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Single-article categoriesEdit

I noticed that Mega Oil seems to be the sole article present in the following uncreated categories:

  1. Category:Azerbaijan
  2. Category:CIA
  3. Category:Iran-Contra affair
  4. Category:Oklahoma City bombing

Do you think they should remain on the bottom of MO if no other articles are about these topics? Some of the other categories were on other pages so I added them to the content consolidation category.

Was just wondering if any other pages existed that you wanted to tag with these 4 single-use categories or if any were planned for creation so that they could be tagged. Otherwise, having a category only used for 1 article is kinda lame.

Special:WantedCategories would also list other uncreated categories and how many pages are tagged with then, while Special:Categories would display those which have been created. talk2ty 01:13, November 27, 2014 (UTC)

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