CIA, NSC, head of Cannistraro Associates

PLO Edit

According to Cannistraro, the US was funding the PLO in the early 1980s by hiring them to serve as security for the US embassy in Lebanon. [1]

Nicaraguan Contras Edit

Cannistraro was working undercover in Central America before 1984, when Oliver North made him director of intelligence for the National Security Council. According to Francisco Gil-White, Cannistraro "created and ran the Contras from start to finish". [2]

Afghan Mujahideen Edit

Vincent Cannistraro led the Afghanistan Working Group in the Reagan White House, when the US funded the Afghan mujahideen. [3]

Lockerbie bombing Edit

Cannistraro ran the CIA's investigation of the Lockerbie bombing. [4]

As the head of CIA’s Lockerbie bombing investigation until October 1990, Cannistraro had helped provide the intelligence that pointed the fin­ger away from drug-running and towards Libya. Pre­vi­ously he had worked along­side Colonel Oliver North in a secret program designed to destabilize the Gadafy, regime.

OKC Edit

The day of the OKC bombing, Cannistraro claimed to have been called by a 'Saudi general' who told him that a squad of Iraqi soldiers was operating in the US and had been planning to blow up the Murrah Federal building, who supposedly then apologised for not having mentioned it earlier.

Cannistraro set about spreading this information around in the aftermath of the bombing.

Muslim Brotherhood fundraising Edit

In 1996, Cannistraro claimed that there were no known connections between Muslim charity fundraising in the United States and the financing of Islamic terrorism. [5]

Al Qaeda and Iraq Edit

Cannistraro is reported to have "known Tarik Hamdi for years."

Hamid worked for Osama bin Laden and reportedly, also, for the Goverment of Iraq in Turkey.

Cannistraro "organized an interview with Osama bin Laden for ABC News in 1998" [6]

Islamic Jihad Edit

From Steven Emerson: [7]

"Cannistraro was a long-time apologist for now-convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami al-Arian, even going so far as writing a letter on Al-Arian's behalf after the University finally terminated him for repeatedly lying about his ties to the terrorist group."

Opposition to killing terrorists Edit

Cannistraro condemned Israel's assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa as "neither effective nor moral."[1]

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