The White Western Men's Club is alleged to be a criminal organization in Panama City, Florida with control of the local court system and links to the Dixie Mafia of Mississippi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Some of the below is alleged by David Harbin, but there is much, much more to this story. There has been no proof outside the foot thick Federal RICO Case File in two volumes and numerous affidavits, statements and other evidence. Some of those he accused have witnesses that put them at other places during the times (no times, just once) David claims to have seen them (no evidence of this let's see some names). One of those people is the late Rev.J.W. Hunt. Harbin alleged he met with the pastor on the third Thursday night of one month and that Hunt claimed his church bus normally took members of the group to the Lodge, but not on the night Harry Sanders and Rev. J.W. Hunt had invited him. Hardees Roast Beef Sandwiches were served. Harbin met corrupt IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin at that meeting and Michael Mann was a witness as was Clinton Foster and Bert Davenport. However Springfield Community Church had services every Thursday night and the church bus picked up members of church who otherwise would not be able to attend and took them home at the end of services making Harbins claims about the popular and loved minister hard to prove and may indeed be proof that Mr.Harbin has lied and slandered the Reverend out of malice. Springfield Community Church had roughly three hundred members who can attest to Rev. Hunt's whereabouts on Thursday nights. This makes the rest of his story quite questionable. If you examine the records of the State of Florida you will find evidence of a corporation "JUNCTION STATION" where Rev. J. W. Hunt and David Harbin were partners. The Junction Station deal has been claimed to be a scam devised by Rev. J.W. Hunt, his attorney William Harris and Harry Sanders to steal the property from owner Buddy Dickerson and his wife. Harbin saved his property from being stolen. The Junction Station Truck Stop that was being planned to encompass 27 acres on the Northeast corner of Highway 231 and Highway 20 would have put the Sanders/Hardees/BP poorly planned and landlocked Truck Stop out of business.

Florida Profit Corporation JUNCTION STATION, INC.

Registered Agent Name & Address HARRIS, WILLIAM E.

Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title D





Most of the information about them comes from reports by "Panamaed" on Topix and his personal blog at

People Edit

The White Western Men's Club is said to be composed of twelve core members and some stated are now deceased. [1] It is not clear who are the core members and who are associates. Some believe there is a 13th Member...."THE DEVIL"

  • John Pilcher owner of the White Western Cabin as featured in Movie "Ruby In Paradise" along with executed Alan "Frog" Johnson's Show N Tail, the scene of a drug deal gone bad with the Panama City Mayor's son being one of the victims.
  • George Gainer the Lodge's Most Worshipful Master, Ex Bay County, Florida Commissioner, Florida Senate elect who had District lines redrawn to enable Gainer to run unopposed. Gainer's replacement Robert Carroll of McNeil Carroll Engineering was handpicked by the WWMC.
  • William Harrison who snaked Motorola via Williams Communications (L-3)
  • Guy Tunnell FIRED Ex-FDLE Head and Bay County Commissioner
  • James Sikes
  • Jim Smallwood
  • Reverend J.W. Hunt of Springfield Community Church, Inc. Florida Title RICO Case Defendant, who coined the phrase: "David, you got Panamaed!"
  • Russell Raymond Ervin, Florida Title RICO Case Defendant and corrupt IRS agent (who Harbin met at the White Western Men's Club with Hunt and Sanders) "threatened my life on behalf of the preacher he said they were doing an investigation on and the confidential informant and the IRS Agent in charge had turned up MISSING!." Ervin's son Kevin Ervin, whose whole family has close ties with James "The Bookie" Maulden, is now Panama City, Florida Police Chief. IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin was found dead just days after being served as a Racketeering Defendant by the U.S. Marshals. Seems Dr. Frank Syfrett signed off on his Death Certificate. Harbin believes that IRS Agent Ervin was "sheepdipped" to prevent him from testifying. Convicted wife murderer Dr William Sybers was the corrupt Medical Examiner at the time.
  • H. B. James, Chicago Title Agent, Gulf Coast Title, stepfather of Michael Sharp, and member of the Miracle Strip Loop Gang and Florida Title RICO Case Defendant that failed to appear.
  • Michael Sharp, Chicago Title Agent who prepared and closed the Longwood Circle Iranian/Porn Sheikhs Closing in Tehran.
  • James Henry Slonina, Panhandle Engineeering
  • Glenn Hess, Ex Judge, CORRUPT 14th Judicial Circuit State Attorney who with his brother Brian Hess prepared the bait-and-switch BOGUS Contract where Chicago Title Agents James and Sharp "PANAMAED" Florida Title and their actions were protected by a corrupt 14th Judicial Circuit of Florida, specifically Judge Judy Pittman, and Northern District of Florida Federal Judiciary, specifically Judge William Stafford whose son David H. Stafford is now the Escambia County Supervisor of Elections whose home came directly from Regions Bank who is tied in with JOE COMPANY and Fairholme Funds.
  • Harry Sanders, BP Truckstop and Hardees Racketeer and part of the Longwood Circle Group which has direct ties to Fred Filsoof and the Iranian/Porn Sheikhs.
  • Allan Bense, "Racketeering" Enterprise Florida and Dr Judith Bense of University of West Florida sibling
  • Walter Abbott, Abbott Appraisal Associates Florida Title RICO Case Defendant did the BOGUS Appraisal for Joe Chapman/FAILED/LOOTED Peoples First on the PURPOSEFULLY DOOMED Junction Station, Inc. project on the Northeast Corner of Hwy 231 and Hwy 20 across from E.L. Jordan now Plum Creek property.
  • Joseph Chapman, failed Peoples First Bank where Junction Station, Inc meeting was held and home of the Bay County Democratic Party where Charles Whitehead and Joe Chapman sold them out to Karl Rove Operatives tied to Harroll and Jacque Castle of Acquire Title, and Florida Title RICO Case Defendant.
  • Mike Mann
  • Clinton Foster
  • Roger Vinson, corrupt Northern District of Florida Federal Judge involved in the Florida Title qui.tam. RICO Case.
  • Lacey Collier, corrupt Norther District of Florida Federal Judge involved in the Florida Title qui.tam. RICO Case.
  • Jerry Gerde, Florida Title RICO Case Defendant, Florida GOP HEAD, J.W. Hunt and Tyndall Federal Credit Union Attorney responsible for extortion and coercion involving 1430 Harrison Avenue and the conversion of Tyndall Federal Credit Union property prior the the purchase by Florida Title Insurance, Inc. in a purchase directed to nonmember Corporation rather than member David W. Harbin to prevent Justice due to abuse of Judicial discretion relative to Corporations not being able to appear in court without a crooked attorney.
  • James Finch, Phoenix Construction and Phoenix Racing, builder of International Airports for Joe Company, and known Government Contract Racketeer.
  • Mr. Vickery, Coca-Cola distributor, retired from the club, likely related to Leland Vickery (d. 1963); possibly Henry T. Vickery or Steven Vickery
  • Joe Moore
  • Tom Lewis
  • Lee Sullivan
  • Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff who has two "redacted" parcels on the West Bank of White Western Lake
  • Alton Oris Paulk, chief Assistant State Attorney, was with Rev J.W. Hunt a character witness for casino boat owner Jimmy Maulden [2]
  • Jimmy Maulden, Panama City resident, husband of Patria Fitzpatrick daughter of Judge Fitzpatrick and Hilton/Bense/GAC crony, owner of casino boat Euro Jet/Elegance with Brian D'Isernia, accused by John Caylor of murdering Judge Vincent Sherry [2]
  • Santo Trafficante, Jr., mafia kingpin, present at a Panama City Foxfire Lounge meeting in 1981. [2]
  • Lowe Smith, "Godfather of St. Andrews," son-in-law of the FBI's supervisory agent in charge in Jacksonville and daddy-in-law of Ex Rutherford Coach Gary Paul, owned a Toyota dealership in Panama City that was allegedly a front for a marijuana smuggling operation. [2] Host of Rev. J.W. Hunt brokered MOB Meeting at Players Club/Foxfire Restaurant.

Suspicious deaths Edit

  • Joseph H. Donahue - April 19, 1983. Chief of Police of Port Richey, Florida. Died two days before he was to testify against Sheriff John M. Short. Ruled a suicide.
  • Vincent Sherry - 1987. Mississippi judge opposed to Jimmy Maulden's casino plans. Those convicted of mob-related crimes in the aftermath of his killing included Mike Gillich Jr., John Ransom, Kirksey McCord Nix Jr., Sheri LaRa Sharpe, [3] and former Biloxi mayor Pete Halat. [4]
  • Margaret Sherry - 1987. wife of Vincent Sherry
  • Russell Raymond Ervin - 1990. IRS Agent and White Western club member. Was due to testify in a few days. His son Kevin Ervin Ervin was appointed by Panama City Mayor/Funeral Home owner Greg Brudnicki. Harbin attests to have been interviewed by an IRS Inspector in their murder investigation. Death Certificate signed off on by Dr. Frank Syfrett with murderer Dr. William Sybers Medical Examiner.
  • Tonya Day Mullins - Oct. 16 2006. Family members suspect she was beaten to death by her boyfriend. The police quickly ruled it an accident. [5] No known connection to the club or organized crime other than through her ex husband Bradley Mullins of Wattsound and Chris Montgomery.
  • Robert Shawn Ellison - Aug. 10, 2010. General contractor, shot to death while building a new church for First Baptist Church. Ellison and his wife's renter after the murder who paid no rent Christopher Ray Hyler is accused of the killing. [6] There was also a Meth Lab discovered at the rental location owned by the Black Widow. Mary Sittman and J. Carey Scott have converted the Assets of The Ellison Group and appeared on behalf of the Corporation in Court without an Attorney due to ongoing abuses of Judicial Discretion that continually denies equal rights under the law. Florida Title Insurance, Inc., who was illegally seized by corrupt IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin on the same day they refused to sell to a Chicago Title Agent under extortion was not allowed to appear through it's Registered Agent, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in multiple cases without hearings.
  • Ralph Stacy - Sep. 14, 2010. Senior Vice President of Strategic Communications for the Business Council of Alabama and Executive Director of "the Partnership", "an organization that links more than 120 local Chambers of Commerce statewide and their nearly 50,000 business members with BCA." [7] Said to have committed suicide inside the BCA offices. [8] Neal Wade of Bay Economic Development Alliance and an Ex Joe Company employee was also employed by Bill Canary and BCA who was under the Alabama Governor's Office and who also founded Florida's Coastal Northwest Communications Council for Joe Company and the disbursement of BP Oil Spill Racket Funds. Neal Wade replaced Ex US Congressman Josiah (Jo) Robins Bonner, Jr. who had quit his U.S. ConMan Seat to go to work in the Economic Development Department for his sibling Dr. Judy Bonner who ran University Of Alabama Systems after giving her $360 Million in BP Oilspill Racket Funds. Two University of Alabama Systems Professors were running Lybia when the TREASONOUS Benghazi fiasco occurred.
  • Shannon Evans Farooqui - June 8, 2011. Found dead in Callaway Bayou [9] with "the whole side of her head being black and blue." [10]. Other residents of the property where she had been living, including Jason Posey who was never arrested and who was employed by George Gainer at Bay Dodge, were later arrested for grand theft. [11] The family of Shannon Evans Farooqui reported multiple incidents of abuse by the Bay county Sheriff Department and the Funeral Home.
  • David H. "Rusty" Hill II, 50, Panama City Beach, Fla., passed away July 8, 2011 at his home built in the middle of a special out parcel owned by Wesley Burnham.
  • Mark Bellinger - May 11, 2012. Head of the Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council (TDC) "had admitted just days earlier to using tax dollars to buy a $710,000 yacht." [12] Suicide by overdose on Benadryl.[8] Left a suicide note. [12] Neal Wade of BCA and Bay Economic Development Alliance was directly connected via a NonProfit FLORIDA'S COASTAL NORTHWEST COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL, INC. set up by Joe Company, his employer, as per the Fax Header on the documents. Another $760,000 was "laundered" via the Okaloosa County Clerk of Court, Lewis Communications, Mobile, Alabama and Regions Bank to purchase a home in Bellinger's name for cash. Conflicting reports regarding the place of death, manner of death, time of death and other conflicting details were revealed by the Shelby County, Alabama Sheriff and the Okaloosa County Sheriff. The Coroner was the same that reported the preacher from Montgomery found in a double rubber suit with other sorted details died of natural causes.
  • William "Scooter" Foster - 2012 September 1. Tattoo artist shot by his girlfriend. [13]

Business seizure Edit

Panamaed claims that H.B. James and Michael Sharp of Gulf Coast Title offered to buy his business Florida Title Insurance for $235,000, then cut their offering price to $10,000 as they were about to close the deal. When Panamaed refused to sell for that amount, IRS agent Ervin arrived within fifteen minutes to "audit" the business. Ervin refused to accept an immediate payment, placed padlocks on the property that same day, and sold it to James and Sharp for $7,000. [1] [14] IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin, whose son Kevin Ervin is now the Chief of Police of Panama City as appointed by Panama city Mayor/Funeral Home Owner Greg Brudnicki, was found dead just days after being served as Defendant in qui.tam. Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Suit by the US Marshals. The building was then occupied by Chicago Title Insurance Company.

This took place in 1988. [15]

Computer crime Edit

Panamaed alleges that the White Western has deleted comments made to the Topix bulletin board. He also claims to have reported those crimes to the FBI but no action has been taken. A qui.tam. notice was also made to the US Justice Department on the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, Clayton Antitrust Act, Hobbs Antitrust Act, Sherman Antitrust Act and other torts Suit filed under Northern District of Florida Case Number 88-501543WS.

Muslim Brotherhood Edit

David Harbin alleges: [16]

The White Western Men’s Club and the Good Ole Boys have allied with the Muslim Brotherhood in Panama City, Florida. The Miracle Strip Loop Gang up next.....

According to the website Cultural Jihad: [16]

the Bay County Islamic Society (BCIS) was part of the US Muslim Brotherhood network established in Panama City, Florida by the late and former head of the US Muslim Brotherhood Ahmed Elkadi... The Panama City Florida connections suggests a significant U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leadership element still operating in that area.

Cultural Jihad identifies regional Muslim Brotherhood members as:

Panama City had been a center of Muslim Brotherhood activity in the 1980s when it was home to Muslim Brotherhood leader Ahmed Elkadi and his father Mahmoud Abu-Saud. [17] [18]

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