Minnery complaining that supervisors had no interest in tracking the money. [1] The shockingly large figure, equivalent to seven years of U.S. military spending, [2] and the coincidental date of the announcement have led to claims that such a large amount of money was stolen from the Pentagon.

Speculation briefly increased when Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim resigned in 2004, with most of this speculation being along the lines of Stephen M. St. John describing "Rabbi Dov Zakheim" as the "Talmudic Mastermind of 9/11."

References Edit

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